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9th Madinah Al-Ilm & Bab Al-Ilm Youth Summer Courses The World Federation KSIMC – Qum Office

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Cities Visited

The first two weeks of the course were spent in the blessed city of Qum. The brothers resided in a private school for a week, and were then moved to Jamiat al Mustafa (saw) University for the following week. The sisters stayed at Jamiat al-Zahra (sa). Most of the educational and cultural programmes took place in Qum, including visiting various historical places, performing different Ziyarats, and other cultural and recreational activities. The last week was spent in the holy city of Mashhad, where participants stayed in close proximity to the haram of the holy 8th Imam (as). The students enjoyed many activities in the holy city, including Ziyarat, classes, shopping, and other recreational and cultural activities.

Course Details Dates:

11July 2012 (Wednesday) – 05 August 2012 (Sunday)

Introduction The annual Madinah al-Ilm and Bab al-Ilm Youth Summer Courses are a regular feature on The World Federation calendar; where youth from different parts of the world spend three weeks in the Islamic Republic of Iran, performing a variety of activities. The course includes Islamic classes, cultural activities, and recreation. The course aims to serve as a post-Madrasah education initiative, integrating academic Islamic scholarship with an experience of the cultural relevance of Islam in the modern age. It is packaged along with a sense of enhanced self-knowledge and understanding leading to higher levels of spirituality; as an end result it inspires the participants to a greater service to humanity and their communities back home.


Madinah al-Ilm students (ages 18-24)

Course Preparation This year, The World Federation of KSIMC’s Qum Office had the honour of hosting a group of 66 participants from four continents and from a variety of academic, familial, geographic and linguistic backgrounds. The course planning began months prior to the arrival of the participants in Iran and was backed up by the constant and selfless logistical support of The World Federation’s Islamic Education department in Stanmore (London) and the Regional Federations of Africa, Europe, North America, and Pakistan Federation.


Student distribution:

Bab al-Ilm students (ages 14-17)

Madinah al-Ilm Girls – Boys

Bab al-Ilm Girls – Boys


























The Arrival

Course Outline

Late at night on 15th July, the NASIMCO participants arrived, followed a couple of hours later by the Dubai, CoEJ and lastly the AFED participants. The participants were welcomed by the mentors and Qum Office staff members. Although tired from the long trip, they were eager to get started, and were thrilled to see the ‘Welcome’ banner prepared for them by the mentors.

The three week course was aimed to bring a Hawza-type experience to the participants and its timetable was founded on a balance between Islamic education, spirituality, social, cultural, as well as recreational activities.

The first day was mostly spent resting, settling into rooms and introductions. In the evening, participants were taken to the Haram for their first ziyarat and thereafter to Dar al-Zahra for the opening ceremony which included welcome speeches by Shaykh Safdar Razi, Shaykh Kumail Rajani and two of the mentors. Students from the Hawza in Qum were also present.

The education component of the Courses engaged the minds of the students and was designed to inspire them to furthering their study of Islam. In Qum, this programme consisted of classes everyday on a variety of different topics, including Tawheed, Imam Mahdi (aj), Akhlaq, Life of Bibi Maryam, Duas in Quran etc. Informal question and answer sessions, debates, as well as discussion circles on various topics also took place.

Boys’ arrival at the airport

Qum – Educational Programme


Subject(s) taught

Shaykh Safdar Razi

Imam Mahdi (aj); Journey of the Soul

Shaykh Abbas Ismail


Sayyid Aqib Jafari


Shaykh Muhammad Khalfan

Tafsir of Quran

Shaykh Ali Azhar Arastu

Goal of Life

Sister Batul Arastu

Hazrat Maryam: Life and Conduct

Sister Salma Alavi

Duas in Quran

Sister Najiya Shabbar Shah

Imam Mahdi (aj)

Daily classes

Girls’ arrival at the airport

Introduction to Hawza by Jamiat al Mustafa (saw)

Q & A session with Shaykh Khalfan

Participants arrived in Qum two days before the beginning of the holy month of Ramadhan, and thus the presence of this holy month served to increase the atmosphere of spirituality amongst the participants. A typical day in Qom involved classes in the morning, an afternoon of rest, and cultural activities before Iftar and trips to the haram.

Qum - Cultural/Recreational Programme The primary aim of the cultural programme was to provide students with a perspective on ‘living Islam’ and its manifestations in our day-to-day life. It included a day trip to Kashan (a city near Qum), where students toured explored famous historical houses and antique gardens, and enjoyed some beautiful scenes at a waterfall. Other recreational activities included hiking at mount Khizr, swimming, hanging out for ice cream, and football.

