Smith & Norbu Premium Yak Leathergoods Catalogue

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Real luxury is not perceived but felt...


Invitation to travel

My love of travel has always involved looking for something different, for something unique‌ For me these unique influences, these colors, have had an enormous impact on the products I create. For that reason, every year I travel the World to track down the most beautiful and the highest quality natural raw material imaginable. After these years traveling the world, I am proud to present you my collection of finely crafted leather goods and accessories. I hope you enjoy the products as much as I did creating it. Benoit A., Designer and Founder of the brand



World of Smith and Norbu At Smith & Norbu we design and create unique and innovative luxury lifestyle accessories for men who do not fear being themselves. Hedonists and elegant, they rely on themselves, on their own taste and creativity, they are looking for the true comfort of the most exclusive noble materials, choosing beauty over the ostentation of designer names, or brands. The association of high quality natural raw materials from different origins and the fusion of tradition and innovation to create stylish re-interpretations of classic products are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy: style, quality and craftsmanship.



Yaks Yaks are cattle-like animals about the size of small oxen. They are domesticated animals on the Tibetan plateau and are widely used in agriculture but do not fall into the category of protected or endangered species. The generic Tibetan name of the animal means "wealth" or “jewel that grant all your wishes�.



The finest materials The love and careful selection of the highest quality of raw materials are essential qualities of fine leather goods makers. For us, people contribute ideas, skills and hard work while Mother Nature provides the materials. All our products are manufactured in the highest respect of the environment, using only natural eco-friendly materials.



Yak leather At Smith & Norbu, we select the hides of the yak from the Tibetan plateau for their incredible resistance and lightness. Our hides are then specially tanned with natural plant extracts and organically dyed with natural pigments to create soft, smooth, comfortable, yet strong and light products that comply with the most stringent ECO standards. All our leathers are natural, promising you sensuality through touch. Yak Leather ages with style, acquiring a signature patina that adds depth and character.



High technology In order to make our products more resistant, we are using a high tech multifilament thread designed to offer very high seam strength and abrasion resistance.



Horse hair For ages, horse hair has been used in upholstery because of its exceptional qualities. The laptop protective parts of our bags are manufactured using horse hair from Mongolia.



Silk Smith & Norbu Signature Silk is entirely woven by hand. The inside pockets of our bags are entirely made out of this exceptional yellow hand woven silk.



Tradition and innovation Craftsmen’s know-how is the magic by which exceptional raw materials take shape in the most exclusive products. Smith & Norbu’s range of travel goods are crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques carefully preserved and handed on from one generation to the next. Manufacturing a piece of luggage involves as many as 50 separate operations. Through meticulous attention to detail and superb craftsmanship, Smith & Norbu travel goods are of the highest quality and durability and can be cherished for a lifetime. Fit for the purpose is another of our major beliefs. For that reason, our travel goods are carefully engineered to meet today’s traveler’s needs and every single manufacturing details are carefully thought about. Our products are light comfortable and resistant. 20


Design and creativity Creativity is a major priority at Smith & Norbu as we strive to create stylish re-interpretations of classic icons that meet the changing needs of modern lifestyles. Smith and Norbu design brings together unique timeless elegance, quality and traditional craftsmanship. The current collections represent the embodiment of this craftsmanship, heritage and expertise. Made to the very highest quality, Smith & Norbu products are unique, beautifully designed and superbly executed.



The yellow box Every single Smith & Norbu item is individually packed in our seductive eye-catching signature yellow gift box. It reflects our passion for detail: the idiosyncratic shape of the letters in its logo, the choice of colors and the quality of the paper used. All our signature gift boxes are made of 100% wood free recycle cotton handmade papers. Smith & Norbu’s yellow Gift Box delivers something beyond its content and perfects the moment with the most exclusive gift.



Colours At Smith and Norbu we are only using natural pigments that underline the leather texture. Once protected, colors are only more radiant. The warm, soft and raw tones at the same time, reminding the ground of the Asian steppes. As an invitation to follow the Yak traces on Tibetan territory ‌

Brick tones

Dark chocolate



The signature Every product is decorated with the endless knot, a closed, graphic ornament composed of right-angled, intertwined lines, which has inspired the visual identity of Smith & Norbu. It is said that since all phenomena are interrelated, the placing of the endless knot on a gift or greeting card is understood to establish an auspicious connection between the giver and the recipient. As with all Smith & Norbu products, our sterling silver signatures are made to the very highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. They are handcrafted on the foothills of the Himalaya by experienced artisans.



