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Why Rajdhani is one of the top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur?

Register to study in the top technology institutes of Rajasthan. Rajdhani College provides best in class resources and industrial training to offer guaranteed placements to all its students. Scope of Engineering this year In the year 2014, the annual hike expected in the field of engineering and technology is up to 5-10% as per the recent figures. Industries like Air force, Defense, Automotive, Government and Technical are looking forward to employ the best resources available in the market. Even multi-national companies and stock exchanges are placing high bets on the hard core engineering companies in order to incur maximum yearly returns out of it. No doubt the sector is under high demand and high pressure both. Why Rajdhani? Rajdhani College is well nown for its industrial visits, expert seminars, practical conferences, real time projects and student participation and recognition for various efforts put into the area of technology and for exploring and achieving new heights in the field. Students at Rajdhani are not only educationally bright but also, socially active and have always come forward to contribute the best to their society. A college of sheer pride and quality it is! Association with top brands and reputed companies is another reason for students to have a better career scope via Rajdhani. Good start, in-depth subject knowledge, lucrative salaries and professional experience with best corporate. Courses to pursue The college offers-

Bachelors degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and communication engineering and IT related courses Masters degree in your selective courses. For more details, please with the website Technology and management courses are also available

In case you want to have a good kick start in your career. Be a part of one of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur, be a Rajdhani-et! Best of luck.

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Why rajdhani is one of the top engineering colleges in jaipur