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Smile With Pride The Mag For The Heart

Volume 1 — Autumn 2009

Free As A Bird

welcome to the first issue of Smile With Pride.

For quite a while it was one of my dreams to have a more creative job and to work for myself. So I started to create the first issue of Smile With Pride and told people “I am going to have my own online magazine” with a big smile on my face. Believe me - the eternal question “What is your target group?” has given me a couple of sleepless nights. An important conversation with a dear friend helped me to zero in on what I like. So I put together a magazine that I would love myself. This is what I love and I hope you will love it too. Please feel free to spread the word about the magazine and keep smiling and believing in yourself. Dreaming doesn‘t harm anybody afterall. I hope to entertain limitlessly. I want to put a smile on your face. Enjoy the first issue, Coco P.S. SWP is a collaborative effort, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the magazine however small the contribution was. Special thanks to Maren, Natalie, The Mansion, Lauren, Timotheus, Rachael, Abi and forvert.



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Maren Winter and Coco Stuck Natalie Lucas and Timotheus Mausolf Coco Stuck - Cover: Sydney, Shebeen: London, Stroll Around: London, Photo Contest: Cornwall, Travel: Thailand, Papertoys: Cologne Coco Stuck, except of Papertoys by Maren Winter To advertise in SWP please contact 2

CONTENT Editors Playlist




Songs That Made Us Smile












Empire Of The Sun — We Are The People

We Saw You In The Streets



For The Weekend — Papertoys

Charlotte Evans



By Thimotheus Mausolf





Maighréad Neligan



Sue Hubbard





By Natalie Lucas



editors playlist

SONGS That Made us smile

In For The Kill – Lifelike Remix – La Roux Poker Face – Lady Gaga Dusk Till Dawn – Ladyhawke I’m With Stupid – PSB Maxi Mix – Pet Shop Boys Don’t Upset the Rhythm – Noisettes Starlight - Muse Overload – Nick Faber Mix – Sugababes Stuck On Repeat – Little Boots Paris (Justus Köhncke Remix) – Friendly Fires Buttons – Sia Supermassive Black Hole – Phones Control Voltage Mix 7” Edit – Muse Easy – Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Remix – Sugababes We Are The People – Shapeshifters Vocal Remix – Empire Of The Sun Cornflake Girl – Tori Amos Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon

You will need spotify to be able to listen to the playlist. Spotify is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain. It will launch in more countries in the future. Click here to download spotify.


It’s not about making money, it’s about making an entrance. It’s about making a beautiful thing by taking a glam buzz, and knitting it together with indie-disco and dirty electro. It’s about making Soho chic shake hands with Shoreditch kitsch and play nicely. Mannequin has exclusive use of a killer space in the East Room Shoreditch Members Club, where contemporary glamour meets retro kitsch. A large bar and dance area opens out onto a stunning roof terrace. It’s a bit like you were watching ‘Cribs’ and fell into your telly. But less painful.

DATE AND TIME: 12th September, 10th October, every second Saturday of every month thereafter, 8pm - 3am EVENT LOCATION: The East Room, Shoreditch Members Club, 2a Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4LU PRICE: £8 in advance, available @ £10 on the night. Men welcome as guests.



SHOREDITCH Little impressions from different areas around London.






artist of the month Maighréad Neligan Oscillating between, gutsy and angelic, earthy and soulful, a new voice to watch out for is singer Maighréad.

Continually building her strong fanbase, Maighréad has won over one well known fan, David Knopfler of Dire Straits is backing the singer for good things to come “… I love the voice — totally arresting. She is first division all the way”. The press are also picking up on Maighread’s talents, with astonishing reviews.

Host of Shoreditch based Shebeen Sessions a monthly music night at the rather fabulous 3 Blind Mice, Maighréad kick starts the evening

As guest vocalist with trip hop artist Jon Kennedy, Maighréad has performed clubs and festivals with the act. As a session singer Maighréad has worked with Yak Bondy (songwriter with hits for Emma Bunton, Step Club 7 & more), Helene Mudidman (songwriter with hits for Emma Bunton & TV show success) and a host of producers.

with a blend of her electronic home produced backing tracks, layered with her strong lyrics and a voice to leave you wanting a cigarette after giving you a song.

Please click on the pictures to watch some of Maighréad’s new songs on youtube.

