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while getting ready, if his suit fit the way he wanted it to, what he thought of my dress. All those little things that we’re accustomed to sharing with each other throughout every day. One of my favorite pictures is the one where Kevin has his hands on my waist and he steps back and is actually seeing my dress for the first time. I love it because it was one of the last moments. We had cried and talked and hugged and kissed and he suddenly realized that I was wearing my wedding dress – the dress that I had been so excited about for so long and had tried to get him to guess what it looked like a thousand times. It showed me that he sees my heart before he sees my exterior. And, that look on his face, come on. I think he liked the dress too!

In the end, your wedding day is about the two of you committing your lives to each other. It’s a bonus to have your family and friends there to celebrate with you. I know it sounds cliché but Kevin really is my best friend. I share everything with him and I was dying to know what he thought about my dress, how he was feeling, to touch his face and see his smile, to hear his voice and feel the comfort of his presence. My only nerves were about 200 sets of eyes staring at me but not a single nerve about marrying him. I was so excited and I wanted to share every moment of it with him.

First Look or No First Look? The decision to do a first look wasn’t the easiest. I really had no opinion about it, my mom was adamantly against it, and it was one of Kevin’s only requests in the entire wedding planning process. After getting to the root of my mom’s main concern – that our guests wouldn’t get to see the look on Kevin’s face when he saw me for the first time – I assured her that our guests would have no idea he had already seen me and that seeing me walk down the aisle with my dad would be a completely new emotion for Kevin and she hesitantly allowed us to proceed.


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