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Understanding the Different Types of Physical Therapy Treatments Physical therapy treatments are usually done to patients who have undergone intense sports and accident related injuries. Patients suffer from different ailments and each patient respond differently to the different treatments, that is why, various physical treatments focus on specific medications. Physical therapy NYC experts are among those who offer these treatments. To get a better background on how these treatments differ from one another, listed below are brief descriptions of the treatments: •

Geriatric Physical Therapy: This type of physical therapy treatment is mainly used on older people who are having problems with their backs due to their aging. The victims of osteoporosis, arthritis and senior citizens who have undergone extensive surgeries can also seek treatment from geriatric therapists. This kind of therapy requires no down time and is done on an outpatient basis.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy: This is probably the most common type of physical treatment and is the most popularly known by the public. This treatment is often conducted in hospitals for patients who have undergone surgeries or in outpatient clinics for patients who complain of minor back pains. This type of therapy precisely focuses on tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. People who had injuries due to sports and accidents, are usually recommended to undergo orthopedic physical therapy. In this treatment, therapists use whirlpools, exercises and hot & cold packs.

Neurological Physical Therapy: This type of therapy mainly specializes in patients who have or had neurological diseases and disorders. Patients who suffered from strokes, brain injuries or damages, are recommended to visit neurological therapists. The treatment focuses on restoring the functions of the limbs that are affected by paralysis or vision problems.

Cold Therapy: Among the different treatments, this is probably the easiest and the simplest treatment. To treat body parts that are in pain and inflamed, they are usually given the cold therapy. In this treatment, cold packs are wrapped in wet towels and are applied directly to the patient’s affected body. This therapy helps in reducing the inflammation and swelling and in easing the pain and other acute injuries.

Cardiovascular Physical Therapy: Patients who deal with heart and circulatory problems are often recommended by experts to undergo cardiovascular physical therapy. This type of therapy focuses on increasing the endurance and the motion of patients who are diagnosed with heart conditions. Patients who are diagnosed with lung cancer, cystic fibrosis and other major lung diseases are among those who are suggested to consult with cardiovascular therapists.

Pediatric Physical Therapy: This therapy, from the name itself, deals with children under the age of eighteen who suffer from orthopaedic injuries. Most therapists are also pediatricians, although, some therapists who are not, are required to be really good with children.

Understanding the Different Types of Physical Therapy Treatments