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Where family and friends get together


othing says “home” like a fireplace does

and nothing says it better for today’s homes than a restoration-quality Mendota gas fireplace insert. Nothing says “home” like a fireplace does. Its history is as primitive as man. For centuries, the hearth was the source of heat and life, and it’s still the gathering place in most homes. The magical dancing flames, the soothing open fire, the warmth, and the glow. You can’t imagine a home without a fireplace…yet sadly, in many homes the fireplace is seldom used. In comparison to today’s modern appliances, woodburning fireplaces are simply too messy, drafty, inconvenient, and costly to operate. Like relics, they often stand quiet on cold nights — dark, unused — a mere reminder of days

Prairie standard black screened doors. Doors extend over the entire fireplace giving it the largest possible appearance.

Prairie doors with Swedish nickel overlays.

gone by. What’s the solution? Breathe life and warmth into the heart of your home with an easily installed, high efficiency, restoration-quality Mendota gas fireplace insert — a seamless blending of the very best of past and present technologies. With the Mendota fireplace insert, you can enjoy all the benefits of a state-of-the-art gas appliance while preserving and enhancing the charm,

Prairie screened doors with vintage iron overlays for a hand wrought look.

comfort, and beauty of your home’s existing fireplace. Imagine…at the touch of a button, you’ll have a fire! Mendota offers two different size inserts — D-30 and D-40 — and a variety of beautifully crafted fronts to fit and enhance any fireplace and décor. Our award winning, picturesque gas log fires are the best in the industry. Nothing says “home” like a fireplace does, and nobody says it better for today’s homes than Mendota.

Prairie screened doors with antique copper overlays. All Prairie screened doors may be opened for a full view of the beautiful fire.

“With our busy schedules and rising heating costs we needed a fireplace that was efficient and convenient. Our high efficiency Mendota fireplace insert was the perfect choice! With the touch of a button we have a beautiful log fire and our Mendota insert operates on clean, convenient gas. We didn’t know a fireplace could be so beautiful and so easy to operate.”

Prairie screened doors with 24k gold overlays.

"Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities" Frank Lloyd Wright (1895-1948)

Frank Lloyd Wright–the man largely

American style of architecture that

informal, inviting–intimately connected

credited with the Prairie School of

exemplifies what it means to live life

with the surroundings — Mendota has

architecture. He was a master builder,

based on your own convictions. Strong

captured this peaceful mood and organic

a rebel, and a worshipper of nature.

horizontal lines, open interiors, rows

simplicity with the Prairie Collection.

He left behind a rich legacy — a truly

of stained glass windows–warm,

ANDOVER C O L L E C T I O N Andover standard black screened doors shown with a rectangular or arched surround. Doors extend over the entire fireplace giving it the largest possible appearance.

“We often open the Andover doors after dinner when we’re playing games

Andover screened doors with vintage iron overlays for a hand wrought look — shown with a rectangular or arched surround.

to show our guests the big open fire.”

Andover screened doors with Swedish nickel overlays shown with a rectangular or arched surround. All Andover screened doors may be opened for a full view of the beautiful fire.

Andover doors with antique copper overlays .

Andover screened doors with antique copper overlays shown with a rectangular or arched surround.

“We care about our environment

Walk into a room warmed by a Mendota

fall in the cool, crisp air. Nothing

hand-molded logs — create the

and our Mendota fireplace insert

fireplace insert with Andover doors

captures the mood of traditional New

illusion of a traditional woodburning

that produces less than 1% of the

and suddenly, you're strolling down the

England like Mendota's Andover

fireplace, the perfect gathering place

350 year-old streets of Andover,

Collection: Classically styled doors

for family and friends. And, when you

Massachusetts — galleries, museums,

and the same high-end touches found

open the Andover doors you get a

quaint boutiques–the sounds of leaves

on both the D-30 and D-40 inserts —

great view of the beautiful log fire.

crunching beneath your feet, the smell of

antique red firebrick, and artistically

harmful particulate emissions of a woodburning fireplace was important to us.”

Andover screened doors with 24k gold overlays shown with rectangular or arched surround.

Bentley standard black screened doors. Doors extend over the entire fireplace giving it the largest possible appearance.

“The magnificent Bentley doors with their precision beveled edges and heavy steel construction truly set the tone

Bentley vintage iron screened doors with arched surround. All Bentley doors may be opened for a full view of the beautiful fire.

for our special room. ”

Bentley Swedish nickel screened doors with arched surround.

Bentley 24k gold doors. Bentley antique copper screened doors with arched surround.

"You are a king by your own fireside, as much as any monarch on his throne."

“We have almost as much fun

Miguel De Cervantes (1547-1616)

changing the flames with our

There's no compromising luxury —

impressive, regal, stately — the quality

Bentley doors. If you're in a regal

fine homes, fine furniture, fine automobiles,

and performance you deserve, the

mood, you're in the mood for a

and the finest in fireplaces. We had

distinction you desire. Nothing can

magnificent Bentley front.

your discerning tastes in mind when we

dress up a home and impress your

created the Bentley Collection —

guests like a Mendota fireplace with

Mendota remote as my husband has with the TV remote!” Bentley 24k gold screened doors with arched surround.

