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more favourable financial and fiscal arrangements. Finally, the general health of the population will improve. Dismantling and cleaning of the ISLA site will generate employment for contractors. It will enable a share of the technical workers employed at ISLA during its operation, to find a job that fits well with their education/profession. This is due to the assumption that the refinery at the ISLA site will be closed in 2019 and no new refinery will be built at Bullenbaai resulting in a decrease of direct and indirect employment of about 2,000 people in total. In case a new refinery is established at Bullenbaai, dismantling and cleaning activities create additional jobs. The cleaned area will be redeveloped with support of property developers and the government of Curaçao which has to change zoning plans depending on the chosen new activities. The investments in new economic activities and the operation of these activities result in respectively temporary and structural jobs and income for the population of Curaçao. Information gaps to be elaborated in Phase 2 The information gaps relate to:

The refinery. The following studies have to be carried out: -

Study into the international oil market


Feasibility study for upgrading the existing ISLA refinery at Curaçao


Feasibility study for building a new (modernized) refinery at a different location in Curaçao


Appraisal of the current and future market value of the ISLA refinery

Dismantling the refinery and cleaning the refinery area. The following studies have to be carried out: -

Dismantling and removal of the ISLA refinery


Cleaning of the total site of ISLA (soil and bottom) taking into account the redevelopment of the area

 


Preparation activities concerning location Bullenbaai and ISLA site after cleaning Redevelopment of the ISLA site after cleaning

A sustainable future for Curaçao


Ecorys rapportage over toekomst Isla