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LED Pole Light 150 Watt 5700K Bronze AM

What are the important features of LED Pole Light? The LED Pole Light is one of the high performing lights which can illuminate your space. They look premium and sophisticated because of their sleek design. The lights come in different variants. The power of the LED Pole Light starts from 55W to 600W. They can replace a source of light of 175W to 1000W. The lumen count of the light is in the range of 7000 to 38877 lumens. This helps it in providing highly intense light which can illuminate large spaces. It has a long lifespan, which is 3-4 times more than a conventional lighting system.

Product Features: Excellent heat dissipation: The large heat sink helps in excellent thermal dissipation. This helps in keeping the fixture cool. Because of this a high performance can be attained. Eco-friendly: The fixture does not emit any harmful chemicals. Because of this it is extremely safe to use. Dimmable: The intensity of the light can be adjusted according the requirement. This helps in a lot of energy saving. Energy saving: A LED Pole Light can help in saving 80% of energy. It can replace a traditional metal halide of 600W. Rugged construction: The fixture constitutes aluminium housing. Because of this it is durable and long lasting. The light also has a long life of over 50000 hours.


Benefits: ◆ High lumen output ◆ High color temperature ◆ Long life span ◆ Weather proof ◆ Rebate eligible ◆ Dimmable

Applications: ◆ Parking lots ◆ Warehouses ◆ Commercial places ◆ Industrial places ◆ Streets ◆ Gardens

Approval & Warranty: The light comes with a long warranty of 5 years. Because of this the purchase is effectively risk free. It also has approval from premium institutions like UL &DLC verifying the premium quality. 3

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