All Bentley screened doors are also available with rectangular surrounds.


Tuscany Imagine enjoying a delightful walk

Simplicity, basics. Create the look of a

through the vineyards and

woodburning fireplace with Mendota's

small villages of the Chianti region

Wellington front — the essential hearth.

of Tuscany. You're invited to stop

The Wellington's traditional drape pull

at a small villa for lunch. Capture the

firescreen opens for a full view of the

mood — this is Mendota's Tuscany

beautiful fire. It complements any home

front, a stylish reminder of the

by putting the emphasis where you want

warmth and charm of old world Italy.

it — in the most important place in your home. If you're in the mood to entertain, you're in the mood for a Wellington.

Tuscany Black

Tuscany Black Onyx.

Also available in gold (shown at right) and antique copper.

Tuscany Gold



Wellingtron with standard, removable brass accent.

Ornate houses, turrets, elaborate

Bring American colonial heritage

trim. Make an elegant decorative

alive with Mendota’s Deerfield

statement and capture the romantic

fireplace insert. The Deerfield front

mood of days gone by with

features vintage cast scrolls, the

Mendota's stunning Victoria

age-old symbol of warmth and

fireplace insert — all of the modern

hospitality. It adds a timeless dignity

convenience of a high-efficiency

to any room and evokes a tranquil

gas fireplace behind a beautifully

mood while serving as a visual

detailed Victorian style filigree front.

reminder of the past.

Victoria Black

Victoria Gold



Monterey Bay

Mendota Magic

The Only Gas Log Fires That Truly Capture The Magic Of A Wood Fire

The heart of Mendota’s fireplaces is the magical log fire. The award-winning “TimberFire” and “Deep Timber” log fires are so authentic you’ll think you’re still burning logs from the woodpile. The fires create a magical feeling of warmth and intimacy that naturally draws family and friends together.

The Mendota Advantage

America’s Premier Fireplace Inserts From Johnson, Gas Specialists Since 1901

Mendota fireplace inserts are custom built in limited numbers by Johnson Gas Appliance Co., a leading producer of high quality gas furnaces since 1901. You benefit from over 100 years of gas technology and a century old family tradition of craftsmanship and quality. As a result, Mendota inserts were awarded the fireplace industry’s “Best of Show” honors at the Hearth Products Association National Expo. They are backed by an exclusive lifetime limited warranty.

Romantic Fireplaces That Are Also High Efficiency Wall Furnaces Millennia Full Brass with optional brass surround trim.

In keeping with Mendota tradition, the inserts are both dramatic fireplaces and powerful gas heaters that will heat a major portion of your home. They are certified ANSI/AGA high efficiency gas wall furnaces.

Monterey Bay Full Brass with optional brass surround trim.


Modern homes call for modern style. If you're looking to make a dramatic decorative statement, consider Mendota's Millennia and Monterey Bay fireplace insert fronts. Highly Millennia Black with optional black surround trim.

polished, sleek styling combined with Mendota's state-of-the-art technology brings the fireplace into the 21st

Monterey Bay Black with optional black surround trim.

Century. Whatever mood you're after — romance, leisure, or elegance — set the

Deep Timber logs with 3-level burner: Hi - 40,000BTUH Lo - 6,500 BTUH Infinite flame/heat adjustment between Hi and Lo settings. The widest temperature range in the industry.

The D-40 fireplace insert is among the largest inserts on the market. It features the 3-level Deep Timber log fire that faithfully recreates the exact look and feel of a wood fire in all stages of burning. From the romantic gentle flames and glowing embers of a 6,500 BTUH late night camp fire to a roaring 40,000 BTUH log fire that will add excitement to any room. It’s a magical viewing experience that will fasten everyone’s attention.

stage, and let the Millennia and Monterey Bay fronts Monterey Bay Classic Brass with optional black surround trim.

D-30 Millennia Classic Brass with optional black surround trim.

Compact Mendota inserts are easy and inexpensive to install. They quickly slide into existing masonry fireplaces or already installed factory built fireplaces. They use your existing chimney with a liner. They operate with the flip of a switch and can be controlled with an optional thermostat, wall switch or convenient remote control.

Flames And Heat Are Adjustable To Suit Your Mood And The Weather

Mendota’s adjustable control and blower let you set the heat and flames anywhere from romantic slowly burning logs with gentle warmth on mild days to a roaring fire with lots of forced air heat on cold winter nights.

Mendota Inserts Are Good For The Environment

provide the spark. Millennia Hi-Polish Silver with optional black surround trim.

