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Returning To Work In Different Fields At Retirement Age The latest trend for more mature, qualified workers starting their second career is increasing in frequency in three key categories: the teaching profession, within the health care industry and in consulting. A huge number of baby boomers are wanting to reinvent themselves before they hit retirement and find different positions that have social meaning. The standard life span for boomers is increasing, because healthier living is actually a standard to modern living. The number of years they live in retirement is also growing. Swiftly becoming a possible option to supplement retirement income and to give back to the community is through these secondary careers. A Teaching Position Quite a few businesses and community colleges are trying to find professionals that have the experience in the field to teach various classes. Seniors and retired people generally have a great deal of professional and personal experience and training, making them excellent candidates for teaching positions, tutors and mentors. Plus, teaching will provide a gratifying career in which you will offer a positive impact on many different students. The Health Care And Social Work Industries Social and health care assistance positions are rapidly growing career sectors in the United States. Actually, seniors are valued workers inside the health care field due to their experience working with a number of different types of people and in handling and coping with crises. In reality, roughly 50% of all seniors who are employed are working in the health care industry. This industry is a very worthwhile and gratifying career with plenty of face-to-face interaction with peoples personal and immediate care. The Consulting And Career Coaching Industries In a very valuable way, seniors are becoming entrepreneurs so they can continue to use their knowledge and skills. Some companies will rehire personnel who've retired as part-time independent contractors, generally resuming the exact duties in the same division or department where they worked before retiring. Taking all things into account, when you have a genuine knowledge and aptitude in a specific area in which consulting needs are high, for instance business management, marketing, information technology, or accounting and finance, being an independent contractor will be a great possibility for your second career. Likewise, your success as an executive gives you opportunities to offer your services as an executive coach. Along those same lines, an incredible resume that's been built over a long career will help you sell your services as an independent contractor or to get the training from popular coaching services. An excellent and rewarding second career for seniors or retirees is career coaching and consulting, if they have a good background, the knowledge and expertise in human resources or even executive recruiting. The Positive Career Changes Go Boomers Go

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Returning To Work In Different Fields At Retirement Age

It used to be that a consistent history of employment was indicative of stability, maturity, dependability and endurance. Obviously the employees that stayed at the same job for many years were thought to be proficient, qualified, skilled, and because of this, valuable. However, the current corporate approach acknowledges that career changes may reflect positively on workers. Baby boomers are champions for change, self-actualization and making meaningful contributions to their lives and to the lives of others. Achieving a gratifying life is based on having more than one career for a lot of people. However, shifting gears isn't necessarily easy. On top of the fact that the change may be socially, psychologically and financially dangerous. But, once people retire it places seniors in a situation with no other option than to look for a second career. If you are embarking upon an encore career, concentrate on where your expertise and passions are centered. After all, you can view this second act in your life as an engaging challenge to pursue fulfilling and rewarding opportunities. When you search information on the many blogs about second careers for retirees at Go Boomers Go, you can produce a good decision. Go to to learn more information about Go Boomers Go.

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Returning To Work In Different Fields At Retirement Age