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How Electric Cigarette Is Better Than Traditional Smoke Over a short period of time, e-cigarettes or e-zigs have gained extensive popularity among the smokers. These cigarettes are not like the regular ones generally used by people. Smokers are looking forward to these electronic cigarettes because they are free from any side effects their counterparts have on the smokers. The traditional smoke has tobacco in it which along with giving you the satisfaction also harms your health. According to various medical studies done till now, doctors have claimed that people who smoke a lot suffer from esophageal cancer and lung cancer more than the ones who do not smoke. The reason behind it is the carcinogenic properties of the tobacco smoke which gives rise to the oxidants and cancer cells in the body. Thus whoever smokes too much even with the cigarette filter on may become victim of cancer. Electronic cigarette comes with nicotine liquid, used in the electronic cigarette to get the same pleasure like a traditional smoke. This liquid is free from the more than 5000 detrimental chemicals found in the tobacco smoke. The nicotine liquid only consists of the nicotine, flavors, water and the smoking agent. Thus no matter how much you smoke, you are free from negative health effects. Ego-c twist starter kit contains a cartridge, an atomizer, battery, USB plug-in charger, and several extra supplies to keep you going with the smoking. Here the cartridge contains the nicotine liquid on a sponge, which works on the gravity. Whenever you want to smoke just twist the electronic cigarette to switch on the batteries and heat the coil present in the atomizer. Once the liquid comes in contact of the hot atomizer, it will start evaporating forming the smoke, you can inhale this smoke just the way you do it with the tobacco cigarette and enjoy it. Ego-c atomizer is made up of strong metal thus you do not have to worry about it being burnt. Electronic cigarette will keep you free from the unwanted smell. This odor is given out due to the burning of the tobacco and the cigarette cover but in electronic cigarette nothing is burning so that the smoker can enjoy odor free smoking experience. You can order e-cig online from the who is one of the major suppliers of electronic cigarette. If you have become tired of being banned to smoke in clubs and lounges then electronic cigarette is the right thing for you, so order one now for you.

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