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Ensure antivirus software not slowing computer operation We all know of the great importance of antivirus software in maintaining the smooth operation of the personal computer. In the early days, the threats of viruses come mostly from the infected floppy disks. When the Internet was not much in use then viruses were spread by luring users to free games or software in the floppy disks. Today, every computer user with an Internet connection is exposed to various potential threats. There are malicious programmers and hackers who create viruses for destructive purposes. These malicious codes can ruin computer and destroy all the data. Viruses can enter the computer when opening an infected email or clicking to download the infected program. Users are also victimized when they clicked on a pop-up message. New viruses are being discovered for all destructive reasons; hence an antivirus download is highly necessary. One basic step is to install a good protection system or download one from a well-reputed free antivirus source into your personal computer. Viruses are discovered every time, so it is vital to update it with the new version to safeguard against viruses and remove them. One can set automatic update at certain times or the user himself can update it. Automatic updates may occur in the middle of work, and the updating process may require some time, which may cause interruption. In case you choose manual updating then make a habit of checking the updates one in a week. When you have to download an antivirus program to the current version, it might present an upgrade version of the program. It is true that one needs to up-to-date antivirus software on his personal computer, but at the same time you do not want juggle between the update and daily work. Moreover, new software may have features that can slow down the computer, so it is necessary to consider the following facts:

1. There should only be one antivirus download as more than one will slow down the computer and give rise to other unknown conflicts. 2. Many antivirus programs make users to update the definition table that is not related with upgrading the version of the program. 3. You should subscribe to the virus definition updates and not to program upgrades. 4. Each new version integrates new features, and requiring more PC resources. Also, these features are not of much use. 5. It is always desired to make use of the firewall utility equipped with Windows, rather make use of third party program. 6. You should uninstall the old program followed by rebooting the old program and then installing the new software.

Ensure antivirus software not slowing computer operation