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Issue #5 Summer 2013

Inside this Issue: The 2013 Upstate Kidney Walk & Carolina Nephrology announces Tour DaVita!

It’s time

to take your exercise outdoors! Now that nice weather is finally here to stay, it’s time to take your exercise outdoors!

Exercising in Greenville Greenville offers plenty of parks, trails, fields and courts for a leisurely stroll or a brisk bike ride. The beautiful scenery of the Upstate adds character to your exercise, making it enjoyable enough to feel like a true “walk in the park.” Studies have even shown that the fresh air you get while exercising outside can increase your energy.

One of the popular locations to exercise outside in Greenville is the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 17.5 mile multi-use trail system running along the Reedy River. With parking lots, rest rooms and bus stops along the Swamp Rabbit, you can walk, run or bike the trail for as long as you prefer. For more information on sites along the trail, access their website at If you prefer to see the city streets of Greenville, you can rent a bicycle through the new B-cycle program. There are currently six B-cycle locations around downtown, with a total of 28 bicycles that are available to rent and return at any time through a B-cycle membership. B-cycle offers annual, weekly, and daily memberships to fit your transportation needs. Once you set up your account, you can use and return a bike to any B-cycle station, making the service easy and convenient to use. For more information, visit their website at

Another great place to exercise is Cleveland Park. Located along the Reedy River, Cleveland Park features tennis and volleyball courts, a softball field, fitness trails and playground areas with picnic shelters. Cleveland Park also has access to the Greenville Zoo, providing an opportunity for the entire family to have fun outdoors. For more information on what the park has to offer, download their brochure at With over 400 acres of land, Greenville’s 39 parks provide the city with countless locations for outdoor exercise this summer – and we all know that exercise is great for your kidneys!

Monica DeNoux


Staff Spotlight

Monica DeNoux came to Carolina Nephrology with a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina. The Nephrology field’s acuity and opportunity to work with patients drew Monica to the industry. “My true interest is helping, healing and educating patients, families and the community,” said Monica. A typical day for Monica involves patient care and treatment, ordering diagnostic tests and interpreting lab results, and counseling patients on healthy lifestyle choices. In her free time Monica enjoys being outdoors with her two children and dog.

Gail E. Kirb

help them better their journ spending time with her hu her church.

2013 Upstate Kidney Walk Carolina Nephrology had the privilege of serving as the Upstate Kidney Walk’s presenting sponsor for the third consecutive year. Carolina Nephrology had the privilege of serving as the Upstate Kidney Walk’s presenting sponsor for the third consecutive year. With over 850 South Carolina residents waiting for a kidney transplant, kidney disease has affected the lives of many. Carolina Nephrology’s team “The Whizzers” raised over $4,400 at the Upstate Kidney Walk, supporting the National Kidney Foundation and increasing the awareness of kidney disease in the Upstate. The walk took place on Sunday, April 21st at Furman University with individuals and teams walking around the amphitheater and lake. Participants enjoyed family, friends, food, games and live entertainment during and after the walk. They also received gift bags at the end of the event, thanking them for their time and donations supporting the National Kidney Foundation. Funds raised at this year’s walk will help support education on the importance of early detection and research on the prevention of kidney disease.

In 2012, the National Kidney Foundation raised over $8 million nationally for the education and awareness of kidney disease. Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Kidney Walk!


Gail E. Kirby joined Carolina Nephrology in April 2011 as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. She received a Master’s degree in Nursing and a post-Master’s degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. Her training and passion for helping others led her to Carolina Nephrology. “I love the continuity of care in my job. I love seeing some of the same patients week after week or at least every other week in the dialysis center. I am able to establish relationships with them and hopefully achieve the patient’s respect in order to ney in dialysis.” When she is not with patients Gail enjoys usband and two children and having an active role in

Karen Robertson Karen Robertson joined Carolina Nephrology in 2005 as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. Karen graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as well as a Master of Science in Nursing and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. “I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with phenomenal physicians and an awesome staff. However, what I most enjoy is interaction with my patients. They become an extended family and keeping them healthy is my primary focus,” said Karen. When she is not at work Karen enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

Carolina Nephrology is excited to announce the upcoming Tour DaVita! Tour DaVita began in 2007 as a creative, adventurous and healthy way to raise awareness for kidney disease. Tour DaVita racers ride to sound the alarm on the “silent killer” that kidney disease is, as it often strikes without much warning. Since its conception, more than $4 million have been raised to fight kidney disease.

This year the 200-plus mile bicycle ride will take place September 14th-18th, 2013 and will benefit The Kidney TRUST, an organization that provides free health-screening services. Carolina Nephrology’s Dr. Istvan Bognar has been a leader in bringing the event to the Upstate for the first time, and we are thrilled to support him in the race. Join the cause and make a donation so The Kidney TRUST can bring us one step closer to being free of kidney disease. Visit Dr. Bognar’s website today to make a donation at Istvan_Bognar_3619/index.html.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

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The office was clean and comfortable during my visit. I felt safe and had privacy during my visit. I would refer a friend or relative to Carolina Nephrology.

Ease of Receiving Care My appointment was scheduled at the location most convenient to me between Greenville, Easley, Greer, Simpsonville or Laurens. My appointment was scheduled promptly and was most convenient to my schedule. My medical tests/results were scheduled and delivered efficiently and conveniently.

Registration and Wait Times The office receptionists explained my registration forms and assisted me with any questions I asked. The office waiting room time was acceptable. The exam room waiting time was acceptable.

Staff The personnel at the Reception Desk were courteous. The nurses and medical staff were courteous and respected my privacy. The doctor answered my questions and thoroughly explained what I wanted to know. My overall visit with Carolina Nephrology was a positive experience. What did you enjoy the most about your visit to Carolina Nephrology? ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What areas can we improve on to better serve you in the future? _________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please list the names of any of our staff who have been especially helpful to you: ___________________________________________________ Mail to: Name: _______________________ Email: ________________________________ Carolina Nephrology Patient Satisfaction Survey (Optional) (Optional) 105 N. Spring St. Suite 111 Greenville, SC 29601

Carolina Nephrology Summer 2013 Newsletter  
Carolina Nephrology Summer 2013 Newsletter  

Carolina Nephrology Summer 2013 Newsletter