Recently moved to London from Ireland to pursue her career as a singer and performer, Maighréad has already played some of the city’s best known venues including The Marquee Club, where lengendary music photograher David Redfern snapped her on stage and Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Along her journey, she has played solo support to Beth Orton, Kristen Hersh, Matt Johnson, Gemma Hayes, Damian Rice, John Martyn, Rodrigo y Gabriella to name a few.

MySpace: Facebook Group: *Maighread*



THE PRESS ARE SAYING “If I were an A&R man I’d contact Neligan immediately” (The Sunday Times)

“Big voiced acoustic soul” (Time Out Magazine)

“The best Irish female star since Sinead O’Connor” (Frank Zigler, The Boogaloo, London)

“Watch out for Main Attraction” (The Sun)

“Catch her now before you have to pay triple the price for the pleasure” (Limerick Events Guide)

“... with a voice capable of switching from angelic to anger in the same breath. This girl is one to watch” (MEAS)


Hot Tip

The Shebeen Sessions‌ ‌is a monthly music night run by Maighread on the last Wednesday of every month at 3 Blind Mice in Shoreditch. FR EE. Admission . Come visit



We think it’s sexy and you should call it your own

KORG KAOSSILATOR The Kaossilator is a small portable synthesizer. The touch pad allows you to play around with different sounds. You can choose about 100 different settings, create beats and loop them to create your own music. It’s easily connectable to your computer. Available colours: yellow and pink Price £129.00

OPTOMA PICO PK101 This small LED pocket projector creates a stunning image of up to 60 inches. It has a vivid 1000:1 contrast ratio and is ultra light weight with only 4 ounces including battery. Connectable to your IPhone, IPod, or DVD player and easily rechargeable via USB connection. Price from £244.99


Smile With Pride The Mag For The Heart

Volume 1 — Autumn 2009




London artist Charlotte Evans


Tryptich London

Hello Charlotte. It is very nice to meet you. We are in your studio in Stroud Green right now. What are you working on at the moment?

My work was at the New York Contemporary Art Fair most recently. My gallery, Will’s Art Warehouse in Putney, always has a few in the store cupboard too. Things are quiet at the moment What intrigues you about art? so I can completely indulge myself. I’m exploring things. How it seems to effortlessly Landscape still, working from seduce every­one. I think we all my trip to South America and have a romanticism about it. thinking about adding to the It can be such a pure form of Canadian series I started at the communication. end of last year.   The palettes are very different Who is your favourite artist? but the huge expanses of space are similar. I guess I’m learn- Gosh- there’s a question. I have ing how to paint space and dis- so many I admire. Peter Doig’s tance. work makes me go weak at the   knees. And I’ve just discovAre you showing your art in any ered a new painter, Charming exhibitions? Baker.   17

What influenced you the most? To become a painter? Watching my Ma get up and sit at her desk to write everyday while I was growing up despite the struggles to get things published. She’s never given up, steely determination. My father runs his own business too and with both of them as examples, there was little chance of me getting an office job. They’ve always supported me and encouraged me to keep pushing. Do you create a painting in your head or do you look at a blank canvas and just start painting? I always have an idea of what something will be before I start. Where it then ends up is entirely up to it on the whole

Second Home

though! Things have a mind of There is a really bright sap their own sometimes. green that just glows. It’s extraordinary … I’m like a magDid you study and do you have pie when I see anything that an art degree? colour, I want it. It’s fresh growth, spring, energetic … Yep — I did 4 years altogether, and looks great with cadmium post school that is. A founda- red and a bright chalky white. tion year, experimenting with all sorts of different things, Has it always been green or did some more successfully than this change over the years? others and then a fine art degree. It’s changed so many times. I used to love bright, intense blue Were you a good painter when — Yves Klein blue — I painted you were a child? my room that colour when I was a kid. Then I loved red for I think that would be a matter a while. I remember hating of opinion! I loved it but I think turquoise when I was younger I was best at running around then I couldn’t get enough of it, with my friends making dens especially with a dollop of red. and whittling sticks. Your eye changes. What is your favourite colour? Could you explain what it’s like for you to mix colours? 18

Sexy, delicious, addictive. It’s the best thing about painting. I love colour, I love paints, I love the smell of them and the texture. It can be really exhilarating. and sometimes desperately frustrating. Do you have a favourite canvas size? The bigger the better — big, huge — probably bigger than I’ve ever had the chance to paint — upwards of 10 x 20 ft? Anyone got a commission for me?! Who is your favourite newcomer artist? Newcomer artist..? Hmm. People don’t seem to pop up til they are famous and have been

