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The Key Way Official publication of the Missouri-Arkansas District of Key Club Back-to-School Issue, August 2012

In this issue….

Mo-Ark District was

well-represented at ICON in sunny Orlando.

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ICON Highlights New Int’l Trustee Date changes for DLC

Table of Contents DLC Timeline ....................... 2-15 Governor’s Message .................2 Trustee’s Message ....................2 Governor’s Project....................3 Youth Opportunity Fund ...........3 DLC Dates .................................4 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF .........5 Nickelodeon Day of Play ...........6 New Member Recruitment .......7 International Board ..................8 Passed Amendments ................9 Spotlight on Service .......... 10-11 Working with K-Family ...........12 Interested in District Board? ..12 Key Club Trivia ........................12 Key Club Week ........................13 Fall Rally ..................................13

A Message from Governor Aric Hello, Missouri-Arkansas! After an action-packed summer, it’s time to start preparing for the school year, which means rolling out Key Club to a whole new group of incoming freshmen and upper classmen who have never experienced Key Club before. I hope you are up to the challenge! We recently learned that our Trustee for the upcoming year will be Jack Vielhauer of the New York District. He will be bringing new ideas for service and helping ensure that our Key Club year is the best possible. I’m also looking forward to the great things that our International President Rebecca Riley will be working on. Among her goals are securing more sponsorships to enhance the experience and get more attendance at ICON. Through her efforts this year, Mo-Ark was able to provide a scholarship to attend ICON. This is also the time of year to be thinking about attending a Key Leader event. Key Leader is designed to inspire individuals to do their personal best through service leadership. There are two local events coming up: October 12-14 in Bourbon, MO and November 2-4 in Hot Springs, AR. For more information go to If you need my assistance with anything, let me know. or 660-635-2101

Aric Helmandollar Governor

Meet International Trustee Jack Vielhauer

Service Partners ......................14 Back to School Projects ..........15 Answers to Trivia ....................15 ICON Awards ..........................16

I would like to take the time to thank you for the encouragement and support you gave me for my campaign at ICON. I am humbled and gracious for being able to represent such an amazing district on the International level. My goals are here to include you and make your experience even more exciting! I hope to increase communication among clubs, divisions, districts, and overall International. I plan to create resources for clubs, divisions, and districts as a whole to help guide them as they begin a new service year with the positions they have been elected or appointed to. I want the club level to be on the same level as International. Everyone in Key Club is a leader, and they can’t show leadership without knowledge. Everyday, no matter your position in Key Club, you are a leader! I am looking forward to an amazing service year and can’t wait to meet you all! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email or Facebook me! Jack Vielhauer, International Trustee

The 69th Annual Key Club International Convention was held July 4-7 in Orlando, Florida. Delegates elected their new International Board, raised funds for Eliminate, and made lots of new friends. Check out the following pages for a complete timeline of ICON. 2


Shanna Nichols and Crystal Brock are ready to take off from Kansas City International Airport. Members departed from KCI, St. Louis, Little Rock and Memphis. Somehow, everyone managed to connect in Orlando.

The Governor’s Project: Special Olympics As you all know, Special Olympics is near to my heart. It has provided me opportunities for service that has fueled my passion to serve others. I think it can give you that same drive, which is why I have selected Special Olympics as this year’s Governors Project.

be based on club size (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). There will also be two trophies presented to Special Olympics Heroes. These will be the overall top two clubs who raise the most money per member and provide the most service hours per member.

The only thing Key Clubbers love more than service, is a little friendly competition. So...there will be awards and recognition for your participation with Special Olympics. Each club that participates in a project with or for Special Olympics will receive a certificate of recognition. Clubs will also compete for recognition for raising the most money per member and providing the most service hours per member for Special Olympics. These awards will

Apply for a Youth Opportunity Fund Grant Hurry, it’s not too late. The deadline for application for the Youth Opportunity Fund is quickly approaching. Does your club have a great project idea? Are you short on the cash necessary to get the project off the ground? Then you should apply for a grant from the Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF). You can request anywhere from $200 to $2000. The application is not difficult to complete as long as you have your project thoroughly planned. You can print the application at yof/yofgrant.aspx.

