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Install LED Wall Pack Lights at the Entry/exit of your homes When it comes to the safety and security of our loved ones, we can’t take it for granted as they are our small world and our life revolves round them only. The lights we install at the outdoor places of our homes play a leading role in making them feel safe and also if we install them at the entry/exit of our homes we can keep thieves away from entering our property due to sufficient lights. For the safety purpose we can install LED wall pack at the outdoor areas that along with providing safety will also enhance the overall beauty of the place as well. Out of many lights, you can use 13w LED Wall Pack Light that will reduce the electricity bills as well along with keeping criminals away from entering your property.

Other benefits of installing 13w LED wall pack lights are as follows:  These 13w LED wall pack lights produce 1700 lumens.  Comes with the Colour Temperatures of 4000K.  These wall pack lights can be replaced with 25w MH lights and can give you at least 75% energy savings.  Start these lights instantly with no buzzing and flickering.  Use them for at least 50,000 hours.  Contains no mercury, halogen or lead inside them.  Have wider beam angle of more than 110 degree.

So use these latest and most advanced forms of LED wall pack lights to illuminate the outdoor places when you can easily afford them then there is no need to compromise on the safety and security of your loved ones whom you love the most.


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Use LED Wall Pack Lights at the Exit of Your Homes