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Vol.3, Issue 1, March - 2011


Dear Energy Conservationist, To begin with, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you

engaged in year round activities. With you spearheading your

on the prestigious international acclaim that we have received

own Mini TPECs in schools, it has been a revelation to see the

this year. As you know, Tata Power Energy Club(TPEC) has

potential you have achieved with some great innovative ideas.

been awarded ‘The Most Innovative Campaign’ by The Energy

I wish you the very best of success for your future activities and

Daily Leadership Awards, USA. Every little effort made by you,

the most awaited NESS results! Till then, keep saving energy

for this cause of energy conservation is being recognized and

and Jiyo Power Se!

is definitely going to inspire many more like minded people across the world. Abiding by our Company’s sustainability agenda, we have

Warm Regards,

been successfully spearheading this initiative which has come

Anil Sardana

a long way since its inception in 2007 with only 12 schools.

Managing Director

Today, we are expanding both in terms of reach and content of

Tata Power

the programme. Covering nine cities in about 400 schools and executing newer and interactive programmes like Energy Q, National Energy Savvy Competition (NESS) and Mini TPECs etc., it has undoubtedly been a commendable achievement. As we are nearing the end of this academic year we have geared up to achieve a saving of two million units this year. Schools are proactively conducting mass sensitization sessions like rallies, street plays etc., to reach out and spread the cause to more and more people. With programmes like Mini Tata Power Energy Club and NESS the Club has been


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A Tata Power Energy Club Newsletter

High Voltage - Cover Story Innovative champs! All the enthusiasm to save power has finally paid off! Tata Power Energy Club has won accolade internationally for ‘The Most Innovative Campaign’ by The Energy Daily Leadership Awards, USA. The award was conferred to the Club for its campaign on Energy Conservation that helped save more than one million units in 2009. The Club had also won ‘Gold’ in Environmental category by Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI) and was also ranked 2nd for the Siemens Ecovatives award. Congratulations club members!

Energy-Q champions! All that quizzing and fun was back again with the second edition of Energy-Q. Tata Power Energy Club's national quiz competition saw participation from 200 schools across cities like Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Mumbai. After moving through five grueling rounds of quizzing – preliminary written round, city knock out rounds, intercity quarter final round, semi final and Grand Finale – D.A.V Public School from Pune laid their claim on the Energy-Q trophy! Mumbai's Christ Church School came second followed by St, John the Baptist School. The winners were felicitated by Ms. Shalini Singh, Head- Corporate Communications, Tata Power.




Mini Minds, Big Savings Our Mini Tata Power Energy Clubs (TPEC) are on a sensitization spree. The numerous clubs formed under this title in various schools across the country are getting innovative and excited with the idea of furthering this cause of energy conservation in their own way. Making their own Mini TPEC clubs in schools and societies have given these young minds an opportunity to explore ideas that will help in creating awareness among masses and conserve energy. A total of 154 Mini Tata Power Energy Clubs have been formed who are making a difference by spreading the energy conservation message.

nal Students of Raval Internatio School conduct a rally to spread the message of locality energy conservation in their


Power Kids Le ague of Queen Mary School, Byculla perfo rming a stree t play at Churchgate Station

Students of Ch

ildren’s Academ y put up an exhib ition on energy cons ervation to educate stude nts and paren ts

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Flash Point The Park Spark Project Now street lamps can be powered by Dog Poop! Matthew Mazzotta's The Park Spark Project is the most unusual move towards generating renewable energy which converts dog poop into methane that powers street lamps. The Park Spark project installs a methane digester in public parks to collect dog waste and transforms it into methane. Here the Methane produced by the Digester is burned in the form of a lamppost for light. This methane digester called 'Park Spark' has been installed in a dog park in Cambridge, Massachusetts. People walking their dogs are encouraged to collect the feces, place them into the supplied biodegradable doggie bags and drop them into the digester feeding tube. They then turn a hand crank to stir the mixture of excrement and anaerobic bacteria in the Spark Park digester and help the methane rise to the top where it is burned constantly in the lamp, like an 'eternal flame'. The team hopes there will be enough methane generated to power other objects in the park and surrounding community, such as tea carts, or popcorn stands, but the main aim is to demonstrate to the community that waste is a precious resource. As long as people are walking dogs and throwing away dog poop, a flame can burn. The eternal flame of the lamp is intended as a reminder of the 'redundant and unquestioned' nature of our behavior, and will burn until someone comes up with a better idea for using the energy available. Ref:

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Tata Power News Tata Power appoints new Managing Director! Consequent to the retirement of Mr. Prasad R. Menon on 31st January 2011, Tata Power announced the appointment of Mr. Anil Sardana as the new Managing Director. Mr. Sardana has been the Managing Director of Tata Teleservices Limited for over 3 years and Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited for the last 6 months. An Electrical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, a Cost Accountant (ICWAI) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Delhi, Mr. Sardana brings with him over three decades of proven expertise in the power sector and has worked with companies like NDPL (a subsidiary of Tata Power), NTPC and BSES.

