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carlos smith portfolio : anatomy of design

carlos smith

Greensboro, NC blog:

I titled my portfoilo anatomy of design because each project is presented in disecting the details of each design solution.

Design influences the world in operation; people, like cells populating a space, circulating from work, to shop, to play. Every space has a role. The people within have a role to play.

This solution also concerns the user’s story in the environment :

Part of my presentation is in showing a space in its candid use; people yawn, sigh, smile and interact. The scene becomes a story the observer can identify with. Human engagements are influenced by their context. The context we create is the anatomy of design.

fracturmalm skyscraper

downtown residence

fracturmalm offices

channels of xposur

chroma station

sephora broadcast

life illustrated

downtown winebar


light well

occupancy type

Downtown Winebar/Residence is a rennovation project for a dilapidated building located in downtown Durham, NC. The wine bar and above residential spaces were generated in response to the organization and living habits of downtown Durham, NC. Living downtown, one’s residence is clustered amongst restaurants, bakeries, salons, and galleries, all of which are footsteps away. The design follows a similar approach whereby rooms and functions are blended; enhancing the personal character of objects and spaces. -this project was a collaborative effort produced by Felicia Dean, Ino Loloci, and myself.




DOWNTOWN wine bar + residence



ro ca

a lin

rol m, ca rha rth du no

DOWNTOWN wine bar + residence


01. social proxemics in a bar setting

02. exploring how to bring universal accessibility into the social space of a bar

Initial sketches were based on the proxemics of a bar as well as how to comfortably integrate universal accesibility. These considerations led to the development of a bar where patrons may sit in a booth, sit at stools, or stand while sharing the same relative eye level. All patrons attain a sense of elevation integral to the carousing energy and performance.

booth + bar + sit + stand

01 multi-bar + rear entrance the walkway above provides views to art and the goings-on below.

The project’ clients expressed their desire to call the wine bar The Horn. The Ram of Grapes was then conceived for branding as a mythical creature who bears grapes to fortuitous harvesters.

02 the band + front entrance cork flooring and ceiling details express the flow of wine and the melodies below.

02 01

rendered floor plan.

DOWNTOWN rol m, ca rha rth du no

wine bar + residence

joining forces:


couch + bed couch + kitchen bar office + kitchen nook + entertainment

Responding to the outside urban environment, objects and their purposes are blended. The dominant wood material reflects the age and character of the building, now re purposed for a new role. Much like the relationship between kitchen, office and living space, the table is a metaphor for the joining of neighboring city centers; boundaries are hard with subtle material transitions.

01 living space the living space serves as an intimate nook as well as a portal to outside street life.

02 office + bed natural light and outdoor glimpses pass through the divider.

office + kitchen

03 kitchen + living space cooking with a view

04 kitchen + living space pops of red and green introduced as subtle transitions.

reflected ceiling plan 02_Second FloorRCP 1/8" = 1'-0"

CG:iarc 301 Gatewood Studio Arts


106 Parish north apartment 04




2nd Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan

Project number Date Drawn by Checked by

St. Durham NC


rendered floor plan.

south apartment



Project Number Issue Date Author Checker

A104 Scale 1/8" = 1'-0"

12/10/2010 12:15:08 AM


05 kitchen overhead lighting elements define spaces below

WINNER Top American Mock Firm Top American Marketing Firm -Chicago Architecture Today 2011 Mock Firms Skyscraper Competition


Photo Credit: David Wilson

01 02

URMALM skyscraper rendered site plan

plaza green space




form/ site


Diminishing Form


nature/ play




Fracturmalm skyscraper was designed around the aim of diminishing form. Skyscrapers in Sweden are not received well for their disruption of skyline, imposing presence, and clash with historical architecture. Our skyscraper was implanted to a large rock side, rooted to its site, reducing visual impact. Fracturmalm cuts away from its site in shards and rigid geometries while maintaining a steep spire like its neighboring structures.

This competition entry was realized by tertia mock firm: Clairissa Anderson, Cassandra Gustafson, David Harrill, Meghan Kaufman, Ino Loloci, Hope Talley, Christy Wallace, and myself.