Products Simple elegance and comfort are the magic words of the current Smith & Norbu collection. Lines are pure and classical while preserving a contemporary style. Intended to travel the world, products are practical and very light. More than a simple bag, Smith and Norbu is a fellow traveler.






Kazhak leather travel bag is the trademark model of the brand’s collection and the result of very intense efforts to strike the right balance between aesthetics, lightness and comfort.



The big Kazhak


The small Kazhak


Tadjik is the city bags of the brand, dense but light, without compromise on the quality. The big one is suitable for carrying laptops up to 17" with removable protection padding inside.



The big messenger


The small Messenger


Gengis is the document folio range.



The big Gengis


The small Gengis


Ouzbek is the wallets and small leather goods range.



Leather goods_Ouzbek_A5 Diary organizer cover


Leather goods_Ouzbek_ Wallet


Leather goods_Ouzbek_Passport


Leather goods_Ouzbek_Card holder


Leather goods_Ouzbek_I-phone


Leather goods_Ouzbek_Business card holder


Travel accessories



Tatar is the range dedicated to silver buckled reversible belt range. The buckle is fully detachable from the leather part, for the belt to be used on both sides.



XXXXXXXXXX represents the range of natural cashmere yak scarves manufactured out of the Yak cashmere.



Caring for your S&N leather

Properly cared for, your Smith and Norbu product will last for many years and will actually get better the older they get. To enjoy your product for years, we recommend you to observe some instructions.


Apply a neutral, and natural leather care and cream product regularly, using a soft cloth to your product immediately after purchase. Smooth or grain leather should be cleaned using a soft, dampened sponge or cloth. Leather cream will provide a level of water resistance that will help to prevent discoloration of the leather. Do not use waxes, or silicone formulas or other leather preparations that impair the ability of the leather to breathe. Never use caustic household chemicals to clean leather. Never use leather preparations that contain alcohol In a dry environment, regularly condition the leather in order to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Leather is sensitive to the effects of light and water. To keep it in perfect condition, it should be protected from prolonged exposure to strong light and dried with a soft cloth if it gets wet. Allow wet or damp leather to air-dry naturally away from any source of heat.


Distribution The products are sold in the most exclusive multibrands fashion and leathergoods stores around the world.



Corporate responsibilitites At S&N, we have always set high standards for the way we conduct business (in areas from corporate and social responsibility to sound business ethics, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations). In turn, we expect the same commitment from our suppliers. This is the why we have established the S&N Supplier Conduct Principles. These principles speak to the commitments we make to our clients, our legacy of innovation and relationships built on trust and personal responsibility. They establish the standards required for conducting business with S&N. The goal is to work with suppliers to ensure full compliance with these principles, as they in turn apply them to their own suppliers they work with in the delivery of goods and services for S&N. We will consider these principles in our selection of suppliers and will actively monitor their compliance.



Kazhak leather travel bag

Big size

Dim: 83x33x42 cm

Small size

Dim: 65x22x37 cm

Tadjik leather city bag

The big messenger

Dim: 48x9x34 cm

The messenger

Dim: 27x8x31 cm

Gengis leather document folio


Big size

Dim: 39x2x29 cm

Small size

Dim: 23x2x13 cm

Ouzbek leather wallet and small leather goods

A5 Diary Organizer Cover

Dim: 18x3x23 cm

Passport Cover

Dim: 10x1x14 cm


Dim: 13x2x9 cm

Card Holder

Dim: 8x1x10 cm

Business Card Holder

Dim:7x10 cm

I-PHONE case

Dim: 8x2x14 cm

Tatar reversibe leather belt and silver buckle


Size 1

Dim: 85x95 cm

Size 2

Dim: 95x105 cm

Size 3

Dim: 105x115 cm

Size 4

Dim: 115x125 cm

Yak scarve

Dim: 75x32 cm