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Smithsonian Affiliations  A Year in Pictures 

December 2011 

… inspiring generations through knowledge and discovery

affiliations is a kaleidoscope

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“The Affiliate partnership is essential to the effort to make America’s artistic, historic, and scientific treasures more accessible to the American people no matter where they live. Just as importantly, it brings our experts together with your experts to create innovative, educational outreach programs for learners of all ages.”


G. Wayne Clough, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution

AFFILIATES *10,000 blog visits  *867 facebook fans  *1,877 twitter followers 

***634,780   learned about Affiliates  through our social media  outlets  

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9 new Affiliates   joined the network 




Puerto Rico and Panama 

18,540 new members have joined the Smithsonian through their local Affiliate in 2011. Thanks Affiliates! Smithsonian Affiliations 2011 Year in Review

inspiring discovery

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From 1963 through 1968, students near Cartersville, GA, discovered and collected thousands of fossils. Many went to NMNH where they remained until today. As part of the Smithsonian Affiliations program, some of the fossils collected at Ladds Quarry were returned on loan to the Tellus Science Museum. Photo: Courtesy Tellus Science Museum.

NMAH loaned a Florentine Mosaic Pin (bottom right) and a Roman Micromosaic Bracelet (upper right) to the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art (Elmhurst, IL) for 2011 Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day. Photo: Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art.

1,326 Smithsonian   artifacts   currently on  view at   Affiliates across  the nation 

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Restored by the B & O Railroad Museum (Baltimore, MD) staff in collaboration with conservators at NMAH, the 19th century “Pioneer” locomotive goes on public view in time for the Civil War sesquicentennial. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations

This V-173 “Flying Pancake,” on loan from NASM to the Frontiers of Flight Museum (Dallas, TX), is currently being restored for the Smithsonian. Photo: Frontiers of Flight Museum

“The Smithsonian Affiliations program creates excellent opportunities for local and national history collaborations.” Peter Liebhold, Curator and Chair, Division of Work and Industry, National Museum of American History

NMNH loaned the Smithsonian Coral Reef to the Putnam Museum and IMAX Theatre (Davenport, IA) where it will be on exhibit until 2016. Photo: Putnam Museum.

“The short handle hoe that belonged to the Chavez family and used by Cesar Chavez while working in the fields is one of the Smithsonian's treasured items. It represents the struggles of farm labor in America and the contributions of an inspirational figure to make a difference,” says Harry Rubenstein, Chair, Division of Political History, NMAH. It’s currently on loan to LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes (Los Angeles, CA). Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

Smithsonian Affiliations 2011 Year in Review

fostering exploration

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27 exhibitions opened at Affiliates  16  came from  SITES  

This reflecting circle is one of seven navigational instruments included in the exhibition Mapping the New World on loan to the Frank H. McClung Museum (Knoxville, TN) from NMAH. Photo: Frank H. McClung Museum.

“Being able to acquire objects like these instruments enhance our exhibitions and our outreach. The museum gains greater visibility in the community and the field.” Jeff Chapman, Director, Frank H. McClung Museum Knoxville, TN A local puppeteer met Jane Henson at the opening of Jim Henson’s Fantastic World, organized by SITES, and on view at Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences (Peoria, IL) in February 2011. Photo: Photo: Lakeview Museum.

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South Florida Museum and Parker Manatee Aquarium (Bradenton, FL) hosted Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants, organized by SITES and NMNH. Photo: South Florida Museum.

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center (Cody, WY) hosted Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Warriors: Photographs by Gertrude Käsebier, an exhibition collaboration that included Smithsonian photographs and objects from the collections of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Photo: Michelle Delaney, Director, Consortium for Understanding the American Experience, Smithsonian Institution.

In Plane View, an exhibition of 56 large-format photographs, showcase the aesthetic beauty of some of NASM’s awesome aircraft. It was on view at the College Park Aviation Museum, MD, from January - June. Photo: Carolyn Russo, NASM.

The opening celebration for the SITES exhibition Singgalot (The Ties that Bind) at the Charlotte Museum of History (Charlotte, NC). Photo: Hearth Bound Photography.

Smithsonian Affiliations 2011 Year in Review

stimulating curiosity

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Students at five Affiliates asked a lot of questions during their Town Hall meetings, part of the National Youth Summit: The 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Rides, an online/offline discussion organized by NMAH, NMAAHC and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Photo: Senator John Heinz History Center.

81 SI scholars spoke   at 45 Affiliates  

28 Affiliates participated in online conferences  Range of topics:    Apache culture, airmail, the Negro Leagues, mum‐ mies, world’s fairs, citizen science, human origins,  portraiture, electric guitars, Genghis Khan….and more  

Eight Affiliates from across the U.S. and Puerto Rico hosted month-long internships for participants in the Smithsonian Latino Center’s Young Ambassadors Program. Photo: Smithsonian Latino Center.

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(Left) NASM photographer Eric Long at the Tellus Science Museum (Cartersville, GA) beside one of his cockpit photos in At the Controls. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

(Right) Smithsonian Books author and astronaut Al Worden signed books at the San Diego Air & Space Museum (San Diego, CA). Photo: San Diego Air & Space Museum.