Qum – Spiritual Programme Shaykh Kumail Rajani: lecture at Bayt al-Noor

Alongside the Islamic education, the course provides the students with an opportunity to discover new levels of spirituality and strengthen their connection with Allah (swt) as well as the AhlulBayt (as). For this, participants were taken for Ziyarat of Sayyida Masooma (sa) as well as a number of Imam Zadeh (progeny of the Imams (as)). They also had the opportunity to visit Jamkaran twice for dua e Tawassul, they hiked mount Khizr, and stayed at the haram for a night vigil. They also visited grand scholars and senior students of the Hawza. In addition, regular worship programmes were conducted every day, as well as daily Quran recitations during the holy month of Ramadhan, and nightly Tafsir and dua sessions. Shaykh Safdar Razi explains Philosophy of Ziyarat in the courtyard of the haram of Bibi Masuma (sa)

Breakfast in Kashan

The beautiful Fin gardens of Kashan

List of Places Visited

Tour of Haram and resting place of many great scholars Masjid-e-Jamkaran

Namaz-e-Jum’a, Dua-e Kumail, Quran recitation and night vigil programme in Haram Bait al-Noor: Final Place of Worship of Bibi Masuma (sa) Shaykhayn cemetery

Graves of Ibn Babaweyh and other offspring of Imams (as) Chehel Akhtaran gravesite

Martyr graveyard (Gulzare Shuhada) House of Imam Khomeini (ra) Mount Khizr

Audience with Ayatullah Girami

Meeting with Ayatullah Amini and tour of Madressa Al Mahdi

Jamkaran just before sunset

Swimming Football game at local stadium Ansariyan Bookstore Trip to Kashan

Qum to Mashhad Ansariyan Bookshop

Two weeks packed with activities in Qum was followed by a week in the holy city of Mashhad. Participants were taken on a tour of Tehran where they visited Imam Khomeini’s shrine, Beheshte Zahra graveyard, and performed their Zuhrayn Salaat behind Ayatullah Sayyid Khamenei. Participants also visited the shrine of Shah Abdul Azeem and the Savak Prison.

Marking the place where Imam Khomeini gave his famous speech in 1979 Preparing for Mahe Ramadhan: Sayyid Masoudi

Visiting the Beheshte- Zahra graveyard


The five days in Mashhad were timetabled in a way that allowed participants to spend maximum time at the haram, with two classes per day and a few other activities, such as a day trip to Nishapur, a meeting with war veterans (for sisters), visiting the new Quranic verses museum (for brothers) as well as an evening at the water park. The highlight of the Mashhad trip was, of course, the Ziyarat of the 8th Imam (as). Instructors

Subjects Taught

Dr Zabit

Islamic civilisation

Dr Baqeri

Philosophy of Akhlaq

Sayyid Shabbar

Life of Imam Ridha (as)

Sayyid Kazemi Sister Najiya

Farewell After a life-changing few days in Mashhad, participants began to prepare to say their goodbyes, and to the close friends they had made from around the world. The closing ceremony provided an opportunity for participants to share anecdotes, feelings and thoughts from the Summer Course, and to thank the organisers and mentors. Mentors had chosen a few specific students to present a gift to, and participants also presented gifts to Shaykh Kumail. Participants were given certificates and gift bags from Jamiat al-Mustafa University.

Left: Mentors at the closing ceremony

The goal of life

Life of Imam Ridha (as)

Classes in Mashhad

List of Places Visited

Janbazan Centre (war veterans) Dua-e-Kumayl and Namaz-e-Jum’a Koohe Sangi Park (Rocky Mountain Park) Water Park Local shopping and bazaars Quranic stories exhibition Physics centre

Middle: A thankyou gift from the participants to Shaykh Kumail Introduction to Nishapur

Right: Final goodbye photo at the airport

The bus journey back from Mashhad to Tehran was long but upon reaching the airport, the participants began to say their farewells to one another. Having made life-long friends, learned a great deal about Islam and about themselves and each other, students were eager to see their parents and families, yet sad to see the end of this memorable journey. The World Federation’s Qum Office would like to thank and sincerely appreciate the efforts of all parties involved to make the Course yet another cherished experience, and prays for the continued progress of all towards Allah (swt).

Representation of Nabi Adam’s story in the Quranic exhibition, Mashhad

Madinha and Bab Course  

Overview of the Madinah and bab 2012 12 course for donors

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