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Interactive gaming platforms have made modern games interactive and powerful Linux has developed as a powerful platform for gaming. Gaming laptops and computers have lapped up this opportunity. Fremont: Computer games have travelled a long distance. They started as diminutive hand-held devices and have evolved into powerful products today which offer s stupendous real life experience to users. The adoption of Linux as a platform for developing these games has helped in their rapid evolution. Linux has found a lot of takers amongst video game enthusiast as well as developers due to its functionality. It allows developers to think out of the box and come up with creative ideas. A paradigm change There has been a rapid change in the way online games are developed and played. Gamers now want to be involved in the process of developing a game which is possible only with an open platform. He has a view that most of the existing closed loop gaming platforms will not be viable for future as they restrict a gaming company. Mr. Gabe Newell, the CEO of global gaming behemoth Valve supports open sharing platforms and expresses his view on the issue. He says “ Games are becoming nodes in a linked economy where the majority of digital goods and services are user generated, rather than created by companies.�

Creativity at its best

Linux allows developers to be creative. It supports extensive graphics and is also capable of working at super fast speeds. Various new generation games have been created on Linux and have delighted gamers with their interactivity. Mr. Gabe Newell is also an avid supporter of Linux and considers it to be the future of video games. He further adds “ We use several hundred thousand game servers and use it internally as well for game servers. Internally, we have 20TB of content, we go a year between reboots, and we delivered over an exabyte of data on the internet in the year to date, which comes to 2 to 3 percent of the world's internet. In all game companies, you'll find more reliance on and higher percentages of Linux usage.� Gaming PC and laptops are adapting to this new paradigm change. These laptops are also embracing Linux platform and offer stupendous sound as well as bright visuals. They have been designed for the avid gamers and are meant exclusively for gaming purpose. About the company

Betaforce PC manufactures sophisticated gaming laptops and desktops which offer stupendous gaming experience. The company has very high standards for customer service and maintains high standards for quality and service.

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