Swallow and Amazon

out of art school for a good few years. Charming Baker who I mentioned before is a newcomer to me so let’s say him — he really is incredible and I think I might be obsessed. You know when you see something that you wish you had done, you wish you could do? I’m really pleased that more painters seem to be emerging from art school — for a while it was desperately unfashionable, frowned upon almost. Conceptual has been the art world heart throb for the last 10-15 years. Fingers crossed that’s a changing.

my legs will carry me and there aren’t any galleries in or around Finsbury Park. But I have a Tate membership card and I do go there relatively often. And I keep an eye on Sarah Myerscough Gallery and the Danielle Arnaud Gallery. I like what they show and would love to have a show with either.

it? Or does it? So I guess not. Oh, someone did recently tell me that they had one of my paintings as their screen saver at work… does that count? Of course it does! Thank you very much for your time. We wish you a lot of success with your work in the future.

Do you have any groupies? Check out Charlotte Evans on If not I’m sure you will have some her website: now! Lordy — I don’t know… they should speak up if I do. All my friends are really supportive What Art Galleries do you regu- of what I do but they aren’t larly visit? groupies. And there’s someone in New York who always buys I’m really awful when it comes my work but that doesn’t really to visiting galleries — I don’t count as a groupie either does really venture further than 19

Photo Contest

We saw you in the streets and we liked yo



These adorable creatures have been sighted in Cornwall.

It‘s so easy. Take your camera, Take a Picture and Send us your PHOTO. The 3 Best win A forvert boys or girls t-shirt or even A bag Called enzo. our Favourite PHOTO Will Be Published in the Next Issue. Email to: 21


Three Minutes of Now By Natalie Lucas


he folds of your coat hang laced with the anticipation of proscenium drapes, drawn tight for now around the captive energy of your body.

We move forward. Your hair, naturally straight and longer than to my usual taste, swings free from the shoulder strap of your soft Valextra bag. You are fingering the clasp absently as you sit.

We stop and wait. I raise my head and watch the Autumnal morning sunlight cast shadows across your calves. The light catches thousands of dust particles dancing their own intricate gavotte. My eyes drift down to your faintly marbled ankles, habitually crossed right over left. You have pale pink toenails. With a whispered apology I scoop your indolent brown cat off of the Sports section and throw you Fashion and the magazine. I thumb through, trying to keep my cheek balanced on the warm mound of your right buttock and the newsprint off the sheets. You stretch; yawn loudly, then allow me to place my head back where it was. The cat glares in disbelief ignoring my guilty blandishments. I give up and laugh at him raising the newspaper back up to my line of sight.

I see your slender hands gloved in white leather gripping a red steering wheel on the Italian Riviera. The Alfa, reflexive as a purr, noses up through the perilous hills that know no fear for us. I feed you cold Prosecco straight from the bottle and wild strawberries that I sprinkle with sugar as we pass far above the sea. The easy listening strings blend with the calls of the darting birds that swoop among the crags below. I inhale the scent of the salt air. A small imperfection; your hair gets stuck between your teeth as the breeze pushes it


into the corner of your mouth. Our long climb becomes an equally treacherous descent into the heat of a piazza entwined with bougainvillea. We feast on lobster and fresh pasta, dipping fingers into lemon water and cooling our necks with glasses of ice. Later we kiss, leaving the wooden shutters open to the nonchalant moon. A distracting pulse edges into my peripheral hearing, causing me to turn to face its source.

Your chest rises knowingly. The wool of your dress smells of the rain on the streets. You forgot your umbrella, the paper Japanese one that you keep on the stairs. Too delicate for the windy gusts and too precious to be out in the rain you ponder its natural territory. For now it waits forlornly next to the solitary golf club intended as a weapon against burglars. I notice that you are reading a book about snow.

First thin and verging on white noise, it fills out with the wire brushed snares and acoustic bass of a Bleecker Street jazz club. I watch you dance from my martini perch with a proprietorial smugness.

I want to reach across and tell you not to get to the ending. Stay suspended where you are and let the delicate flakes cast their net over you. Obliterate everything mundane with the soft blanket of silence.

Swaying happily I lean back against the bar as the local elders spin you laughing across the sticky parquet. You tower above them all in inappropriate heels. The smoke forms cirrus wisps under the neon exit signs, reminiscent of our first lazy weekend in your apartment.

