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Edition 12 - November 2010

Once again, the Smithy Telegraph brings you all the latest news that is happening in Smith & Sons, Australia and New Zealand’s most exciting renovation company!


From the Director... Wow! November is here and its only 50 odd days till Christmas! What an adventure the last few months have been for Smithys, and recently 62 delegates joined together in Queenstown to celebrate our 2nd AGM in one of the prettiest locations in the world! A great time was had by all as we enjoyed world class speakers in the workshops and ate amazing food in incredible loactions. We celebrated the success of the group in style and the highlight of the weekend for most was the helicopter ride to the Gondoala resturant where we were welcomed by Maori Haka. If you didn't come this year, make sure you’re there next year in November in Sydney, it's going to be a blast. Well, the last few months we have seen a few changes happen, with not only more offices opening and more builders joining our team but we also had a Master Franchise change hands, and although it was sad to say goodbye to Darryl and Phil, we are delighted to welcome John and Barb, and Brett and Jude Cochrane, a dynamic father and son team. We are excited about the future of Smith & Sons and really happy with how things are going here in Australia and New Zealand. I recently spent a week in the South Island and got to visit a few of the guys and it was great to see the activity in the offices and also even better seeing real life jobs underway on site. I want to congratulate all the award winners especially Ben in Maroochydore for Franchisee of the Year and Blair Myles and team for Master of the Year for 2010. Thanks to everyone for your hard work this year and for making the conference in Queenstown a real success. Corey

Quote of the Month... ‘If they like you, and they believe you and they trust you and they have confidence in you, then they MAY buy from you’ Jeffery Gitomer

The Smithy Telegraph Edition 12 - November 2010

New Master Franchise Owners...

John and Bard

The NZ North Island team is gearing up for a big year next year with new leadership and direction from John and Brett Cochrane, who have taken over the North Island Master Franchise Area. John and Brett are a dynamic father and son team who have many years experience in business management, team building and leadership and are ready to put these skills into top gear with Smith & Sons. John and Brett are joined by their wives Jude and Barb who are also excited about this next chapter in their lives. John and Brett attended the AGM, and also have visited all the offices around the North Island, and are in Mooloolaba for the initial training - so they have been very busy! So welcome to the team guys and we know you will be a fanastic addition to Smith & Sons! Pictures courtesy of this year’s Annual Team Conference!

Brett and Jude

New Franchise Owners...

Zane & Suzanne Raphael

Mark Fegan has been very busy in the Auckland area with two more Smith & Sons team members coming on board just before the Conference. We would love to congratulate Zane and Suzanne Raphael on their decision to partner with Smith & Sons in the Epsom region of Auckland. Also, in the Hibuscus Coast area, Dave Poole and Penny London have taken up the Smith & Sons banner and will be up and running soon. Dave Poole

In the South Island of New Zealand, Gerry and Linda Thomson have purchased the North Doug Miller Canterbury Franchise. Gerry’s sons Simon and Nicholas are also involved in the business. Gerry has been involved in the building trade for over 30 years and is looking forward to kicking some goals with Smith & Sons. And over in Oz, Andrew & Kartia Dickson have joined the Smithy Crew in Hornsby, Sydney. Andrew Gerry, Linda, Simon and Nicholas has also been building for many years and looks forward to kicking some more goals with Smith & Andrew Dickson Sons! The Smithy Telegraph Edition 12 - November 2010

2010 Annual Team Conference! Wow! Our Annual Team Conference in Queenstown was an absolute blast! Over 60 delegates and sponsors got together to celebrate being part of the Smith & Sons team and to learn how to push their businesses forward and had a ball doing it! Helicopter rides, gondola rides, historic boat rides, great food, great speakers and most of all brilliant people made it a never to be forgotten conference! A big thank you to all our sponsors for the event, and also well done to our award winners for 2010! We have received heaps of great feedback from the conference and the team just keep telling us how awesome it was. So if you didn’t make it this year - make it a priority to be in Sydney next year! Award Winners Master Franchisee of the Year Franchisee of the Year -

Blair Myles South Island New Zealand Ben Passey - Maroochydore

Best Customer Service Most Sales Highest Turnover Best Presented Design Centre – Highest Average Contract Value -

Taupo Dunedin Maroochydore Ashburton Willoughby

Runner Up – Best Presented Design Centre Runner Up – Most Sales – Runner Up – Highest Turnover Runner Up – Best Customer Service Runner Up - Highest Average Contract Value -

Blair Myles

Christchurch Ashburton Dunedin Dunedin Hamilton

Ben Passey

A huge thanks to our sponsors - James Hardie, Placemakers, GIB, Pink Batts, Laser Group and Flooring Xtra.

Learning, learning...

Party People... The Smithy Telegraph Edition 12 - November 2010

The Luge Crew...

That’s the way we roll at Smithy’s

The Sydney Hippies...

Johnny and the Pimps Sell, Sell, Sell!!

The North Island Crew... A Titanic moment...

Walter Peak Dining...

Up, up and away!

The South Island Crew

The men in black...

Back to the 70’s!

Da boyz.

Ready to paint the town red!

We love the nightlife!


Some serious sunnies!

The Smithy Telegraph Edition 12 - November 2010


Big hair days...

These are my angry eyes!

The bro with the fro’!

A big night out!


Star Trek Auckland Style

Shawn the sheep


Numba one big fella!!

A classy ride... ‘We wish we were singing Waltzing Matilda...’

The Smithy Telegraph Edition 12 - November 2010

South Island Happenings... Corey went for a trip recently to the South Island to see whats been happening.. Paul in Ashburton was taking the Smithy brand to new ‘heights’ at the local AMP Show, and Corey also got to see the boys in Christchurch in action on the building site.

Well that's it for this issue - so stay well and see you next time!!

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