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Canapé Catering By far the most fabulous way to impress guests, canapes can often be the most amazing – and most beautiful – part of an event. Small mouthfuls of miniature classic favourites, or platters of perfectly designed parcels and morsels, they are certainly the teeny tiny way to your guests’ hearts!

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Canapés are also often the showcase for a really good caterer. High end celebrity and corporate caterers such as “rhubarb”, Alison Price or The Admirable Crichton ensure that every item on their extensive canapé lists is a real work of art. Presentation is always absolutely key in canapé catering, as of course are the highest quality ingredients and the freshest,

These catering wizards often have their very own canape chefs, whose sole responsibility is to create the perfect miniature marvels. They often specialise in breathtakingly clever serving ideas – vintage style usherette trays laden with mini pies, or multi coloured glass and perspex carousels filled with tiny seafood cocktails, or silver chargers piled with mini quails eggs and dipping salts, fish and chip canapés in branded paper or wrapped in photos of the happy couple, pink lamb fillet speared on rosemary skewers, caviar served on mother of pear spoons. In fact, with the right canape catering, any dish at all can be made into an absolutely stunning canapé. Just because the canapés are small though, doesn’t mean the job itself is! Most canape caterers work on a rule of allowing six to eight canapés per person, with perhaps ten to twelve varieties, some fish, some meat, some game, some hot, some cold, some vegetarian, and so of course the numbers of perfect little parcels soon add up! And don’t forget sweet canapes too – they are such a fun party feature. Think of piles of mini brownies dusted with glitter or gold leaf, mini ice cream cones with multi coloured ices, fruit garnishes or chocolate sprinkles, marvellous mini pavlovas oozing cream, or just trays of shot glasses filled with little trifles, mousses and brulees. Of course the best caterers make an art of making the best canapes, but canapés can also be fairly easy to manage at home – think about prosciutto wrapped pear and dolcellate, mini fishcakes with a sweet chill dipping sauces, or just traditional roasted and honey glazed sausages. Even simpler – large prawns or crevettes with flavoured mayonnaise, bruschetta, or even just a baked vacherin or camembert.

A hugely sociable way of eating and experiencing fabulous food style too, the art of canape catering is certainly one worth looking in to for any and every event. Combined with champagne, canapés make the perfect drinks reception for a business event, the perfect start to a wedding breakfast or big birthday party, and of course at some parties, they just make for a perfect few hours grazing and chatting. - By Sara Allom View Source: Rhubarb Food Design – Canapé Catering

Canape Catering  

canapes can often be the most amazing – and most beautiful – part of an event by Rhubarb Food Design. The art of canape catering is certain...

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