Make sure to get your cameras flashing while you’re raising funds and providing service. Submit those photos on CD with your contest entry and we’ll compile a video of the Mo-Ark Special Olympics project participants. Not sure how to get involved with Special Olympics? If you are an Arkansas club, go to You can then select your region or county for contact information. In Missouri, go to and select your region or county. The Special Education Department at your school could be a great resource for you as well. I encourage each of the Mo-Ark clubs to get involved and become a hero to a Special Olympics athlete. - Governor Aric Helmandollar

Several Key Club members were pretty convinced that their luggage had been lost as we waited forever for luggage. They passed the time by entertaining each other with amateur comedy and striking funny poses.

The Lego table in Downtown Disney was a top attraction. Despite sweltering temperatures, Mo-Ark Key Clubbers hung out at the table to create masterpieces. Guess you never outgrow Legos. 3


M*A*S*H Mark your calendars and plan to attend

Making * All * Service * Happen

District Leadership Conference in Springfield, Missouri.

Posing with Disney characters also proved to be at the top of a Key Clubbers list of things to do. Here, Crystal Brock and Werthen Gass pose with Marie from The Aristrocats.



Eating your way around the world in a day can only be done at Epcot. Kat Murray, Olivia Oberling, Heather Henning and Jerricah Stringer pause quickly for the camera before they resume their dining experience.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is no secret that I am a candy-aholic. My second birthday party was candy-themed. Aside from tiny boxes of Nerds, the best part of Halloween is Trick or Treat for UNICEF. It is a great excuse to put together a costume and have some door-to-door fun with fellow Key Clubbers. Again this year, Key Clubbers around the world will pool their donations to benefit The Eliminate Project. Together we can continue to save mothers and their children by ridding the earth of maternalneonatal tetanus. Last year Key Club raised more than $577,901 and saved more than 321,056. For only $1.80 the life of a mother and her children can be saved. Trick or treat for UNICEF is an easy project. Your club can canvass door-to-door, set up at a football game, or collect at some other place where large groups of people gather. To establish an online collection website go to and click on the trick or treat online link. If you participated in Trick or Treat for UNICEF last year, your boxes and supply kit will be arriving this fall. If you did not participate last year, you will need to call 1-800-Kiwanis x411 to request a kit. You will be excited to see the boxes have been redesigned this year.

Be sure to check out the UNICEF video that comes with your shipment from UNICEF. It will inspire your members to get out and get collecting. So get those costumes ready and let’s top last year’s amount and continue our push to Eliminate MNT. Key Clubbers received adThanks to great friends like vice from motivational Nick Gass, Crystal Brock did speaker Charlotte Strickland not have to hobble all the of Strickly way aroundSpeaking. Epcot. SheShe did however have to test her encouraged attendees to upper few strivebody to bestrength the best athat times by wheeling herself they can be and inspired around. The lesson? Always members to continue rent the jazzy have an impact by serving.

In addition to the great food you can find at Epcot, there is never a shortage of cultural experiences to take in. At the Goju-no-to Pagoda Taiko is performed. The drums can be heard halfway around the World Showcase. 5


Worldwide Day of Play Now in its 9th year, Worldwide Day of Play is an entire day dedicated to active play. On Worldwide Day of Play, Nickelodeon goes completely “dark” for three hours, turning off programming to encourage kids to get up, get out, and go play! Every year, Worldwide Day of Play is celebrated with more than 5,000 local events in all 50 states and in 20 countries. Plan an event on or around October 6, 2012. Find more information at Here are seven tips to play your Worldwide Day of Play Event. 1. Select a date and location  With your faculty advisor, choose a date on or around October 6 th that works for you.  Consider the number of kids and any specific equipment or supplies you’ll need.  Remember, if you need to use any public spaces—such as a park or street—it will be critical that you obtain permission from your community or parks department. 2. Create a Planning Team  Assemble a team to help plan your Worldwide Day of Play event.  Assign tasks for each member to handle.  Reach out to your school or community for support. 3. Plan Your Activities  Decide what activities your event should include.  Set start and end times for your event.  Figure out details such as setup, cleanup, and permission slips. 4. Recruit Volunteers  Recruit members from your sponsoring Kiwanis club—trust us, you’ll need them!  Create a contact list so it’s easy to keep in touch with everyone. 5. Register Your Event with Nickelodeon and Take Advantage of Nick’s Resources  Log onto the Resources page of to officially register your event. Once registered, you’ll qualify to receive posters, banners, giveaways, and even funding. 6. Spread the Word  Post flyers around town (with permission, of course).  Use approved social media outlets including Twitter and Facebook to promote your event. If your club has a website or an email list, use it to get the word out!  Contact us at so we can help you coordinate your publicity. 7. Thanks for the memories!  After your event upload photos, videos, and stories on

You are always guaranteed to score some cool loot during registration. Here members of the Alabama District show off their bags of goodies. This year’s loot included a bag, water bottle and pin.



