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Common Viruses and Spyware that Affect Your System Antivirus software plays an important role in the working process of one’s PC as it safeguards every potential user’s personal stuff from malicious online viruses and thus protects it from the harmful effects of nasty Trojans and malware programs. Choosing the best antivirus download is among the wisest choices as it ideally protects the computer from online threats. Since online threats and malicious viruses are getting technologically advanced, software developers across the world are trying their hardest to block such malicious practices and virtual bugs and provide users with peace of mind. The biggest misconception among PC users is that a dynamic and powerful antivirus download is the ultimate object behind safeguarding PCs from harmful threats. The truth remains that the user is also responsible for one’s own PC as he has the ability to click and visit unknown malicious websites and popups. It is essential on the part of the users that they have an in-depth understanding of what they can avoid while being online and to have precise knowledge of the varied types of online viruses. The types of computer viruses and their consequences on your PC are as mentioned below. One of the most destructive categories of online virus threats is the Ransonware Trojan. This type of virus attacks and plants encrypted files on your PC and eventually holds some valuable or cash in exchange for your PC. This virus attacks the hostage security of your PC, and in one such case, security systems and televisions connected through the internet were controlled by a third person from a remote location. A password stealer is another category of Trojan, which illegally traces key information about one’s personal accounts online. It illicitly draws one’s login details; thus, e-banking becomes threatening for users. Without the shield of dynamic computer virus protection, the risks involved in such attacks double and make users more vulnerable to crimes. An overwriting virus threat is again a dangerous category as it has the ability to overwrite and delete important content from one’s system. Since such threats are rarely spread among users, one can easily overcome its consequences with an antivirus software if infected. Rootkits are typical virus threats, which hide the files, folders, registry edits and other important components a computer uses. A storm virus is under such a category and which spreads through e-mails. If a person clicks on it, your PC can eventually die. The key rule is not to click on anything you're not familiar with on the internet. However, the best free antivirus security software is always a good backup because it will protect you from pop-ups, which are certainly harmful for your PC, as clicking on them will likely welcoming one of such intentionally malicious viruses.


Common Viruses and Spyware that Affect Your System