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The Happiness Behind Fear Haunted houses around the world attract millions of visitors worldwide. However, what is this fascination with being frightened? Going to haunted houses, trekking in bewildered jungles and other thrill seeking based on horror and fear is very popular and many people in the world even pursue it religiously. This Halloween, fear will be in the air like always. For many, it is just an event with lots of candy and dressing up as pumpkins, but if fear is the natural response to danger; why do people seek it so badly. Dr. Christopher Hall, a PhD and associate professor at the University of North Carolina has answered this question. He breaks it down into the following reasons:

1. Adrenaline Boost Adrenaline is a very spooky hormone. Many people find adrenaline rushes more addictive than any other drug. Adrenaline is the survival hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It causes an immediate rush of blood through all the nerves in the brain, therefore causing an energy rush. In addition to this, it enhances the senses and increases alertness to fight the danger. This particular feeling is very addictive to some people. Many would go bungee jumping, while a niche would find peace in horror and spook.

2. The Control Even though it might seem counter-intuitive at times, people will feel more confident and in control when they are scared and need to survive a challenge. In such conditions, an artificial bubble of safety is created when they start to predict the events, see these events unfold with time and then survive these conditions. And since, horror seekers know what to expect from horror; they start to gain control over their fear, which gives them a sense of safety and control. What these horror seekers gain the most from these events is that they had already known that the events to come are going to be scary and they went for it none the less. This gives them a sense of strength and power.

3. Accomplishment Everyone loves a good adventure. Those who seek fear are no different either. They too get a smirk at the end of every adventure like the adventure hero Indiana Jones. When a group has travelled through a haunted forest, the complete three or four-hour package trip gives them a sense of adventure. After they have completed their journey, the feel of accomplishment along with the memories of adventure, make them very happy.


What Happens in Fear