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The Top Websites for Coupons and Daily Deals in Canada

Canada is a bit late to catch on to the concept of e-commerce, and also a bit behind on digital coupons. The market is nonetheless growing. Here are some of the market’s largest players in Canada.

One of the older websites for digital coupons all over Canada, it was founded more than ten years ago and offers a different service than the rest on this list, but its performance over the years has earned it a spot on this list none the less. Rather than buying the digital coupons online, customers place an order and their coupons arrive by mail. is a site good for everything, just like your general supermarket, from shampoo to pet food. The coupons they offer change on a regular and frequent basis, and the number of coupons each household can order for is limited.

Widely regarded as one of the best coupon sites in Canada, is an extremely popular web site across all reaches of the Canadian landscape. In addition to offering the standard facility to print coupons directly from the site, also gives users an opportunity to participate in coupon trains and trade coupons across the country. This is a very original feature, the credit for creation given to the website’s creators. Upon registration, users can find out where the best deals are running no matter where they are in the country.

If you were new to town and Googled the term ‘daily deals Victoria’, the first hit on the list is A site that started out catering specifically to Vancouver Island, they now offer new deals every day across the British Columbia region. Every day, new deals are added for a variety of products and (primarily) services on the island and around it. These deals cater to everything from gym memberships to piano lessons to car services to restaurant vouchers to massages – there is no end to the sheer volume of services this site has deals for. If you’re on the island or nearby and want a discount on anything, check out

You will not find deals for all of Canada, but for services in the British Columbia area, they cannot be matched.

Another site that does not adhere to the conventional concept of digital coupons or daily deals, is perfect for people who are still a little mistrusting of the Internet and releasing private data onto a worldwide network. It provides users with a bunch of useful information as to where they can find sales and discounts for products that they are looking for. Arranged by categories, the user chooses the category of interest and the site lists out the areas where one can avail of discounted deals or offers. It promotes brick-and-mortar retail more than online retail, but in a list of the best coupon related websites in Canada, cannot be missed.

No coupon website list is complete without the legendary With operations spanning the globe and all members of the G8 countries, Canada is home to the famous group coupon website as well. Much like the aforementioned, this website offers coupons for services and products alike across the entire country. Whether you’re looking for calamine lotion or a masseuse for your pet dog’s spinal column, you will find a discount/coupon for it at It has rapidly expanded across the continents and aggressively captures market territory everywhere.

The Top Websites for Coupons and Daily Deals in Canada  

Canada is a bit late to catch on to the concept of e-commerce, and also a bit behind on digital coupons. Take a look at some of the Best and...

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