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One additional risk can be mentioned; the unknown available area capacity at Bullenbaai related to the area required for building a new refinery. If the available capacity is not sufficient for the new refinery, an arrangement has to be made to extend the capacity like for instance changing the existing zoning plan. 4.2.3 Analysis of determining factors of option B The economic effects, limitations, opportunities and risks of the strategic option B dismantling, cleaning, containment and alternative use of the ISLA site are summarised in the figure below. Figure 4.3 Determining factors strategic option B (compared with the base case development)

(E = economic effect, L = limitations, O = opportunities, R = risks)

Economic effects The most significant effect of this strategic option (compared to the base case) is the generation of employment and income resulting from dismantling and cleaning activities and from the development and establishment of new activities on the ISLA site. Several factors will stimulate the development of these new activities:

The availability of a location situated at the centre of the island with entrance for deep sea vessels. This is a very strong asset for attracting (new) economic activities such as harbour related activities, tourism (mega-yachts), etc;

The improved public image of Curaçao after closing the refinery. This will have an impact on the tourism sector as well;

Limitations Investments in dismantling and cleaning the ISLA site and preparing the site for construction of infrastructure are the main limitations of this strategic option. The total amount of these necessary investment costs is unknown. Furthermore the investment cost for cleaning the ISLA site highly depend on the activities to be developed on the ISLA site.


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