Great ideas for service projects and fundraisers could be found with various vendors that were set up. Some even had items for sale to support their causes. How many pairs of shoes and glasses could Toms have donated if they’d only had our size?

New Member Recruitment Inclusiveness; it’s one of the four core values upon which Key Club International has been built. Being inclusive, though, often means more than just sitting back and accepting applications. In many instances, it entails going out and soliciting those applications in the first place. To do this, set up the booth at your school orientation, host a party for rush week, or—one of my favorites—host a member recruitment social event. In preparation for your event, make a list of everything you’ll need. Such a list should include the newest Key Club promotional and marketing resources. You can order these supplies (generally free of charge) by going to and clicking on the “shop” tab in the upper left-hand corner. This will take you to the Key Club store and you will want to look under literature. In addition to promotional materials, you will want the latest editions of your club and division newsletter, scrapbooks and other materials that illustrate who you are and what you do. Food and drink are always popular and boost attendance, and you’ll want to prepare speeches and ice breakers and games. Consider inviting your Kiwanis sponsor or president to speak as well as your Lieutenant Governor if s/he is available. Often, these people have the knowledge and experience to answer any question a prospective member could pose. Keep weather in mind as you select a venue for your event. The best time to host is during summer right before the start of the year. A park or pavilion is a great place. Other ideas include popular restaurants in your area, community centers, or even your school gym. Every location has it’s own benefits—you must decide which is best for your event. Make sure you invite everyone. After all, inclusiveness is the name of the game. Tell all your current club members in advance, and formally invite all incoming freshmen-and tell them to bring friends! It’s the more the merrier when you’re talking Key Club membership. But remember, always plan and prepare for more than you expect to attend. This will make embarrassing shortages and hard feelings from being left out impossible. Good luck with your event, and we look forward to welcoming your new members to the MissouriArkansas District of Key Club International!

Shopping for Key Club apparel, pens, lanyards, note cards and so much more was made easy as the Key Club Store came to us. And speaking of easy, how about those cool hotel touch screen directories? They made getting lost in the hotel almost impossible.

Remember those gray “Roman Into Service” t-shirts? A quick hotel room make-over and they become tie-dye. Many Mo-Arkers could be seen sporting the new look.



Get to Know Your International Board

Rebecca Reilly International President


Jack Vielhauer International Trustee

Marc Chen

Zach Dameron

Cecelia Ferguson

Yein Ha

Kayla Lash

Calvin Leung

Ratan Manohar

Colten Meisner

Mary Alice Peng

Betty Stearns

Key Club members were busy during the day, but there was still a little time to hang out by the pool at night.


Caitlin Stroup International Vice -President

Caucusing is a big part of International Convention. While it may not be the highlight of convention, it is important to hear from the candidates so that the best leaders are selected. Here Jack Vielhauer addresses the constituents from Caribbean -Atlantic, Missouri-Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

House of Delegates Results The House of Delegates at the 69th Annual Key Club Convention proved to be a lesson in Roberts Rules of Order. In addition to electing our new International Board, we debated and voted on 20 amendments. The session lasted just over five hours. Thank goodness for electronic voting devices. They kept the pace of the Delegates Session moving quickly. Following is a wrap up of the amendments that were passed during the House of Delegates. Keep in mind that amendments are not finalized until they are approved by the Kiwanis International Board. Amendment 1 - Article V. Organizing and Chartering Clubs - Passed - Changed the wording to reflect that Key Clubs can now be chartered outside of a high school. Amendment 2 - Article VI. Club Operations - Passed - Permits individual clubs to set the frequency of their club meetings. Amendment 3 - Article VI. Club Operations - Passed - Changes the terminology of Major Emphasis Program to Major Emphasis. Amendment 4 - Article XIII. Board of Trustees - Passed - Permits the Key Club Director to notify Trustees of actions taken by the Board by physical or electronic mail. Amendment 5 - Article XVI. Delegates and Delegates At-Large - Passed - Give clubs in non-districted regions the same rights and privileges as clubs in districted regions. Amendment 9 - Article XIX. Vacancies in Office - Passed - Allows the Board to consider removals from office at meetings held via alternative means. Amendment 10 - Article XX. Committees - Passed - Strikes standing committees and states that committees and their duties will be published by September 1st or within 60 days of the formation of the committee. Amendment 11 - Article XXI. Official Publication - Passed - Strikes section 3 which defines the subscription price to the official publication. All other amendments failed or were deemed out of order as they were in violation of Kiwanis policies. Again, amendments are not final until approved by Kiwanis International Board of Trustees. Mo-Ark’s candidate for International Trustee was Jake Zorn. With 22 candidates for trustee, the competition was tough. Despite not being elected, Jake represented the district with intelligence, class and style. Great job, Jake!

