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Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale We offer AKC Standard Parti Poodle Puppies for sale, including Black & White, Chocolate & White, Red & White, Apricot & White & Brindle & White Colors! All are AKC registered!

Providing Poodles Across America And Abroad! The safest way to buy a Standard Poodle is through Professional Standard Poodle Breeders. We have been breeding Quality Standards for many years. We are passionately dedicated to maintain the high quality of AKC Standard Poodles. We continually strive for improvement of health, intelligence, temperament, conformation, uniformity, and beauty. We live in a nice secluded wooded area about 15 minutes from Little Rock, Arkansas airport where Smith Poodles have lots of room for fun and exercise. They are all well socialized when you receive them. All our Standard Poodles are sold with a two year guarantee. Every Smith Poodle is thoroughly health checked and from parents that are health certified. Our breeding program is designed to produce genetic strengths in effort to prevent undesirable traits and/or health problems within the breed . We are working hard to produce the best Standard Poodle Puppies available to you.

Standard Poodle Phantom Puppies Standard Phantom Poodles are distinctively marked! They are a combination of any two colors, one darker and one lighter. The lighter color is over the eyes, on both sides of the face, under the ears and tail, across the chest and on all four legs. Brindles are mainly one color with a lighter or darker color brindled in their coat and can even be tiger-striped. Phantoms and Brindles are not Parti. You can't produce Phantoms or Brindles by just breeding to a Parti or visa-versa. These Multi-colored Standard Poodles are very unique and have become very popular. Standard Poodles were multi-colored in the beginning of the breed!

Our Solid Colored Sires & Dams We raise AKC Standard Poodles in Solid Colors as well as Brindle, Phantom & Parti colors. We breed for calm temperaments, intelligence, conformation & beauty. We are here to help you find that Special Standard Poodle.

Nikki " Retired! Nicole is a Legend here at SmithPoodles! Everybody loves her! Now Retired but we have both her daughters and grandaughters carrying on her fame!

" Honey " She's a Cream Apricot Female (daughter of Duchess) producing beautiful pups with calm termperaments and high intelligence!

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Standard poodle puppies for sale  

We offer AKC Standard Parti Poodle Puppies for sale, including Black & White, Chocolate & White, Red & White, Apricot & White & Brindle & Wh...

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