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Horseback Devil By Simonne Lynn

Dangers in the Wild West

EXT. DESERT BRUSH - NIGHT JACE kneels down next to a tied-up and gagged CLARA, getting close to her face. Clara looks uncomfortable, almost embarrassed as Jace studies her. JACE (voice low and seductive) I don’t know what you were playin’ at missy, robbin’ me, but that was a mistake. No one who’s ever tried has lived to tell the tale. Certainly none of them have been women. So now I’m at a loss. (looks her up and down) It doesn’t sit right to harm a woman such as yourself (becomes serious) but I can’t just let you roam free. Whadaya say, Russ? (calls over his shoulder) Should we take our little friend to them Natives over the ridge? RUSSELL (stops packing his horse to think) I dunno boss. That’s a mighty far ride...I say why don’t we just leave her here(motions to the ground) mayhap someone will pass by. JACE (nods and stands) Sounds right by me. Now, go round up the boys. (listens to Russell ride away) Well miss, got nothing much to say except you’ve got a fine eye for horses but bad luck for taking mine. Farewell lady (tips his hat to her) hopefully your luck improves. Jace moves towards the black horse, preparing to mount, when a dagger gets thrown at his feet. CLARA Your man Russell needs to work on tieing up prisoners.




JACE How..? CLARA (throws off rope) And I don’t have bad luck.I knew whose mount that was(points to black horse) I’m not stupid. I stole it on purpose. I needed to see if you were worth it. JACE (crosses arms) Worth what? CLARA I have some information you need. JACE Oh, really? And what kind of information is that? (looks on in amusement) CLARA Like I said(walks over to Jace) information that you need(pushes her finger into his chest) and help you’re going to want. But, in exchange I want a share of your payment from Leaveuax. JACE Now, I get it. You’re one of those nutters I’m always hearing about. (grabs her hands as if to restrain her) You’re not from New Jersey are you? CLARA (Shakes him off) Do you want the information or not? JACE Why should I believe you? Less than a day ago you bashed me in the face with my own goddamn gun. CLARA Any other man would have never recovered fast enough to find me (MORE) (CONTINUED)



CLARA (cont’d) again, let alone been able to ride. That tells me that you are the right guy for the information I have. JACE Even though I was going to leave you here for dead? CLARA You know as well as I do that a stagecoach is expected to come through these parts tonight. Unless I succumbed to the dangers of the jack rabbit I would’ve been fine, and you knew that. JACE Alright miss, I’ll bite. (expectant silence from Clara) And you get a share of the pay from the good ol’ Monsieur. Clara smiles and hold out her hand as Jace shakes it, making the deal official. Satisfied, she straightens out her once obviously well-made dress. CLARA Then it’s a deal. And in honor of this new partnership I’ll give you my first piece of information. You’re going the wrong way.

Horseback Devil  

Bandits in the 1800's.

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