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Difference Between CV and Resume? The resume is a document that helps the candidate to display their background and skill sets to the employer while applying for a particular job. The CV, on the other hand, is an abbreviation for curriculum vitae and is a document that provides a brief information about the applicant's experience and other qualifications to the employer. The major difference between the CV and the resume is the length and the descriptive nature of both. The resume is a page or two description of your career goals, educational qualifications, key skills, and experience whereas the curriculum vitae is a detailed information about your experiences and other details comprising minimum two pages. The curriculum vitae may include detailed information about the applicant's educational qualifications, teaching, research, presentations, awards, honors, publications, and affiliations. The CV is generally used when the candidate has to apply for any education, scientific, academic, or research positions, whereas the resume helps a applicant to apply for any job positions such as government, civil, etc. The curriculum vitae must include all the essential sections such as your personal details, career objectives, educational qualifications along with any courses undertaken, projects or internship details, key skills, experiences along with detailed information about the job responsibilities undertaken. All the above mentioned sections should be drafted in a detailed and descriptive format. The resume on the other hand must be descriptive, but short. As the curriculum vitae is used by the professional educators and researches, they include information about their researches and publications that make their CV huge. The resume is generally used by the students and employees for a job search. Thus, these resumes do not actually possess any detailed information about the undertaken projects or publications as compared to the CV. Read more article about designer resume. Though different in nature, both the resume as well as the CV serve the same task of an application for a particular job position. Thus, these documents must be drafted properly which will assure you of achieving your dream job. These documents must be well drafted according to their formats, sections, and contents that will make them effective. Applicants must always go through the sample resume as well as the sample CV to get a brief idea about how they are drafted and what all things make them different.

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