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ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

From Competence to Success. Crossing Borders.

The pursuit of knowledge and know-how is

a lifelong journey. Let us show you the way.

From Prospects

to Progress.

From Learnin

ng to Leading.

From Research

to Discovery.

From Theory

“Building Competence. Crossing Borders.� This is our guiding principle. In bridging the gap between knowledge and know-how, we cross the border between theory and practice; the value of what has been learnt is only revealed in its application.

to Practice.

From Interest

to Involvement.

Our students work towards internationally recognized Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and complete practice-oriented continuing education programs. However, their search for knowledge takes them far beyond the campus gates and, in addition to specialist know-how, they also acquire intercultural competence. As they move on in their professional careers, their curiosity will keep them moving and their initiative will lead them to new shores. Such an outlook creates opportunities and enhances our graduates’ prospects in the global job market.

From Initiative

to Perspective.

From Performance

e to Appreciation.

Mission Statement We deliver intellectually challenging, innovative, and inter足 disciplinary education in management, economics, and business law, enabling our graduates to compete success足 fully as qualified managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the domestic and international business environment. We contribute to the success of private and public sector enterprises and organizations through continuing education, research, and consulting. We employ well-qualified faculty and staff who utilize their expertise to advance knowledge and practice in areas most relevant to our core-stakeholders. We focus our activities primarily on the Zurich metropolitan area and cultivate strong national and international partner足 ships and alliances.

From Inspiration to Implementation. Crossing Borders “Building Competence. Crossing Borders.� This is our claim for everything we do. It is what we believe in and what we deliver. Our students receive a solid, broad foundation to build their careers on. They discover new ideas and perspectives, become inspired, and develop their own individual character. They cross borders. These borders are not only geographical or subject-related; they are the borders between theory and practice, and between knowledge and action. We accompany our students along the way: by providing an interdisciplinary curriculum and internationally recognized quality standards; by consistently focusing on the practical needs and requirements of the world of business and the public sector; by being committed to our research, which continuously generates new impulses; and, finally, by acting on our belief that borders are not obstacles but stepping stones towards personal growth.

From Past to Future. History The ZHAW School of Management and Law (SML) was established in 1968 as the Winterthur School of Economics and Business Administration HWV (“Höhere Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungss­ chule”), the first of its kind in Switzerland. In the decades that followed, the SML developed into one of Switzerland’s leading business schools and obtained international recognition, a modern infrastructure, and a wide range of degree programs that are both forward-thinking and practiceoriented. However, whereas history certainly has its well-deserved place, we at the SML are more concerned with going forward than with looking back. Over 3 500 Bachelor’s students are currently enrolled at our school, which are three times as many as in 2006. A total of over 5 000 students benefit from our position as one of the leading business schools in the Greater Zurich Area, and every one of our students contributes towards strengthening this reputation.

From Mission to Recognition. Portrait Degree programs, continuing education, research, and consultancy: These are the four corner­ stones of our mandate. Our activities are shaped by a strong focus on practical application and close ties to the business world. This is evident in the commitment of our employees and faculty members to pass their know-how on. Our more than 12 000 graduates are the product of this commitment; as highly qualified professionals and executives in positions of responsibility, they are visionary, knowledgeable, and ready and able to solve problems and make decisions. Among the Swiss universities of applied sciences, the SML is at the top of the list in the special topic areas of health economics, international business, marketing, public finance, wealth manage­ ment, business information technology, and business law. Our international orientation manifests itself in our commitment to ERASMUS/SOCRATES, the student and faculty exchange program which is part of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Program. We were also the first university of applied sciences in Switzerland to receive the FIBAA Quality Seal for accredited study programs and to successfully pass their Institutional Audit in 2012.

From Qualification to Reputation. Our Degree Programs Successful learners are open-minded, inquisitive, and bold. We at the SML not only encourage independent thinking, we actively support it by turning great ideas into effective innovations. One such innovation was our Bachelor’s degree program in Business Law – the first university of applied sciences program of its kind in Switzerland. Similarly, we are the only Swiss university to offer a Bachelor’s specialization in “Risk & Insurance”. Our degree programs are internationally recognized and provide graduates with a solid foundation for demanding positions in the business world. Moreover, our comprehensive range of career services can help students obtain a suitable career-entry or re-entry position that fits their newly acquired qualifications. Students of Business Administration, International Management, Business Information Technology, or Business Law can enroll full-time for a period of six semesters or, if they prefer to work part-time, in our eight-semester part-time program. Whatever path they choose, their new competencies will provide excellent career options in attractive companies at home and abroad – especially since we offer Bachelor’s degree programs both in German and in English. Graduates who enroll in one of our consecutive Master’s degree programs build on what they have learned, and they acquire additional specialist knowledge in Business Administration, Business Information Technology, Management & Law, or Banking & Finance.

