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I’m a creative out of the box thinker that has climbed the ranks from the apparel industries artist’s bullpen to the art director's chair. I conceive and guide creative endeavors from start to finish for an eclectic group of clients like: Hawke & Co S.B.C Remark Charters

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My latest endeavor Smith Design stems from his appreciation for the outdoors. In particular, fly-fishing. Back in the 90's a good friend coaxed me into purchasing a fly fishing outfit. One June morning we set out on the Willowemoc River in upstate New York, after visiting my now favorite

fly shop Fur Fin and Feather. On my third cast I witnessed a nice sized brown trout rise and take my fly from the surface of the Willowemock. I was hooked from that moment as well. My travel almost always includes fishing some remote body of water off the beaten path and inevitably concludes with asking myself why don’t I do this for a living. I have chosen a course to make my passion more than a hobby. It’s my hope that Smith Design will flourish in the Sports Recreation arena and bring my propensity for fishing and the outdoors to my career. This issue of The Drift is dedicated to my wife Nancy. Nancy thank you for letting me pursue my dream.

THE DRIFT | SMITH DESIGN This Issue: Dorado fishing with the Buenos Aires Anglers Coming Soon: Fishing the Malleo - Junin, Argentina

Pictorial: Lanin National Park Patagonia

San Pedro Bones: Fishing San Pedro Belize

Winter Steel - Fishing the great lake Tribs.


Cover Photo: Michael Smith Editor: Michael Smith Design: Michael Smith Photo re-touching: Michael Smith Smith Design follow us twitter @MSMITHDESIGN71

Buenos BuenosAires Aires

Golden Dora fly fishing with the buenos aires anglers




GOLDEN DORADO: BUENOS AIRES We arrived in Buenos Aires on November 13th, 2011. Two days earlier Nancy had made me the luckiest man alive. I mean really, who else gets to go fishing for Golden Dorado on their Honeymoon! The planning for this trip took place months prior to arriving. I had contacted Jon Fischer from the Urban Angler, a great fly shop in the middle of NYC; he put me in touch with a great outfit in Buenos Aires. The Buenos Aires Anglers run by Marcelo and Gaston Morales. Marcelo and Gaston helped us put together a budget friendly package that suited our needs. Despite our budget the B.A.A rolled out the red carpet for my wife and I and put together a fantastic trip for us that we’ll remember for a very long time. Marcello sent Philippe to meet us at our hotel to help us make our way to San Pedro and to serve as our translator. We hit it off straight away and the two-hour journey didn’t seem very long at all. We stopped for gas, coffee and a quick breakfast at a rest area just outside of BA. Proper. Before long we had made it to a small dusty town near San Pedro where we are going to meet Ruilley our guide for the day. Ruilley showed us the way to the marina where he kept his boat. Ruilley’s boat was fly fishing friendly devoid of any

line snagging hardware and buoyant enough to hold all of us. I was pumped for my first Argentinian fishing experience. After a short boat ride we were fishing the Río Paraná and the surrounding canals for Golden Dorado. The Dorado in this part of Argentina average in the 3- 5lb range but get up to about 20lbs. If you’re willing to travel 900 or more kilometers further north, Corrientes is home to the monster Dorado, but that’s another trip and a whole other excuse to visit Argentina again.

GOLDEN DORADO: BUENOS AIRES For this adventure I brought along my Sage Xi2 8wt in hopes I’d get into one of those 20 pounders. I had it rigged with Scientific Anglers Magnum taper floating line to deliver the large deceivers we’d be throwing at the Dorado. Dorado are ambush predators and hang out in cover waiting for small baitfish to be pushed past them. These guys are super aggressive and a load of fun to catch. The fishing here was a short casting game and if you’re like me and have a much better long cast it can be a bit challenging. It didn’t take long to get into the groove and my first fish. It was small, but the skunk was off and my short cast was improving. We landed a bunch more fish before the sun was high and taking it’s toll on my mountain flower of a wife, who was wilting under its power. We decided it would be a good time to seek out some shade and break for lunch. As we motored upstream Philippe explained some of the ecology of the river and filled me with technical instruction on how to reach more fish. Soon we were tying the boat off to a tree on a sheep ranch. Philippe and Ruilley unload a cooler and pulled out more gear, before I knew it there was top-notch camp constructed at the foot of the river com-plete with a tablecloth and glassware.

Ruilley builds a camp fire and tends to meaty goodness

Even though I was there I’m still not sure where they hid all this stuff on the boat.I’ve been on a few fishing trips in my day and I must say the Argentinian experience needs to make your fishing bucket list. Guided Fishing in Argentina is an entirely

Hosts with the most. Our guides brought a table, chairs a cooler full of beverages and prepared a gourmet lunch

which included chorizo, bifĂŠ de lomo, salad and nice malbec.. Not to mention home made chimichurri


GOLDEN DORADO : BUENOS AIRES different experience compared to most places I have travelled to. The biggest difference between guided trips in the states and in Argentina is the pace of fishing. In the states we tend to measure success in quantity, get more fish in the boat as quickly as you can. In Argentina it was a much more social event. Guided fishing in the states is to Baseball as Argentinian guided fishing is to Cricket. You’re essentially doing the same thing but one focuses on scoring while the other concentrates on the social event itself.

whole experience both relaxing and rewarding. It was a nice switch up from the speed fishing I’d become used to. The Buenos Aires Anglers made this a very enjoyable trip. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to fish Argentina. They have guides in every place with fishable water. They also have a well-stocked Fly Shop in Buenos Aires incase you need to pick something up. Must also mention they have a an amazing collection of bamboo fly rods made by

“Guided fishing in the states is to baseball as Argentinian guided fishing is to Cricket.” This is really evident at lunchtime. On an American trip you inhale a sandwich as quickly as you can when the fishing slows down. Then you get your line wet as soon as possible. My experience in Argentina was much different. Tables are brought out and set with actual fabric tablecloths, cutlery and glassware. Meals are prepared over a campfire. Wine is served and everyone sits, chats, eats and jokes around. Argentinians also bring the siesta packed into the boat as well. After lunch you relax a bit more, sip on your cervesa before heading back out. I found the

Phillipe & Ruilley

“Life isn’t complete until you hold a Dorado like a Football”


Marcelo. They’re beautifully crafted. I wish I had picked one up when I had the chance. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since this trip. The memory is still quite fresh. Contact B.A.A Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear 624 Piso 8°, oficina 76 C.P. (C1058AAH) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina. ph: (011) 4314-2974 / 4313-1865

Buenos Aires Anglers

“Guided Fishing in Argentina is entirely different experience compared to most places I have travelled to.�

The Drift: Buenos Aires Golden Dorado  

My golden dorado fishing experience in Argentina.

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