01 north plaza pathway spreads for moments of green space.

02 north plaza rigid breaks extend to the plaza eating areas.






- trees and shrubs planted in the raised floor system provide a refreshing presence, air purification, and place of mental rest. b.

identifying space

- bamboo drop lights express subtle separation of space. - Clerestory windows draw natural light and prevent blind corners. c.

one and only

- Non-linear desk layout allows project teams to gather in multiple formats. d.


touch the sky


-Banisters run the perimeter along the windows of each floor. A place to stand, and circulate. e.

Hundreds of feet above the ground

express collaboration

- Tall rounded storage units at the end caps of each desk row function as collaboration surfaces for quick exchanges between project teammates.



in a skyscraper, one can feel enclosed and claustrophobic. The senses, disregarded as recycled air and artificial light strangely taint the sterile space. One no longer has the luxury of strolling outdoors for a brief of fresh air. Finding the nature in the man-made, the offices at Fracturmalm Skyscraper seek to engage the senses and refresh the work environment.

01 03


express collaboration

Equality is an important pillar of Swedish culture. Equality and collaboration are accomplished through open, transparent and seamless spaces. Subtle separations are achieved through low profile dividers and lighting elements. The spaces include a print room, kitchen, workspace, conference bays, lounge area, and a library.

01 office southeast

02 kitchen

bamboo and mdf materials populate the space with hints of green.

the rock of the embedded skyscraper is carried into the kitchen flooring.

03 office northeast

wide views spanning neigboring islands.

irrigating the work environment, refreshing your conciousness grey water source (restrooms + kitchen) grey water destination planters 1/2” subfloor pvc “trickle drip” piping

Tree and plant life irrigation is achieved through “trickle drip” piping that is installed beneath the raised floor system of the office. Grey water tanks in the kitchen and rest rooms quietly pump to each of the planter destinations.

This table was derived from the table designed for the downtown wine bar/ residence project. In an independent study, I decided to fabricate a display variant embodying the same ideas of hard boundaries with subtle transition details. It has been used for departmental project displays of models and information pamphlets.




GREEN chroma



Chroma Station is designed around providing a sense of Motion and Progression. The walker/runner/cyclist is introduced to an path that contracts and expands influencing a sustained pace and perhaps the inclination towards small bursts of speed!

The Greensboro Greenway is a public space improvement project aimed at creating a network of green spaces and walkways around the downtown area. In doing so, a lot of dilapidated locations are being enriched. Chroma Station is located at an intersection of Greensboro’s major arteries of traffic: the train tracks, Freeman Mill Road and High Point Road. Each is significant to the growth and development of Greensboro. underpass tunnel

This project was produced by Nicole Fowler, Nacarra Lessane, and myself.

rock garden

seating/ play area

bus stop shelter

01 overview west contraction and expansion based on 5,3, and 1 scale relations.

02 east park color and shapes become more concentrated towards the central tunnel; the runner and cyclist eager to reach that burst of energy

05 tunnel east the tunnel features bike racks, seating, and water fountains The above photo shows the current state of the train underpass. The above sketch helped develop the main design language. Further color studies were conducted for the finalized product. Experimenting with the visual futurism taking place, meant flying trains would certainly belong in the world of Chroma Station.

03 west orange and cyan bands traverse the greenway; the pulse leading to downtown Greensboro.

A large focus of the project was to define the underpass tunnel through light. Our design strategy uses light to amplify the compacted space, providing a burst of energy to the runner/cyclist. Fluorescent tubes backlight the track motifs running the length of the tunnel providing a more accessible and less intimidating experience.