Mr. Anil Sardana

Earlier, Mr. Sardana served as the Executive Director (Business Development and Strategy) for Tata Power from 1st March 2007 to 3rd August 2007 and continued to be on its board till 1st July 2008.

Crossing the 1 Lakh mark! On 22nd December, 2010, Tata Power made history in retail distribution as it crossed the voluminous mark of 1 lakh customers. The journey, going from 25,000 customers to a lakh, over a one year period, has been full of challenges and excitement. With an aim to reach out and cater to the varying needs of our retail customers, Tata Power is constantly developing both its people and services. In this endeavour, the teams dealing with our customers have been given the highest quality of training, Service Centers have been set up across key locations in Mumbai to enhance and ensure the best-in-class services that stand apart in this competitive environment. While we acquire many more customers in future the key focus will remain to create service differentiators and enhance customer value.

Energy Talk Club highlights!

Brand ambassadors



Advocating Action




Energy Projects


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Know Your Energy Quotient!


s n o i t s e u Q


Which is the largest solar power company in India?

3. 5.

Decode the abbreviation UNFCCC?


The total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or person is called


One of the easiest waste management system is the 3R system. What is it?

The flat, moveable mirrors used in solar power tower are called

1. Tata BP Solar 2. Carbon footprint 3. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 4. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse 5. Heliostats

Make a difference

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Energy Saving Initiatives by Schools Maryites Unplugged 'This New Year, let's pledge to Conserve Energy!' Unlike most of us, this is the New Year resolution made by a group of young energy savvy enthusiasts- the Maryites. On the eve of New Year when we were busy making plans for our future, these spirited minds where charting action plans on how to save and make others save energy in 2011. These Maryites are undoubtedly paving their way to become the Energy Savviest of them all. Since the launch of Energy Savvy School Competition last year, these Maryites have geared up to consciously make an effort towards energy conservation. All the students collectively participate in various energy saving activities that are plotted month-wise for students to contribute and engage with.

A Maryite explains energy saving tips to a housewife

The school christened their own Energy Club as 'Maryites Unplugged' on 12th August, 2011 which also marked the International Youth Day. The elected leaders of the Club along with the members have formed an Environmental Policy and Eco-Pledge for the school. This Eco-Pledge is taken by the students on every Friday at the school assembly.

Campaign posters and collaterals

On 1st of January 2011, Maryites release the hot air balloon with a message to conserve energy

They launched the 'Red Label Campaign' wherein five elected Energy Savvy Inspectors take rounds during school recess and after school hours to monitor energy wastage in classrooms. If lights or fans are found switched on when not in use, they label it red. By the end of every week, the classroom with the highest number of Red Labels does not get electric supply on the impending Monday. The Club has a special notice board named 'Jiyo Power Se' zone which keep the students updated with the latest activities of the Club. The Club conducts regular sensitization sessions for the school and neighboring societies to educate and create awareness among various households. Regular Batti Bandh sessions conducted on Wednesdays have also resulted in colossal amount of savings. Exciting Quiz Competitions, Model making competitions, posters and campaigns on Facebook has involved students at a higher level with more learning about energy saving. The Maryites have unplugged and continue to spearhead this cause of energy conservation!

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Ask An Expert!

“What exactly does energy efficiency mean?” “How to Read Your Meter” Questions like these are bound to cross your mind. You may also have a bright idea you would like to share. Please send your feedback, queries & suggestions to me at: OR MR. ENER-JI Corporate Communications Department, The Tata Power Company Limited, Bombay House, 3rd Floor, 24 Homi Mody Street, Mumbai – 400 001 Visit

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Energy Conservation Programmes in Schools - Club Enerji  

Tata Power Energy Club(TPEC) has been awarded ‘The Most Innovative Campaign’ by The Energy Daily Leadership Awards for organizing Energy Con...

Energy Conservation Programmes in Schools - Club Enerji  

Tata Power Energy Club(TPEC) has been awarded ‘The Most Innovative Campaign’ by The Energy Daily Leadership Awards for organizing Energy Con...