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Fairytale by Juliette Olivares and Maelle Marquant Love by post by Emily Deffayet The red... riding hood by Flavien Padeau

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The three little pricks by Sarah Tlili, Virginie Melique and Camille Mathevet Machy A magic kiss by Léonore Flipo and Lou Andréa Delarue) Little Black Riding Hood by Jean Romain Houard

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The mad beauty by Pauline Durand and Mélissa Dangoisse

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The princess and the corkscrew tail by Laure Divanach and Marie Brindisi

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Illustration by Anaïs Chastaing

Fairy Tale Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who was in love with a very handsome prince… No, I’m just kidding ! I’m going to tell you MY story, which is way more interesting. A couple of days ago, I was singing in front of my mirror using my hairbrush as a microphone (don’t laugh everyone did it once!) Whatever, the music was loud and my stupid stepmother came to yell at me. She said: “Stop listening to that filthy and horrible music! “Hey ! C’mon, you know what everyone says: Rock’n’roll ain’t noise pollution!” I answered. After a “little” argument, she forbade me to go to Stella’s party (which was the same night). Maybe I shouldn’t have called her “pain in the neck”… I was completely upside down! So, I called Stella to tell her my misadventure and she convinced me to go to the party even if my parents didn’t want me to (she had a good point: Nate was going there ! How exciting!) Plus, what a good coincidence: my parents were going to a charity gala, the same night! (I must have a lucky star or a godmother like in fairy tales…). Whatever, I just had to come home before midnight. So, later in the evening, I waited for my parents to go to their gala, and I started dressing up for the incredible night I was going to live. A few hours later, I was having fun, on the dance floor, laughing with my friends. But no sign of Nate… It was 10:28 pm. I continued to dance. When I finally saw him, it was 11:43 pm, time for me to go. I went to get my coat in Stella’s bedroom. And he was there. Nate was there, sitting in the dark. He told me: “I was waiting for you. I have something to tell you.” My heart was beating very fast. I wasn’t expecting that. I mumbled something, I took my coat and I ran to my house: not a very sensible reaction. It’s only when I came home that I realized how stupid I was. Plus, I broke my high heeled shoes, and I only had one on my foot. The other one was in Stella’s bedroom, I suppose. Then, someone rang at the door. Who was it? It was Nate. He was with the missing high heeled shoe. He said: “Cindy, I love you. I have been in love with you since I first saw you, Cindy Rello.” Then, he gave me my shoe. And we kissed, of course! But he had to go, my parents were coming home soon. Today, we’re dating and everything’s alright. I hope we’ll live happily ever after… Yeah, like in fairy tales! 1

Love by post

There was once a princess who was trapped in a postage stamp, under the spell of a wicked fairy. She despaired of being able one day to marry a prince as is the tradition in fairy tales. She lamented her fate, caught between two packets of stamps… One day, a young boy went to the counter to buy special stamps in the “Wonderful World” series. It was, indeed, to write to his grandmother to wish her a happy birthday. So it happened that the princess was released from her dark and silent cupboard and found herself in the boy’s schoolbag. Having arrived home, James, for that was his name, prepared to write the most beautiful message for the sweetest of all grandmothers. At that moment arose from the papers in front of him a tiny voice, sweet and melodious: at last the princess had a chance to speak! Inevitably, she took advantage of this occasion: “Little boy”, she said, “I am very unhappy, for I am a princess and I have been stuck for years in this postage stamp. My dearest wish is to find Prince Charming. He would fall in love with me, ask me to marry him, and release me from this spell which my wicked stepmother cast on me years ago to get rid of me. But my wish will never come true. Poor is me!” “Lovely princess”, James replied, “I am not a prince. There is only one solution: I will choose your stamp for my letter to my grandmother; she lives in a kingdom where the prince seeks a new wife desperately after the death of his first wife many years ago. Perhaps my grandmother, who is a bit of a fairy in her spare time, will be able to arrange for you to meet him”. “Oh my dear boy! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness you have shown me!” Thus the princess literally flew, by post, to a wonderful kingdom where, indeed, James‘s grandmother accepted to arrange a meeting between the Prince and the princess. It was love at first sight; the Prince asked the beautiful girl in miniature to marry him without delay. Immediately, the spell was broken and she recovered her normal size. They lived happily together to the end of their days in that faraway kingdom.


