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LUCKNOW Zainabiya Health Clinic, Aeinullah Eye Clinic & Zainabiya Poly Clinic

E: T: +44 (0)20 8954 9881 Registered Charity (UK), No. 282303

Working since 1975 to alleviate the sufferings of those who live in poverty and destitution by providing them with primary healthcare and specialist treatments. A goal that is synonymous with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

Be their Luck now. 1

LUCKNOW Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, a northern state of India. It boasts the largest population of Sadaats in India. There are in the region of 300,000 Shia’s living in the area.

Health facts

5 Approx.

million population in Lucknow.

15% Approx.

of people in Lucknow struggle to see a regular health professional in their lifetime. That’s around 750,000 people.

India accounts for:

17+83 17% 20+80 20% 23+77 23% 20+80 20% 30+70 30% 68+32 68% 14+86 14%

of the global population,

of the total global disease burden

of child deaths,

of maternal deaths,

of tuberculosis cases,

of leprosy cases, and

of HIV infections. 2

Zainabiya Health Clinic

(specialist surgical unit)

Established in Sept 2004 Specifics: Operating as a Specialist Surgical Unit offering services in: Renal, Cardiac, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Oncology and Minor Operations. Aims and Objectives To provide surgical tratment and specialist care that is either on par or better than other private medical institutions to members of the Shia Muslim community living in poverty in the area. Costs

Doctor’s Fee Staff Salary Pathology Test Radiology Medicines Hospital Charges Operation Fee

Ambulance RXM Fare & Fooding Conveyance Stationery Building Rent Phone Other Costs

2273 £6,500

patients treated since April 2006 3

Annual Running Costs

Aeinullah Eye Clinic

(Ophthalmology Services)

Established: March 2004 Specifics: The clinic is open three hours on weekdays, where three professional ophthalmologists are on hand to provide treatment. A nominal fee is levied upon the patients who can afford it and waived entirely for those who cannot.

This eye clinic specialises in the treatment of eye diseases by offering the following:Consultation, treatment for common eye diseases and ailments Eye screening Cataract eye surgery Free eye camps for villages and slums Prescription of medicines and spectacles

Costs Salary Staff Transport for Staff Fare & Fooding Pathology Medicine Optical Operation Fee Doctor Onarium Building Rent

Building Material Water & Electricity Phone/ Fax Clinic Maintenances Stationery Newspaper Assets Advertising Eye Camp

10606 ÂŁ4,500

patients treated since January 2011

Annual Running Costs


Zainabiya Poly Clinic

(Primary Health Centre)

Established: 2009 Specifics: The centre offers the best in primary healthcare treatment to the people in and around Lucknow. The recently established Polyclinic provides the following services: Treatment and medication to patients for a flat fee of 5 rupees per person: currently, imposters posing as medical practitioners are charging patients 5 rupees for inadequate treatmentand falsified medications that pose a danger to health. Costs

Purchasing Medicine Purchasing Instruments Fare & Food Transport for staff Stationery Phone Medical Camp Doctor & staff Clinical Maintenance Salary Other costs

Homeopathic care and medicine by a qualified Homeopathic practitioner; A General Physician and a Gynaecologist run a 3 hours clinic five days a week; Dealing with minor cases. Major cases are referred to the Zainabiya Health Centre Onsite pharmacist; Follow up centre There are plans to also include Health education programmes and maternity services in the future.

62573 ÂŁ5,500

patients treated since January 2011. 5

Annual Running Costs

What can you do to help? We need your help to support these three noble projects for the year 2013. Your donation will provide for the annual Running costs of these 3 clinics. Give ÂŁ500 or a ÂŁ1,000, give the gift of good health.

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Lucknow. Three different Healthcare Clinics. with affordable or subsidised fees. Be their Luck now.

Zanabiya Poly Clinic, Lucknow  

Informaiton on the health project currently being undertaken by The World Federation Of KSIMC in Lucknow, India. Since 2004 The World Fede...

Zanabiya Poly Clinic, Lucknow  

Informaiton on the health project currently being undertaken by The World Federation Of KSIMC in Lucknow, India. Since 2004 The World Fede...