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Guy Sternbert with Jim Wilson. Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 2004. 552 pp. Publisher’s price, hardcover: $59.95.

To help become better acquainted with the wealth of native trees growing at Smith Mountain Lake, and to find suitable trees to grace your own landscape, seek out Native Trees for North American Landscapes, a beautifully illustrated volume that presents comprehensive descriptions of more than 650 tree genera and species as well as helpful cultivation information. The final pages feature a tree selection guide for conditions such as seasonally wet soils, dry soils, hot or cold climates, shade, as well as features including good autumn color, floral interest and berries. It’s a helpful reference you’ll return to repeatedly.

THE ALLWAYS TRILOGY: DOWN THE GARDEN PATH, A THATCHED ROOF, AND A VILLAGE IN A VALLEY Beverley Nichols. Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 2005. 295 pp, 289 pp, and 292 pp. respectively. Publisher’s price, hardcover: $24.95 each.

Reading Beverly Nichols is like gliding along a smooth road through gentle, rolling scenery with a witty, articulate companion by your side. While his words appear to flow with an obvious natural grace and wit, in fact Nichols labored over everything he wrote, editing and honing the text to bring it to perfection. Readers are the happy beneficiaries of that toil. In the Allways trilogy, you’ll share the joys and triumphs he experienced creating a garden for his thatched country cottage in a village in Cambridgeshire, England. You’ll meet quirky villagers, and the bane of his life, Mrs. M. Describing one effort to avoid becoming engaged in a conversation with Mrs. M., Nichols writes, “I averted my eyes from her, and drew from my pocket a piece of paper on which I pretended to make notes. I did not wish to make notes, and actually I wrote only the word ‘William’ over and over again. But I wrote it very firmly, frowning as I did so, in the hope that Mrs. M. would go away.” Can we not all relate? 30 January • February 2012 | SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKER

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