Mendota Fireplace Inserts Are Easy To Install And Operate

Mendota direct vent fireplace inserts use 100% outside air for combustion. This preserves indoor air quality and maximizes combustion efficiency. Mendota inserts produce less than 1% of the harmful particulate emissions of woodburning fireplaces. TimberFire logs with 2-level burner: Hi - 30,000 BTUH Lo - 19,900 BTUH Infinite flame/heat adjustments between Hi and Lo settings

The powerful D-30 fireplace insert features a picturesque log fire with lots of clean, efficient heat in a relatively small fireplace. The fire can easily be adjusted anywhere from slowly burning logs on mild days to a big 30,000 BTUH fire on cold winter nights. Visit our website for a live demonstration of our log fires:

Mendota — The Right Choice

Mendota luxury gas fireplace inserts are custom built for the thoughtful buyer who is interested in quality, craftsmanship, and performance. The owner who wants something special for that very important place in the home. Choose a beautiful fireplace for your beautiful room. Choose a distinctive fireplace insert that you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends. Choose Mendota.

Save Energy By “Zone Heating” With A Mendota Fireplace

• The best log fires in the industry. • Winner of “Best-of-Show” at the National Hearth Products Association Exposition. • Uses 100% outside air for burning. This preserves room air quality and maximizes efficiency.


BTUH . . . . . . . . . . .D-30 -Hi 30,000 Lo 19,900

• Red antique firebrick lined fireboxes.

D-40 -Hi 40,000

• Mendota logs are artistically hand molded from real logs.

Lo 6,500 Efficiency . . . .Thermal up to 86.4% Gas Supply . . . . . . . . .Natural or LP

• 2 sizes and 24 black, brass, silver, copper, nickel, cast, vintage iron and gold fronts fit any room & any decor.

Pilot System . . . . . . . . .Piezo Spark Safety Controls . . . . . . . .ANSI/AGA Certified Safety Tested . . . . .Warnock Hersey

• Lifetime limited warranty. • Quiet, variable speed blowers. • A convenient remote control is a popular option.

to CGA/AGA/ANSI Std. Shipping Weight . . . .D-30 -175 lbs. D-40 -200 lbs. Products, specifications, and prices subject to change without notice Consult our Owners Manual for all final dimensions. Mendota products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Exhaust Air Out

Existing Chimney Flue

Combustion Air In

Heated Room Air Out

Cool Room Air In

Standard Equipment Log set, log rack, coal bed, D-30: 2-level burner, D-40: 3-level burner, 2 blowers with rheostat, neo-ceram glass and firebrick.


D-30 TimberFire 24" 27" 31" 36" 40" 44" 30 7/16" 22 1/4" 16 3/8" 1 1/8" 19" 30 7/16" 15 1/2" 8 3/8"

Co-Linear (shown) or Co-Axial Flue Venting B-Vent, D-30 only Damper Blocked Open Sealed Firebox

• Certified ANSI/AGA high efficiency gas wall furnace.

Venting At Top Of Existing Chimney

Mendota’s sealed combustion, direct vent system draws air for combustion from outside the home into a sealed firebox. Exhaust is expelled through a separate vent. Room air is heated and recirculated. The system keeps warm air in and cold air out. This assures high air quality, maximum efficiency and trouble-free operation in today’s tight homes.

• Operates during power failure.

Mendota Sealed Combustion, Direct Vent Technology

• Highest efficiencies — up to 86.4 %.

Mendota energy efficient fireplace inserts let you reap the benefits of zone heating while adding memories of special times around the hearth.

• Built by Johnson, a company with over 100 years of experience in gas technology.

With an energy efficient Mendota fireplace insert in the room you use the most, you can turn down the central heat, enjoy the beauty, warmth, and fascination of Mendota’s award winning log fire, and save valuable dollars on your energy bill.

Mendota Gas Fireplace Insert Features

Heat the Room You Use The Most Turn down your central heating and heat where it counts. It’s true! Most families spend the majority of their time in only 20% of their home. You’re probably no different! So why heat the area you’re not using?


D-40 Deep Timber 31" 33" 36" 44" 48" 52" *34 7/8" **34” 24 1/4" 16 13/16" 1 1/8" 23" 36 1/2" 19 1/8” 9”

Options Black, black onyx, vintage iron, cast, copper, nickel, silver, brass, and 24k gold fronts; wall switch, remote control and thermostat. Rectangular or arched surround. *With no Surround Trim or with the Standard Surround Trim C=34 7/8”. **With the Optional Deeper Surround Trim C=33 3/4” Brass or black surround trim. Custom surrounds available upon D-30 Andover Arched Faceplate request. Co-linear or co-axial flue L-28 7/8" M-40 1/4" N-24 7/8" RADIUS-52 11/32" venting. Natural vent (B-Vent), D-30 Bentley Arched Faceplate D-30 only. L-28 7/8" M-40 1/4" N-22 7/8" RADIUS-36 7/8" D-40 Andover & Bentley Arched Faceplate L-33 7/8" M-44 3/16" N-28 3/8" RADIUS-51 1/2"

• Safety tested to ANSI/AGA Std. • Flames and heat are variable — operates with thermostat. • Optional wall mounted control for easy flame/heat adjustment.

JOHNSON GAS APPLIANCE CO. Gas Specialists Since 1901 520 E. Avenue NW Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

MENDOTA HEARTH DIVISION High Performance Fireplaces 520 E. Avenue NW Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

Your Exclusive Mendota Dealer:

Visit our website at: 3-8948 7/05


Printed in U.S.A.

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