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THE PROMOTIONAL MIX | Tools for Integrated Marketing Communication

The Promotional Mix 2 The promotional mix is a combination of various tools that businesses are using effectively to communicate the features and benefits of their offerings (product and services) to their customers. It is the combination and coordination of all seller initiated efforts. The aim of these efforts is to build channels of information and influence in order to sell product and services to the customers. For the accomplishment of organization’s communication goals, the basic tools that organizations use are known as promotional mix. Tools for Integrated Marketing Communication: Traditionally there are four elements used as the tools for integrated marketing communication. These include: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations/publicity. However, two more elements have been added to promotional mix i.e. Interactive/internet marketing and direct marketing. All the tools required for integrated marketing communication can be seen in this picture:

1. Advertising: A message is communicated to the target audience through advertising. As a result a feedback is generated in the form of a sale and consumer purchases goods or services communicated to them. An effective and creative advertising represents the value of the product or service. It persuades consumers to take an action, buy or avail that good or service. 2. Personal selling: Personal selling is considered as the most effective tool for targeted communication. Through personal selling, organizations tailor the specific needs of an individual customer. In personal selling, salespersons have direct exposure to potential customers. The salesperson assists the potential prospect and persuades him to buy company’s goods and services. For effective personal selling, the sales person must understand how to respond to the needs of customers. 3. Sales Promotion: In order to stimulate market demand sales promotion tools are used. It is offered for a limited time period. It is helpful in increasing the perceived value of a product. There are two | Tools for Integrated Marketing Communication

The Promotional Mix 3 types of sales promotion- Consumer sales promotion and trade sales promotion. Consumer sales promotion targets the end user or the customers by using coupons, discount offers, point of purchase displays etc. Trade sales promotions are used to target organizational customers such as dealers, wholesalers, distributors etc. 4. Publicity/Public relations: Organizations use the tool of publicity to give out information about a product, person or company for advertising and promotional purposes. Public relations evolve a practice of promoting good will between organizations and its customers, employees, community and public. Public relations are practiced through press releases which can be in the form of video, audio, blogs, newsletter, press kits etc. 5. Interactive/internet marketing: An Interactive marketing tool is used by the company to get feedback from the customers. It allows back and forth flow of information between organizations and their customers. It is an effective medium that provides feedback, consumer interactions, public opinion and insight on consumer buying habits and preferences. 6. Direct marketing: Direct marketing is used to target customers directly. It is limited to individual person or defined consumer groups. It is done through various print and electronic mediums that include: telephone, fax, mail, TV, online, radio, newspapers, magazines, or face to face. Conclusion: Company’s sales and profits are based on the type of tools a company chooses to promote its product and service. Companies should select the tools wisely that support company’s marketing objectives and on the other hand must be relevant to its target customers. One more thing that organizations should ensure is the integration between all the channels of promotions as it has a strong effect on customers’ buying decision. Reference:

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The promotional mix  

The promotional mix is a combination of various tools that businesses are using effectively to communicate the features and benefits of thei...