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FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT 1. (TCO A). You are the newly hired chief knowledge officer (CKO) for a mid-sized hospital in a semiurban area of the country. Your first task is to develop the organization's strategic plan that will shape the development of a comprehensive network of services for their community. Question 2. 2. (TCO B). You are the newly hired Vice President of Human Resources for the Bayside Regional Health System. You have the responsibility for all of the usual human resources functions, including retention plans, the training and development function, and the recruitment process. In addition, you have the additional departments of volunteers and the hospital chaplaincy services. Question 3. 3. (TCO C). Some physicians and for-profit healthcare organizations in your area are refusing to treat Medicare and Medicaid patients for a variety of reasons. These controversial decisions present not only a major breakdown in the healthcare delivery system but also in the financing of healthcare for many individuals across the nation. Delineate at least three reasons that physicians have for refusing to participate in these governmental programs, as well as the impact this practice has on other areas of the healthcare delivery system. (Points : 25) Question 4. 4. (TCO D). As the newly hired director of public relations for a national managed care company, you know that the

next decade in the delivery of healthcare services will bring about revolutionary changes in your member organizations. Public outcry for changes has been heard loud and long, Congress is calling for reform, and providers are extremely frustrated with how you control utilization and offer low reimbursements. Question 5. 5. (TCO E). You are the VP for human resources and have been charged to recommend a new healthcare benefits plan that will improve healthcare services for your employees but manage costs effectively. You employ approximately 1,800 employees, and the current health plan provides traditional healthcare services. You want to expand reimbursement for wellness and prevention services so that you can improve the health of your employees, thereby saving monies in your illness coverage, as well as nonproductive time in sick days. Question 6. 6. (TCO F). You are the Corporate Vice President of Operations Management for Patient-First Healthcare System, a nonprofit hospital with seven rural satellite hospitals located within 250 miles of each other. Your organization has just approved new monies for developing new quality management initiatives. The individual hospitals have implemented their own quality management programs with varying levels of success. Some of their programs demonstrate stellar results and high levels of patient satisfaction, although others have much less impressive results. Question 7. 7. (TCO G). You've just been hired as the compliance officer for the newly formed Gulf Coast Healthcare System. Your new employer was formed by the joining of four healthcare organizations – three acute care organizations and one long-term care agency. Two of the organizations have a history of various governmental regulatory violations, as well as suspected fraudulent billing practices. You've been hired to form a corporate compliance program that includes electronic billing and medical records that is HIPAA-compliant and will address all areas of compliance. This plan will not only clean up any issues from the past but will also position the new organization as an organization with an impeccable reputation for compliance. Articulate your vision for this plan and the components that are required for its success. How will you justify the expense associated with your plan? Keep in mind

that you have a newly formed organization and differing organizational cultures. (Points : 40)

Hsm 541 final exam  
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