From Motivation to Driving Force. Continuing Education Whether it is with taking our first baby steps, attending elementary school, or following a course of academic study, learning is essential and continually enhances who we are. However, learning requires great personal commitment, which is definitely something our students possess. We support them as they prepare for the next goals they have set themselves; we provide them with expert knowledge and the necessary tools for the challenges that lie ahead. By following clear objectives, learning becomes more efficient and major milestones are achieved as our graduates continue along their career paths. Approximately 1 300 students take advantage of our modular continuing education programs (EMBA, MAS, DAS, CAS) every year. The programs and courses are practice-oriented and benefit not only the participants themselves but also their employers. Participants are required to complete extended performance assessment tasks (e.g., a project or thesis). These normally revolve around challenging issues that concern their own professional environ足 ment. We welcome all qualified candidates who would like to achieve their goal of obtaining a continuing education qualification in order to give a decisive boost to their career.

From Questions to Answers. Research and Consulting Those who stand still can’t cross any borders. This is why we continually strive ahead and venture deeper into the heart of the matter. Our intensive research activities support our position as one of Switzerland’s leading business schools. It includes the development of practical solutions for many pressing issues of business and society. Ideally, these are solutions which can be implemented directly. This is achieved through close collaboration with external business partners and the other schools of Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge sparks new ideas and is a continuous source of inspiration for all stakeholders. The results of our research and consulting activities are passed on to our business partners and are integrated into the curriculum of our degree and continuing education programs. Thus they update and enrich our students’ knowledge and skills. In addition, they provide solutions to issues relevant to society. For example, a study we conducted for a major electricity provider examines what the Swiss electricity market could look like by the year 2050. It contains three scenarios in which we show how electricity production, transmission, and distribution might use a large share of renewable energies. Furthermore, it describes what new business models might emerge as a result. Thus, our work assists Swiss energy companies in their strategy development.

“Applied research and development helps us identify the issues that will affect our society tomorrow. They show us how these issues are interrelated and offer different perspectives and new ways to approach them. This process, which is as systematic as it is creative, drives me to tackle new challenges and work for a better future, in close cooperation with our partners.” Dr. Adrian W. Müller, Senior Lecturer of Strategic Foresight, Innovation Management, and Entrepreneurship, Head of Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

“As International Key Account Manager, I’m responsible for the revenue and marketing budget in various countries. Practical applicability is key. A degree in Business Administration from the SML was excellent preparation for my job. It has taught me to use an interdisciplinary approach and to think outside the box – and I still benefit from it today.” Natalie Radzyner, SML Alumna, International Key Account Manager at AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, Israel

From Knowledge to Ability. Practice Orientation Knowledge is valuable. At the same time, it only creates value when it can be applied. This is why we continuously seek to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our faculty members maintain close ties to industry and commerce. They carry out research, they act as consultants, and their findings and experience enhance their lectures and seminars. Our close cooperation with companies in the industrial and commercial sectors provides real-life case studies for which our students develop practical solutions. What they learn, therefore, has its origin in the business world, where they will later apply it. The exceptional practicability we offer can also be seen in our partnerships with corporations and public entities. Not only do students gain insight into various industries and enterprises before they graduate, they also receive a clearer picture of the career paths they have chosen and the chance to network with potential employers. In addition, they are given the opportunity to actively apply the knowledge they have acquired and prove their worth in challenging job roles.

From Local to Global. International Focus Switzerland is a world leader as far as innovations are concerned. Nevertheless, our little country between the Rhine and the Rhône Rivers can seem somewhat stifling for students who are hungry for knowledge. They want to see the world and discover foreign countries, cultures, and mentalities. The knowledge they gain along the way will be a great asset to them on their climb up the career ladder. In today’s business world, an open mind and intercultural competence are key qualities, especially in Switzerland with its close ties all over the world and its level of attractiveness as a location for global corporations. Our international focus affects all our activities and enriches our curriculum. We have exchange programs with over 150 partner universities and cooperate, among others, with over a dozen of the best European business schools according to the Financial Times. However, our international orientation is not only an important factor for our quality and sustainability, it also offers our students promising perspectives in management, which reach far beyond our geographical borders. Discovering the world. Crossing new borders. Thinking and acting globally. These are the values we pass on to our students and faculty. In order to maintain them, we rely on an extensive network of partners, a multinational academic environment, and study trips to enable our students to see the world. Our range of English degree programs is growing all the time. In order to facilitate further international growth, we decided in early 2013 to pool our cross-border activities in a new business unit, the Department of International Business.