Even though caucusing lasted four hours, Reagan Allgood, Shanna Nichols and Abby Prueitt still had smiles on their faces.



Spotlight .

Clark County High School Starts the Year Off Right

In April, Clark County Key Club sponsored a “Kiss the Pig” Contest to help raise funds for the ELIMINATE Project. Between Clark County’s two elementary schools and the middle school as well as a few donations from the high school, they were able to raise $120.67 in loose change. The kids at the Running Fox Elementary School in Clark County raised the most with nearly $40.00 in change. The deal that was made was that the student whose school raised the most money per student got the witness their principal, and many teachers and fellow students, kiss a piglet that belonged to CCHS Key Club Sponsor, Susan Turpin. Clark County raised enough money for 67 vaccinations. In May CCHS Key Club agreed to work at the elementary school PTO Carnival in the food stand. In the six hours of serving food, CCHS Key Club was able to raise $350.00 in profit, which, they decided to put back for the 2013 ICON budget. CCHS Key Club held a Gas Pumping Fundraiser on June 9th. CCHS Key Club held this fundraiser at their local Casey’s General Store in Kahoka and asked customers if they would like their gas pumped. No set price was asked for their services, and they just told their customers that donations were accepted to help support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, UNICEF, and March of Dimes. Donation totaled to $280.00, Casey’s agreed to double that amount to bring the fundraiser total to $560.00. Keep up the great work CCHS Key Club and thank you for all of your hard work.

Day of Service During Holiday Season Last Christmas season, the Joplin High School Key Club celebrated Christmas by having a “day of service”. There were a total of twenty-two Key Clubbers who volunteered. During this day of service, the JHS Key Club made holiday cards for the Children’s Miracle Network, went Christmas caroling and made paper flowers for people at the Joplin Health and Rehabilitation Center, and finally, they put together and delivered holiday gift baskets for families in need. The baskets consisted of enough food for a large holiday meal and toys for children if there were any. At the end of the day, the JHS Key Club managed to rack up 86 hours of service and celebrated with a pizza party, Secret Santa gift exchange, and movies. Key Club was able to accomplish a lot in one day by working together. During Christmas, they are reminded that giving can feel just as good as receiving. With this in mind, they have decided to put their efforts together to reach out to a few members of the community that could use the help. The JHS Key Club hopes to continue doing this “day of service” for years to come.

What do you do when your roommates have kicked you out of the bed? Sleep in the hammock, of course. Nick Gass didn’t really have to sleep outside. He was just taking a break after his walk back from Downtown Disney. 10 10

Rebecca Riley proved to be real, right and ready as she was elected International President. Jake Zorn is pictured here with Rebecca.

on Service Trivial Pursuits A benefit for the Eliminate Project On the morning of May 10, 2012 members of Trenton High School Key Club hosted a Trivia contest for students who were anxiously awaiting summer break which began the next day. Students formed teams of six people and competed in trivia categories such as Eliminate, That Kid Who Used to Be in My Class, Cartoons of our Childhood, Candy, Energy Drinks, Video Games, Who lives Here?, The Hunger Games, and Quotable Movies. A flood of students entered the commons just after 1st hour ready to compete. Students from the Life Skills class popped popcorn for all teams and Key Clubbers sold soda. The event began with the Eliminate video. The students were grateful to learn about the issue and felt good about the cause their $18 entry fee supported. The competition consisted of 4 rounds with 15 questions in each round. Players also had the opportunity to answer a bonus question in each round. The questions were delivered by Mr. Cowling, everyone’s favorite math teacher, and were displayed on televisions in the commons. Audio and video clips and bags of candy for tasting added a level of excitement to the competition. By lunch time we had determined a winning team and had raised $350 for The Eliminate Project.

