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Figure 1.1 Approach phase 1

In order to define the strategic options (task 1), the elements that have a positive or negative impact on the strategic options (task 2) and the actors involved and affected (task 3), several discussions with the client have taken place. Furthermore, all relevant stakeholders have been interviewed in a very short period (see annex 1 for a list of interviewees). The outcome is an overview of the economic effects, limitations, opportunities and risks for each strategic option as well as an overview of the different actors involved in Curaรงao. In task 4 the necessary studies to be implemented in phase 2 have been identified and a work plan for phase 2 has been drawn.


Structure of the report In this report the focus is on part 1 of phase 1, dealing with information to be provided to Ministry of Economic Development of Curaรงao. Part 2, the work plan to be set up for phase 2, is not described in this report but will be reported separately. This report is structured as follows. Ambitions of the Government of Curaรงao and a first step for vision development aimed at sustainability as well as the methodological framework are described and explained in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 is dealing with a detailed description of the strategic options to be explored. Next, in Chapter 4 a tentative analysis will be presented of the feasibility of the three strategic options, based on a qualitative assessment of economic effects, limitations, opportunities and risks. This chapter ends with an overview of the effects on the actors involved. Finally, in Chapter 5, gaps of information resulting from the analysis in chapter 4 will be discussed. A summary of the main findings can be found at the beginning of this report.

A sustainable future for Curaรงao



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