“I spent a semester studying in South Korea, which taught me so much about life. It has made me more determined than ever to follow a career in international business. While studying abroad, I was able to practice my global competencies and to expand on them at the same time. What impressed me very much was the Korean academic culture and the respectful way that students and faculty communicate with each other.The exchange semester was an extremely valuable experience in every way.� Etienne Gubler, Student at the SML

“In addition to specialist knowledge in Business Administration, Economics, and Marketing, my studies have also given me the ability to conceptualize and work strategically. What’s even more important for me as a director of tourism, however, is the network I have been able to build. Winterthur and the School of Management and Law are inextricably linked. This creates synergies from which both can benefit.” Remo Rey, SML Alumnus, Director of Tourism, Winterthur

From Traditions to Innovations. Winterthur Innovation enjoys a long and successful tradition in Winterthur, a university town with a rich commercial and industrial history. While it is a relatively small community with a population of about 100 000, its international flair and local ambiance combine to give it a unique charm. Its economic infrastructure has attracted small and large businesses, including international corporations from all sectors of industry, technology, commerce, and education. There is a wealth of excellent restaurants, bars, clubs, movie theaters, and other entertainment on offer which pro­ vide students with the opportunity to go out and socialize. Upwards of 130 cultural events take place every month. Winterthur also has a lively arts scene; its numerous museums, art galleries, and exhibitions are highly regarded by national and international art experts. A cultural highlight includes the internationally acclaimed “Museum for Photography Winterthur”. Science fans discover astonishing feats of technical innovation at “Swiss Science Center Technorama”. Situated in the heart of Europe, Winterthur is a hub for road traffic and public transportation. A 20-minute train ride takes travelers to Zurich’s city center. And the world – at least via Zurich International Airport – is only a 10-minute train ride away.


MANDATE General Management






– Marketing Management – Human Capital Management – Business Information Management – Strategy & Operations – Innovation & Entrepreneurship





From Detail to Big Picture. SML at a Glance

32 Universities in North and Latin America

ACCREDITATIONS International recognition for the high standard of our programs is important to us. This is why we are accredited by an international agency: the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). In addition, ZHAW is the first university of applied sciences in Switzerland to have been awarded the FIBAA Institutional Audit quality seal for one of its schools in 2012. Our benchmark is the EFQM Excellence Model, one of the leading European quality models and quality seals. In 2011, the SML was awarded the status “Committed to Excellence” (C2E) .

FACULTY AND STAFF Professors Senior lecturers Lecturers and research associates Administrative/technical staff

(2012) 47 154 189 84


Bachelor’s and Master’s Research and consulting  Continuing education 


Banking /Finance / Insurance

Public Sector

Business Law

– Regional Competence Centers for Europe, Middle East, India, Americas, and Asia-Pacific – Internationalization Strategies – Brand & Reputation Management – Foreign Affairs & Applied Diplomacy – Corporate Responsibility

– Alternative Investments & Risk Management – Banking & Finance – Risk & Insurance – Accounting & Controlling – Corporate Finance & Private Equity

– Public Management – Winterthur Institute of Health Economics – Arts Management – Economic Policy

– Public Commercial Law – Corporate and Tax Law – Competition and Commercial Law – Social Law

BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMS Business Administration

INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS Incoming students 2012/13152 Outgoing students 2012/13154

Business Information Technology

Business Law

International Management

– General Management – Banking & Finance – Accounting, Controlling, and Auditing – Economics & Politics – Risk & Insurance


24 7

programs 68 % 19 % 13 %

Management & Law – Management & Law – Double Degree Master in Business Administration (MSc) and Laws (LL.M)

CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS – EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) – MAS (Master of Advanced Studies)

Universities in the Middle East and in Africa

– DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies)

Universities in Europe


Business Information Technology

– Marketing – Public & Nonprofit Management

Universities in Asia-Pacific


Business Administration

– CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies)

STUDENTS(2012) Bachelor’s Master’s Continuing education Total number of students

3 473 200 1 338 5 011

Disciplines: – Banking, Finance & Insurance – Health Care Management – Business Information and Operations Management – Management and Leadership – Public Management – Didactics and Methodology – Human Capital Management – Culture and Sports – Marketing – Business Law


From Learning

to Succeeding.

ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

School of Management and Law St.-Georgen-Platz 2 P.O. Box 8401 Winterthur Switzerland

August 2013, Edition 400

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SML Flatbook English

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