Pin trading proved to be a popular pastime during International Convention. Each Key Club member that traveled with the District Tour received a bag of more than 20 pins to trade. Marty pins were highly desired and quite valuable in the trade.

Historian Madison Cox, Kentucky-Tennessee and Governor Aric Helmandollar gathered ideas for new service projects during the Service Fair. Approximately 40 groups set up during the Service Fair and attendees could also meet the candidates face-to-face. 11 11

Working with the K Family Sometimes it is difficult to navigate the waters and partner with the sponsoring Kiwanis Club. Does your club have little or no interaction with your sponsoring Kiwanis Club? Are you intimidated by the mysterious adults who meet in some remote location and are as frightened of you as you are of them. Never fear. Here are a few tips to open the door to build a working relationship with your Kfamily. Step 1: Find contact information for your Kiwanis sponsor and Kiwanis president. Step 2: Contact both of those people introducing yourself and ask to attend one of the Kiwanis meetings. Step 3: Place those people on your Key Club distribution list. Invite them to all of your events and meeting and share your newsletters and other publications. Step 4: When you attend the Kiwanis meeting, share with the membership your desire to partner on a project. With the Kiwanis members create a plan of action. Following theses few simple steps will open the door to a positive working relationship with your Kiwanis family.

Interested in running for District Board? Are you interested in running for Mo-Ark board? The MoArk board elects Lieutenant Governors and Executive members every year at District Leadership Conference. Being on board takes some work: there are monthly newsletters to write, clubs to visit, a fall rally to organize, and four mandatory weekend meetings to attend. It is a really great opportunity to grow as a leader. If you are interested, contact any person on the Mo-Ark board and ask what you should do to prepare for running for office at the District Leadership Conference this spring.

KeyTV was one of the highlights of convention each evening. Key Club members were interviewed and activities were taped for playback each evening. Episodes of Key TV are available for viewing on You Tube. Search Key Club TV. 12 12

Key Club Trivia Challenge your friends and measure your knowledge of Key Club. 1. What is the Key Club Motto? 2. Where and when was Key Club founded? 3. In what year were women allowed to be members of Key Club? 4. Who was elected as the Key Club International President this past July? 5. What is the name of the MoArk mascot? 6. Who are the Key Club service partners? 7. How many Key Clubbers are there on earth? 8. What are the four core values of Key Club? 9. What is the name of the leadership camp sponsored by Kiwanis International? 10. When is the Early Bird dues deadline? - See answers on page 15 -

Mo-Ark Key Club Alumnus Olivia Helmandollar was selected to be one of five interns for the International Convention. Olivia worked on the Production Team of KeyTV and helped ensure that all General Sessions ran smoothly.

Key Club Week Key Club week gives you the opportunity to show your community what Key Club is truly about: service. Each day places an emphasis on service, to promote Key Club within our homes, schools, and communities, and to make Key Club a household name. Do your part to make sure Key Club Week—November 5-9 starts Kiwanis Family Month with a bang. Join other Key Clubs from around the world by following these suggestions. Monday, November 5: Show Your K in Every Way—Show people what Key Club is all about. Spread the word by wearing Key Club gear and publicizing Key Club Week in local stores, your school website, community newspapers—even on the radio. Download Key Club Week ads that are ready to print, officially announce Key Club Week in your community with a proclamation and refer to the Key Club Week handbook at to get great tips on how to publicize Key Club in your community.

Fall Rally

Tuesday, November 6: Kudos to the Key Players—Personally thank all the Key Club supporters you know—teachers, advisors and The crisp air and the crunch of other key players. Write thank-you notes, host an appreciation dinner or do something uniquely your own style to recognize the leaves under our feet must mean it’s time for divisional Fall Rally. If you’re contributions of these special people. Lieutenant Governor hasn’t contacted Wednesday, November 7: Connect the Ks—Key Club is the you with the details that should be largest high school service organization in the world and is a happening soon. Fall Rally is a terrific member of the Kiwanis family. Celebrate the entire family of opportunity to receive training, gather Kiwanis by getting the whole gang involved. Connect with local great project ideas, and just have a Kiwanis, Circle K International, Builders, K-Kids, or Aktion Clubs and great time with Key Club friends. So, team up for a joint service project. as you begin your preparations for the Thursday, November 8: Bring a friend to Key Club—More long winter ahead, don’t forget to add members=more service. Increasing the amount of service Key Club “Attend Fall Rally” to your to-do list. members performs increases the impact Key Club has on the world. Bring a friend, or two, or more to your next Key Club meeting. Friday, November 9: Your Way—This is your club’s chance to do its own thing and make its mark. Pick a project, plan a recruitment party or combine activities from the other Key Club Week days. Whatever idea you choose, take it and run with it. Talent was outstanding again at this year’s International Convention. Any Key Club member is eligible to audition for talent. Start making plans now to audition to be part of the Talent Showcase during the 2013 International Convention in Washington D.C.

