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Social Solutions for Smokers Using Electronic Cigarette In recent times one of the largest complaints of smokers, beyond the health risks and the concerns over the increasing price, is found with the limitations they find regarding their opportunity to smoke. While at home a smoker can smoke to their hearts content, in the public atmosphere they are often met with ridicule and segregation in order to be able to enjoy their habit. Initially this was a result of the unpleasantness others had towards the habit but growing concerns over public health have made it a legal matter that varies at different government levels. This is a great debate between the invasion of an individual’s rights and the safety that is guaranteed to the public. It will likely only get worse for the smoking fan in relation to smoking in public, therefore it becomes their responsibility to seek an alternative if they desire to smoke in public without ridicule. This becomes possible when you invest in the solution provided by the electronic cigarette. This device represents a smoking alternative that supplies the smoker with the same experience of smoking cigarettes while not producing the harmful smoke that is the cause of smoker legal ridicule. Instead, the smokeless cigarette supplies the smoker with a vapor that contains nicotine to manage any addiction, while producing a vapor that is free of tar and carcinogens. The seamless transfer between smoking and the electronic cigarette allows for easy transfer from private to public smoking. In fact, so many have enjoyed the switch to the electronic cigarette that they have chosen to permanently make the switch and abandon the risks related to traditional smoking. This will improve the health of the individual as they will no longer be exposed to the regular tar and carcinogen chemicals that are found with every cigarette a person smokes. As an added bonus, many smokers have identified that the transfer has saved them money in relation to the high cost of cigarettes. Following the initial expense of the electronic cigarette device, the user is only required to change filters on occasion, saving a tremendous amount of money. Smoking is a habit that many enjoy, yet as long as there exists a health risk to the public, the habit is only likely to receive further restrictions and scrutiny. The

electronic cigarette creates an opportunity where a smoker can enjoy the practice of smoking while avoiding the restrictions that exist for cigarettes. Regardless of the environment, the social setting will be appreciative of your efforts to protect your health while still practicing your right to smoke. Furthermore, the health advantages of this device can represent your opportunity to improve personal health if appealing to your interests.

Social Solutions for Smokers Using Electronic Cigarette