The red... riding hood - Once upon a time, a sweet girl called Hood was walking in a wood and... Why are you here?! You must be in the ‌ - I'm a sweet girl so I do what I want! Please continue. - So, Hood was doing what she wanted to do. Later, she decided to pay a visit to her grand-mother and give her a beautiful tar... - No! I hate tarts, I'll give her a chocolate cake. - Please stop it now. In the mean time, at grandma's house, a very very bad wolf wanted to eat her, so he entered with a delivery jacket and delivered her a cane to help... - Young boy! You have to respect me, I'm not old, I'm only a hundred! - I'm sorry, but it was written in the script and... - And what?! I ignore the script, I don't care about it! - OK. Sorry, grandma So, when the wolf entered the house, he ate the old... sorry, the young grandmother. Then he heard Hood coming, so he jumped into the bed as the Hood entered: - Yo grandma! What's up?! I’m here to give you a chocolate cake. - Hey! What are you doing?! It wasn't in the script! You have to ask me about my teeth and my eyes, - Whatever! I don't want to ask you about that! So, grandma, What big eyes! - It's to see you better, Hood - What a big mouth! - It's to kiss you better, Hood - What big teeth! - It's to eat you better, sweet meal! - And the wolf got out of the bed to eat Hood, But she fought him and she... gave him a kiss? Why are you doing that?! - We don't like the story and we wanted to change it, - We'll have a big wedding and everybody will be invited: you, the writer, the readers... - Three months later, the biggest wedding of any time was organized, she and her husband got married and lived happily ever after. - And the author of this story, wanted to say that the only limit to creation is your imagination! - Thanks but I want to finish this story! - This is my story and I do what I want! And it never ended...


The three little pricks Once there was a mother pig, who had three sons. Her sons were the cruelest and meanest boys a mother could imagine having. She could not handle them any longer therefore she decided to throw them out. The three little pigs had to find a new home and were too lazy to build a house by themselves, so they sought a worker in the newspapers. They hired a nice vegetarian wolf who agreed to work for a meagre wage. The wolf came along the following day to start his work. The three little pigs ordered him to build a house out of straw. They had sardoniclooking faces but the wolf did not mind, probably thinking that all pigs do. One hour later, the house was done; the wolf was tired but proud of what he had done. The first pig approached him and said : “This house isn’t strong enough! If I huff and puff, I will blow it down.” And that’s exactly what he did. Then, the second pig ordered him to build a house out of sticks. While the wolf was doing so, the three unbearable pigs pricked his butt with sticks, screaming “Faster, faster, faster!”. Two hours later, the wolf was exhausted, his butt hurt but the work was finished! The second pig approached him and said : “This bloody house is still not strong enough! If I huff and puff, I’ll blow it down !” He took the deepest breath he had ever taken and blew the house down. Finally, the third pig ordered the wolf to build a house out of bricks. The poor animal started the work, and unfortunately, the three ruthless pigs did not leave him alone. They hit him with bricks, pricked him with sticks, shouting and singing “Faster, faster, lousy worker!”. Singing that very infuriating song, the pigs could not imagine, and neither could we, that our nice vegetarian wolf would go crazy and would make short work of them. Thus, that evening, Mister Wolf sampled a tasty piece of ham for dinner, in his lovely new house made of bricks, and lived happily ever after!


A magic kiss

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of far far away, there was a powerful old king named Richard II. One day he was taken seriously ill. He called the wizard of his kingdom in emergency to ask him what would happen to him. The wizard told him : «you’re too old my dear king, I can’t do anything for you.. I just advise you to do what you have to do before joining the kingdom of heaven.» Richard II was afraid at the news because he had just one son who had turned into a frog when he was a little child. The king knew that the only way for his son, Prince Charming, to become a man again was to find a wife who would give him a magic kiss. As he lacked time, king Richard made his son swear to find a princess quickly before his death. Prince Charming accepted but he asked as a condition to organize a competition between all the prettiest princesses of the neighbouring counties, without showing himself to them. The news reached all the counties. All the princesses were very excited at the news and prepared themselves days in advance. The day of the competition, all the princesses were in great shape. Cinderella wore new glass slippers. Jasmine arrived on her new magic carpet. Arielle arrived by singing in her most beautiful voice. Beauty wore a beautiful new dress. Alice was accompanied by her rabbit. The sleeping beauty was still asleep. Snow White was surrounded with birds which were singing and the last one, Leelou, an unknown princess but the most attractive, arrived in a wonderful horse drawn carriage. The competition which consisted in a quiz began. At the beginning, everything went well, but things began to go wrong because of the jealousy of the princesses. Prince Charming was eventually forced to intervene and to show himself to everybody. When the princesses saw him, they all stopped and gaped. They felt betrayed and abused in front of the frog. Disappointed, all of them left Prince Charming’s castle, just one princess stayed there; Leelou. She took the frog in her hands, and she gave him the magic kiss which made him become a wonderful man again !