Booneville, Arkansas captured 3rd place in the Non-Traditional Scrapbook category. Accepting the award from International President Annie Lewandowski on behalf of Boonville is Jacquelyn Hall. 13 13

Service Partners Work for Key Club partner organizations and make a greater impact.

Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to combat maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) worldwide. This historic initiative, called The Eliminate Project, will protect the lives of babies and mothers all over the globe and aims to help put an end to this cruel, centuries-old disease by 2015. The final push to eliminate MNT globally will require $110 million and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family, specifically Key Club. As The Eliminate Project is the Mo-Ark district Key Club project, each club should plan to raise money for this worthy project. Visit for information and fund raising ideas. Your Lieutenant Governor will also be able to assist with ideas for projects that support Eliminate.

The goal of Children’s Miracle Network is to help as many children as possible by raising funds for children’s hospitals, and to keep funds in the community in which they were raised to help local children. As of 2011, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has raised more than $4.3 billion—most of which is donated a dollar or two at a time.

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant death. Every year in the US, more than half a million babies arrive too soon. Premature birth is the leading cause of death in the first month of life and is a major cause of health problems like cerebral palsy, blindness and mental Contact your local CMN hospital to find out retardation. Teens have been essential in helping the specifically what your Key Club can do to help. They March of Dimes achieve its mission for more than 50 may need volunteers, children’s items, or a monetary years. donation. Your local CMN hospital will be able to Every Key Club in Missouri-Arkansas District share their specific needs. Once you figure out what should plan an event to educate or raise funds for the you want to do, develop and execute a March of Dimes. All the information you need can be game plan. Hopefully, all clubs will found at participate with CMN this year.

Kat Murray was selected to participate onstage with Justin Willman’s Tricked Out Tour. Kat “colored” her man and was amazed to see that her depiction was an exact match of what Justin had on under his suit. Justin is the star of Cupcake Wars. 14 14

Key Club members took the opportunity to poke a little fun at their parents by donning their neon for the 80’s dance.

Back to School Service Projects Compliments of Jared Doles

Answers to Key Club Trivia from page 12: 8. leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness 6. UNICEF, Children’s Miracle Network and March of Dimes 1. Caring - Our Way of Life

2. Sacramento, CA in 1925

9. Key Leader

10. November 1st

7. approximately 260,000 members 3. 1977

4. Rebecca Riley

Key Club members raised $10,000 for the Eliminate Project during convention. Dance t-shirts and pins were sold in advance and two Miracle Minutes were held during the dance. That’s over 5,500 lives saved during convention alone. Way to go Key Club!

“To infinity and beyond!” -Buzz Lightyear

15 15

5. Marty the Meerkat

And the Winner is… ICON Awards Booneville High School Booneville, Arkansas 3rd Place Non-traditional Scrapbook Duchesne High School St. Charles, Missouri Distinguished Club Diamond Level

Cabot High School Cabot, Arkansas Distinguished Club Diamond Level

Crystal Brock Truman High School Robert F. Lucas Award Outstanding LTG

Lauren Sego Palmyra High School Distinguished District Secretary

Trenton High School Trenton, Missouri 3rd Place Digital Poster Distinguished Club Diamond Level The Key Way is the official magazine of the Missouri-Arkansas Key Club District. It is published tri-annually each year and sent to all Key Clubs in the district.


Editor—Nick Gass

The Keyway

Trenton High School . 1415 Oklahoma Avenue . Trenton, Missouri 64683

16 16

Please Submit Articles to The Key Way

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We want to feature your club’s service in the Key Way. It is easy. Email me at all the details of your event along with some great pictures. That is it. It is as simple as that. Additionally, if you have question or comments about the contents of the Key Way, please send them to me. I really want to hear from you.

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