A member of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra taught college students at Stetson University during a workshop organized by the Museum of Arts and Sciences (Daytona Beach, FL). Photo: Museum of Arts and Sciences.

“Hosting a group from the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra in celebration of the museum`s premier September With The Smithsonian event was a joyous, foot- stomping event for all. The fun and informative facts on wickedly talented jazz composers assure it will be an annual fixture in The Museum of Arts and Sciences programming.” Cynthia Duval, Chief Curator, The Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, FL

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Champaign, IL) student Jessica Lapinsky demonstrated proper paper conservation techniques during a disaster management workshop as part of her Smithsonian Affiliations Intern Partnership at Smithsonian Institution Archives. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

Smithsonian Affiliations 2011 Year in Review

embracing collaboration

81 Smithsonian and Affiliate staff participated  as speakers at the conference 

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Conference attendees in the Smithsonian Castle Commons for the Welcome Reception at the 2011 Affiliations National Conference. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

80 colleagues (from)  54 Affiliates (in)  The most important thing I took away from the conference is a renewed feeling of excitement. It was inspiring to see all the good work people are doing both at the Smithsonian, and at all the Affiliate museums. Altogether an excellent experience, and I'm looking forward to next year.” David Unger, Director of Interpretation, American Textile History Museum , Lowell, MA

Smithsonian Under Secretary   Richard Kurin presents the Senator  John Heinz History Center  (Pittsburgh, PA) with a plaque  commemorating 10 years as an  Affiliate.    (21 Affiliates celebrated their 10th  anniversaries in 2011.)   Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations. 

26 states (and Puerto Rico)  2011 Affiliations   National Conference 

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During a live Ustream webcast, NASM and NPM curators joined Sonoma County Museum (Santa Rosa, CA) to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the first airmail flight. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

A young visitor tested his architecture skills at Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center (Solomons, MD), with Smithsonian Spark!Lab kits. Photo: Annmarie Garden.

Educators from NMAH and the American Art Museum led a workshop with Puerto Rican educators at the Universidad del Turabo (Gurabo, PR) on forging museum-school partnerships. Photo: Museo y Centro Estudios Humanisticos

Plimoth Plantation (Plymouth, MA) and NMAH collaborated to feature first-person theater performances by a 17th century Pilgrim, a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Photo: Smithsonian Smithsonian Affiliations 2011 Year in Review

ambassadors to the nation

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Affiliations Director Harold Closter with Les Reker, director of the Ellen Noël Art Museum (Odessa, TX) at a press event announcing the museum’s affiliation with the Smithsonian. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa helped celebrate the opening of LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes (Los Angeles, CA) in April 2011. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

SA welcomed colleagues at the New England Museum Association Conference Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

90 Affiliates participated in Smithsonian Museum Day

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Affiliations staff, Christina Di Meglio Lopez and Caroline Mah, co-presented Partnership: What Can the Smithsonian Do For You with colleagues from the Tellus Science Museum (Cartersville, GA), The Museum of Arts and Sciences (Daytona Beach, FL), and York County Culture and Heritage Museums (Rock Hill, SC) at the Southeastern Museums Conference. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

“We work with our Affiliates to help young people understand that our past matters, that it is with us every day, and that it holds enormous influence over our choices in life.” Harold A. Closter, Director, Smithsonian Affiliations

Affiliations Director Harold Closter at the helm of the legendary “Old Ironsides” after welcoming new Affiliate, the USS Constitution Museum (Boston, MA). Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

National Outreach Manager, Aaron Glavas, traveled to Las Cruces, NM, to welcome the City of Las Cruces Museum System to the Affiliations program. Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.

Smithsonian Affiliations 2011 Year in Review

Affiliations Staff 

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The vast collections of the Smithsonian document the heritage of humanity and unlock the secrets of the world around us. Smithsonian Affiliations develops long-term partnerships with museums and educational organizations to make these collections and related resources widely available. The Smithsonian is an endless place of discovery and inspiration. We want to share it with you.

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Title Page Collage, clockwise from top left: A fragment of the Star-Spangled Banner, on loan from NMAH to the Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA, for its Stars & Stripes: An American Story exhibition. (Photo: Heinz History Center) ● A student participant in the National Youth Summit: The 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Rides, asked a freedom rider questions at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo: Japanese American National Museum.) ● Claudine Brown, Smithsonian Assistant Secretary for Education and Access, welcomed HistoryMiami into the Affiliations program. (Photo: HistoryMiami.) ● Teachers at the Putnam Museum and IMAX Theatre in Davenport, IA, shared techniques for engaging the museum’s youngest visitors with Anna Forgerson, educator from the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center (Photo: Putnam Museum) ● A plaque given to the Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, NC, to commemorate their 10th anniversary as a Smithsonian Affiliate. (Photo: Smithsonian Affiliations.) ● ● OUR COLLEAGUES SA: Smithsonian Affiliations; SI: Smithsonian Institution; NASM: National Air and Space Museum; NMAH: National Museum of American History; NMAAHC: National Museum of African American History and Culture; NMAI: National Museum of American Indian; NMNH: National Museum of Natural History; NPM: National Postal Museum; SITES: Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service

Smithsonian Affiliations 2011 Year in Pictures  

Smithsonian Affiliations shares the accomplishments of 2011 through a photo history of memorable moments.