04 tunnel east the tunnel compressed, lighting effects provide the runner a burst of energy in exit.


a personal project on the characters from The Battlestar Galactica. I was interested in how some characters were cast for their facial structure, mannerisms, or dialect making them machine or human.

these are environments from the conceptual stages of many projects. Some on studying proxemics or social mechanics of a space. Though the focus was often on the structure, I felt it was important to build strong characters around it. All works are composed of either marker or water color with colored pencil.


the works composed on this page are for a yet-to-be released cookbook for cats and dogs. opposite is the book cover illustration for Youngest by A.N. DeBerry

e c n e u q e s p u k


BROAD A broadcast is a transmission; makeup is a means of transmitting one’s inner being. Sephora Broadcast functions as a traveling pop-up satellite to nearby Sephora companion stores. It broadcasts select products from top brands such as Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, Murad, Smashbox, NARS, and Sephora. As a 15’ tall box structure, Sephora Broadcast projects like a billboard to its high foot traffic locations along Miami, Florida; the West Coast of California, and Atlanta, Georgia. Its radial opening signals to the passerby that the store is open for transmission. Expanding windows and arc motifs travel the sides of the exterior shell hinting at the experience within. Clients seeking the source of the broadcast will find their favorite cosmetic products lining the walls of the space.


DCAST A 1,000 square foot pop-up store for SEPHORA cosmetics




beauty studio


beauty tools


accents product display


eye makeup product display


foundation product display


featured product display


fragrance and skin care

g. b.

natural lighting

spatial usage e. f.


c. d. a.

rendered Plan


Lighting strategies are hinged on steering attention to products while providing the best skin tone rendering for the application of cosmetics. Natural light enters the space through windows as well as radial slats in the roof. The materials chosen reflect sustainable initiatives while complementing lighting strategies. Wood materials in conjunction with warm lighting temperatures promote natural color rendering.




a. c.

e. e.

01 broadcast core

products are kept to the radial wing, while customer services are stationed in the main structure.


Cooper Lighting 23DW Straight and Narrow

2500 kelvin temperature flourescent lamps for product displays along radial wall.




Cooper Lighting CD Cove Duo 3000 kelvin flourescent lamps for ambient lighting over beauty studio and cashwrap.


Cooper Lighting SYNCHRO 506-111 2500 kelvin temperature ceramic metal halide lamps on track system above beauty studio and cashwrap.


Cooper Lighting M700T Ceramic metal halide 2500 kelvin can lamps for ambient lighting over beauty studio and cashwrap. Can recesses feature black baffles to avoid glare.


Cooper Lighting LEDEON Flexible 120V LED Neon Replacement 3000 kelvin temperature L.E.D.s highlight testers and packages at product displays. Also located in ceiling fixtures for ambient lighting.

02 beauty studio

the beauty studio features tools, and mirrors for the right application.

The space is organized around the shopper’s natural tendency to enter a space from the right. Customer/clients seeking assistance in product application may take products to the beauty studio at the rear of the space. Products are purchased at the cash wrap adjacent to the beauty studio and at the entrance. Presented at a comfortable three-foot height, the main product displays feature foundation testing tools, cleaning supplies and mirrors. Each unit contains drawer storage for back stock. The displays are blended into the radial bands that define the interior and exterior.

BROADC the site plan illustrates the nature of sephora broadcast in that as a pop up retail operation it is always oriented to the direction of its “mother� store.

01 beach east

the fanning entrance and windows sway with the palms.

Miami, Florida along South Beach, Miracle Mile, and Belle Island were chosen as they are rife with colorful culture and social life.

sephora at south beach elevation

02 beach north

open for transmission, appealing to the impulse buy.

CAST 03 beach west

vibrant lighting in the night life of South Beach

The design began with marketing studies of cosmetic chains, as well as observational studies of patrons in cosmetics stores. My observations led me to question: How would makeup display itself to the outside world if it were embodied in some life form? I began with sketches of mannequin characters I called “illuminated cast members.” Each would embody the particular performance in the makeup product displayed: This performative character aided in choosing my site, site clientele base as well as the structure’s bold features. It became clear that the life form needed to be the broadcast beam which would animate through the structure’s opening and it’s bold arc motifs.

carlos smith portfolio : anatomy of design

Carlos Smith Portfolio  

This is my portfolio for interior architecture and design.

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