Little Black Riding Hood Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Devilla. She was always wearing a black hood (it was the family's tradition: her cousin, little red riding hood used to always wear a red hood). But unlike her cousin, Devilla was cruel and nasty. She loved blood and wanted to dominate the world. She lived in a little house next to the forest with her parents. Her parents were poor, but she had a rich grandmother, who lived in a big house in the forest. Devilla wanted to kill her grandmother, in order to make her parents inherit her grandmother's fortune. Every day she devised a plan to kill her, even if she had never seen her because her mother didn't want her to cross the forest alone. But one day, Devilla's grandmother became ill. So Devilla's mother asked her to bring her grandmother some butter and a cake. She put her presents in a basket and hid a knife under her black hood. Devilla crossed the forest and walked quickly when she heard a wolf 's howl. She turned round and saw a big wolf. It looked at her nastily: "Where are you going, little girl ? The forest is dangerous for a young girl like you", he said. "I am going to my grandma's house, and don't worry about me, I can defend myself", she answered. "Oh really ?" And he jumped on her, to eat her. But Devilla hadn’t lied, she beat the wolf up in 30 seconds (she was a black belt karate). Then, she abandoned the wounded wolf and carried on her path. But the wolf wanted revenge, and he started walking toward the grandmother’s house, using a short cut. The wolf rang at the door. The butler opened the door, but the wolf ate him. Then, he went to the grandmother's room and ate her too. He slipped into the bed and put the grandmother's hat on his head. Then he waited for Devilla. A few minutes later Devilla knocked at the door, then as the door was open she went into the house and she went into the grandmother 's bedroom. But she didn't reconize the wolf . "Hello, grandma , I am your granddaughter and I bring my mother 's presents" she said. As she didn't hear the answer she put her basket on a chair and she approached her grandmother slowly with the knife in her hand . When she was fifty centimetres from the bed the wolf jumped on her. Surprised, Devilla fell. But she recovered very quickly, then she fought with the wolf. To finish with she cut the wolf's throat, and he died. She stood up, covered with blood and injuries. She licked the blood on her knife then she said : " Now, I can think about the conquest of the world."


The mad beauty

Once upon a time, a fine looking boy was born whose name was Orey. Three years later, his parents wanted to christen him and three fairies came to his party in order to spell their wishes. But a dragon came too although it hadn’t been invited and it said: “The day of your sixteenth birthday, you will sting your finger on to a teddy bear and you will become a mad man for 10 years! “. It left. One of the fairies hadn’t finished pronouncing her wish so she wanted to ward off ill fortune and she said : “If you want to become a charming and calm prince again a woman will have to kiss you.” To protect his son, the king burnt all the teddy bears of the kingdom. The prince turned 16, the dragon offered him a magnificent teddy bear, so he wanted to play with it. He stung his finger and became mad and angry. Therefore he was kept in a dark cellar by the dragon until the day when a young warrior woman came and fought with the dragon with a magic sword. She killed the dragon and freed the prince with a kiss and they fell in love. They decided to get married and to have only 8 children. Unfortunately they lived unhappily ever after.


The Princess and the corkscrew tail Once upon a time, in a kingdom, far far away, there was a prince called Julian. This prince wasn't like all the other prince charmings; he had had relationships with all the famous princesses like Snow White or Cinderella... But, in fact, those love stories failed because of the prince's stepmother: Hella. Julian was desperate; he had tried everything: speed dating, meeting websites... But at thirty he was still living in his parents' castle! Julian didn't know what to do. Until the day he met Alice, the one who would change his life... It was a stormy day. Julian was on his computer when someone rang the doorbell. He opened the door... Outside a young girl was standing and begging for shelter: “Good evening sir, said the lovely girl, my name's Alice and I'm a princess. My parent, the L.A king, left me in the country and I don't have any place to sleep...” “Oh dear, come in. You're certainly frozen!” He invited her to sit in front of the fire and ordered a servant to prepare a bed for the guest. Hella came in and asked Julian: “Why have you invited this girl ? You didn't have my permission! “ “But, Mum, she is the L.A. princess!” “L.A.? Pff teenagers nowadays...” And Hella left them. She went to Alice's bedroom and hid a pig's tail under the mattress; she wanted to know the truth: only a princess can speak to a little pig. In the middle of the night, when all the castle was sleeping, someone knocked at Alice's door: “knock,knock,knock”. Alice, woken by the noise, opened the door and saw a little pig which demanded: “Gimme my corkscrew tail!” “Your tail? Excuse me but I don't have your stuff...” “You liar! I know you have it!” The little pig sniffed to find his tail, sniff here, sniff there... But he could not find his tail. When suddenly, his nose drove him under the bed: “Eureka, I found it !”, claimed the little pig. “Well, can I sleep, now?”, asked Alice. “No. I must find the culprit and I need your help. Um... let me think... Yes, of course! I know the wicked queen, or rather the dark queen, I'm sure she's the culprit!” “Maybe but, if she really is, why did she put a pig's tail under my mattress? I could not sleep! What a strange idea!”


“You're too naïve... Sure, you're a princess but the queen wanted to check it; only a princess can speak to a pig!” “Yes, that's true. We have to take our revenge! By the way, I'm Alice!” “Nice to meet you, don't worry Lili, I have good friends (he took his phone and called somebody). The wolf? Yeah, it's number 3! I need your help guy! Yeah, just a mummy to eat... Perfect, just come! See you! (he hung up) That's fine! Now, you can sleep princess ! Good night!” He left her. Alice went back to bed, exhausted and surprised by all those strange events... The morning after, Alice was woken by the Prince: “Hello darling, time to get up! I have bought croissants. Did you have a good night?” “Well, it was strange, I had nightmares! Where is Hella?” “Oh, she has decided to take holidays, she claimed she had seen a wolf last night... I didn't understand... Anyway, don't worry, she leaves us alone!”, said Julian laughing. Alice murmured to herself: “What a fairy tale!” And, nevertheless, they lived happily ever after...


Nightmares in Fairyland