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Problem Solving Technique Problems, this word are understood by everyone and it plays a part in everyone’s life at every time at every stage of life once you would have to face it. it is not something that you want it is something that comes without any permission as we live in a society where we are surrounded by people are all of them have different opinion and sometimes we stress ourselves and also create problems for our own self and for others. There are many different problems solving technique which we should consider while we face a problem so that we don’t mess the situation up and try to tackle it smartly. Some if the problem solving techniques are brainstorming, lateral thinking, analogy, divide and conquer, etc there are many such problem solving techniques it depends on how and what is the nature of the problem faced by you and then you should find out a logical method or logical problem solving technique to solve the problem. One should always be careful about the problems faced by them as if problems are not tackled at the right time it might be bigger then what you expected so you should never leave a problem unseen and a person should wait for the right time and should figure out a right technique to solve it as well.

Problem Solving Technique