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What We Had To Go Through The Kid Is Good, Michael Ricer is the top story this month in our magazine, We found this guy hiding in the small town of Boise, ID. Originally from Arizonia but raised in the busy city of Las Vegas. It seems everything this guy touches turns to gold, he is very ambitious and

driven to fullfill his dreams. He basically has his hands in everything from music producing to sound tech and graphic arts. To get an appointment with him was virtually impossible, we were lucky we had an inside source to contact Mr. Ricer,


The Itreview

The interview took place in one of the two music studio’s that Mr Ricer owns, he made me feel as if it were my own music studio allowing me to sit behind the big mixers in the control room letting me to play with nobs and buttons explaing to me what each one does, but after all the fun we finaly got down to buissness. Question 1, How long have you been in the music industry? Mr.Ricer, Well iv been in the game going on eleven years, I started off in the spare bebroom of my home with

a old computer a cheap Radio Shack microphone and the first acid music maker program and ever since that day my passion for music has not left my heart. Question 2, In those eleven years did you ever think you would be where you are today being a music producer and graphic artist? Mr.Ricer, Well to be honest no I did not, the music started off as a hobbie, I would have never expected to get paid for somthing that I love to and the graphic arts well that is just another bonus, now I get paid for two things that I love to do not to mention they benefit each other.


The Itreview

Question 3, So why after almost eleven years graphic arts? Mr. Ricer, Well to tell you the truth I am tired of paying other people to create my idea’s when I can simple do it myself, I dabbled a little bit on some cd covers and posters every once and a while and it was fun to be able look at a the finished product and say I did that,and not just the desighn part but the project in a whole from the production of the beat, the recording to the desighn layout of the cd, thats when I decided I needed to know more about the fundamentals of graphic arts. Question 4, Why did you pick the name Mr. Design? Mr. Ricer, Thats a funny story it in its self, the name came to me in a assignment that I had to do for my Illastrator

class, we had to create a logo using are initials and when I presented mine of course thought it was pretty stupid becouse my intials are M and R so origanaly it was M&R desighns till I looked at it more and thought wait a minute Mr. Design and its been that ever since so i can thank my illastrator teacher for that one, thanks Mr Z. Interviewer, Well Mr. Ricer thank you for your time I have enjoyed this interview and cant wait to hear what your going to next, and to the fans out there I hope you have enjoyed this interview, for more exclusive interviews check out next weeks edition of the source.


Boise very own Wu-Tang Clan

The sluggish rise of the Boise hip-hop community hasn’t stopped local collaborative rap act, The Congregation, from recording an album and touring around the state. “Surprisingly, out in the rural community, (when) we go to Weezer or McCall, (and do) shows, we get lots of love, lots of turnout, lots of local people,” said Trinity Davis, band member and music business major. ”I mean, people with cowboy hats (are) saying like, ‘You guys are tearing it up right now.’”


Davis applies knowledge gained in the classroom to The Congregation’s music. “The music theory BSU offers is excellent. It always ups my music standard to the next level,” Davis said. The group also consists of wordsmiths, June Bug, Sticky Mel D, Red Bone, J Boi and E-Sip. “We all just come together as different genres and different back-styles and just kinda mesh and try to be different from everybody else,” Mike Ricer, also known as June Bug, said. “The


Congregation is basically our family. It’s a way we can express ourselves together and have fun and do what we want to do.” Around the state, members of The Congregation have played with the likes of E-40, The Game, Young Buck, Baby Boy, Warren G, Pit Bull, Andre Nickatina and others. “(With) hip-hop lovers, everybody knows Wu-Tang Clan. We’re the Boise Wu-Tang,” Ricer said. “I would say (the album has) more of an industry club feel. It’s pretty diverse.” “Shadowville Heist” — The Congregation’s latest album — will be available on iTunes, CDbaby and Napster June 18. The band is currently taking

pre-sales via their MySpace page,


Harness the power of the sun



Eminem Relapse

My 2 cents

Okay – so this album did drop a long time ago. And I am months behind on reviewing it. But being that Eminem doesn’t really fit HHL’s underground niche, I had no plans to talk about “Relapse” on the site. That was until a couple weeks ago when I posted Déjà Vu as quotable of the week and started reading all the negative responses toward it. And it immediately became clear that underground hip-hop fans are hating on Eminem right now – so I had to put in my two cents.



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