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The Indications of Virus Attacks on Your Computer When attacked by viruses, your computer tends not to work very well and does not show positive responses. Every computer user has to face this threat in daily life called a virus. A virus, which is malicious software, when it intentionally enters can create havoc among the applications as well as the functioning of the computer. Computer users are always advised to use virus removal tools so that they can maintain computer virus protection. Therefore it is very essential to know the various symptoms and signals of viruses so that when attacked by them, you can find solutions and get rid of the virus before the it ruins your system or your online identity. While working on your system, you may find a number of indications with which you can identify viruses so that you can install virus removal software. Some of the indications are mentioned below:

1. It takes time to start Windows even though you haven’t made any changes or have installed or removed any program or software.

2. Windows does not start automatically due some of the application or system files being missing. In addition, you receive an error message when the missing files are enlisted.

3. The computer runs slowly and it takes a long time to start any application. 4. Sometimes even if it starts booting, the computer stops responding before the appearance of the desktop icons and the task bar.

5. Windows and/or the computer spontaneously restarts automatically. 6. New applications are installed in an incorrect manner.

7. Antivirus software will indicate or give you alerts about the presence of viruses. 8. An antivirus software is disabled for no good reason and, in addition to it, you are unable to restart the antivirus.

9. You are unable to install the antivirus program or the already installed antivirus download is unable to perform its functions.

10. Even though your computer has sufficient RAM, the computer will show out-of-memory error messages.

11. While using Microsoft Office products, the computer will stop responding and the applications will not run properly. 12. You are unable to start the Windows Task Manager and can see the distorted menus and task bars.

13. You will find double extensions on your recently-opened attachment, such as: .jpg, .vbs, .gif, or .exe. 14. You find strange sounds or unexpected playing of music and video from the speakers. Now, if you have found any of these indications, viruses are most likely present on your computer. Fight the viruses for your safe and secured online reputation. Apart from this, you will find many online companies available which can provide you an effective solution for the safety of your computer by availing yourself of the best antivirus software. Browse with some of the major search engines to find the most beneficial antivirus solution for your computer.

The Indications of Virus Attacks on Your Computer