There is an abrupt hiss as our progress halts once more. You look up and walk past me in one movement; your coat brushes my knee as you leave. The doors close and I am still on the train.

Safely back in our Lower East Side coop we watch the sun rise above the tenements then take turns in the unexpectedly utilitarian shower. You burst back in and try dancing with me while my eyes are full of shampoo. We topple shrieking and I cut my foot against the rusting pipes. The lights flick out for an instant.



Thailand Picture story by coco stuck



The warm summer wind is playing with our hair when we step off the plane. This is heaven. A ferry takes us to a dream island which we choose as our final destination. Koh Tao.



A lovely girl on the ferry offers us a nice beach hut with a hammock. After a short drive on the back of their pickup van we arrive. Shaken through but stunned by the amazing view of the beach.




The water is 30 degrees. It’s too hot to be refreshed by a swim. So just floundering about in the shallow water with a cold beer in the hand is the best thing to do. The water is so clear you can see fish swimming around your feet.





We decide to do a diving refresher course. We put our dive kit on and walk into the water. Flooding masks, buoyancy check. I survived. I’m now refreshed and allowed to do my first fun dive in the deep ocean.


The dive boat takes us out for a ride. After 30 minutes we arrive at Sail Rock. I put my gear on and jump into the warm water. The visibility is overwhelming. I can almost see for 30 meters.



Suddenly everyone starts pointing into the same direction. I can see a monster, I think, and start breathing heavily. In the distance a big whale shark appears and although it seems to be swimming slowly, it is approaching us rapidly.


Picture Index 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.



Koh Tao Beach Ferry To Koh Tao Beach Bar Shark Bay My Backpack Top Right Sail Rock Dive Site Leaving The Dive Site Big Blue Diving Temple In Phuket Town



Quote Sue Hubbard




Along the line of purity, taste and uniqueness all of our styles are completely hand numbered by stamp, print or flag and therefore our personal reference to the anti in mass consumption and 1984-styled ignorance equality. Thus said and done without overtuning any boring fashion-victim tendencies, but with a finger-snapping awareness of the definition of cool. Hildegard Knef meets The Clash-sampling technics being put into clothes so to speak.



Addiction by Timotheus Mausolf


hat if we had to be a week or a

WOW, that‘s so exciting ... and ... scary!

month without it. What would

So many decisions I would have to make!

happen? Would people start calling or texting me again?

Jesus, that IS scary. But that couldn‘t

Maybe my phone at home would make sense

happen anyway, could it? I mean, who would

again? Would I receive handwritten letters?

give it up? It‘s so easy to keep in touch with.

Even self-made invitations?

There is a whole world waiting to be explored!

Pffff, probably that‘s a bit much but hey, you never know. OMG, what would I do

I wouldn’t know as much as I do about

with all those free hours? I could learn Turk-

you because I‘d have no access to your status

ish like I always longed to... or work harder

anymore. I‘d be like completely cut off and

for my finals or join a gym or finish my first

isolated. I want to know what your ex looks

novel or earn a little bit of extra money. I

like and follow every move, know every new

could do anything I wanted, couldn‘t I?

job and look at every new flat … or see when 36

you got dumped, even though I never dare

wall the other day really made me laugh out

to go all thumbs up indicating that I like it.

loud! I didn‘t even know you guys were in

But secretly I do, of course...


Isn‘t it great that we live on different

The best thing is that I can now even

continents and can still be in contact. Gosh,

be online with my new mobile. But I don‘t

I am so glad that I found you online and you

need to tell you this. You know, of course. I

made me your friend. You look really hot in

love to upload pictures right away. Like you

that purple shirt in that pic you posted yes-

did on your Greek holiday last year. Those

terday. I liked it more when you had your hair

stray cats, weren‘t they just adorable!

longer, though. And your comment on Ben‘s I am actually looking at your profile right now. Thank God you cannot see that. I mean what would I say? Hello, we haven‘t spoken in six years but here I am again? No way. That feels wrong. I mean what could you say that I don‘t already know? Was it really that long ago that we met? Certainly doesn‘t feel that long. I mean, in a way I see you every day, don‘t I? Is that the time? I should get going. I am going to my aunt‘s. She is the most idiosyncratic person I know. She simply cannot put down her photo albums ... she is living in her own small world - her past. Makes me sad sometimes, poor woman, but I mean

Single Release 31.07.2009

what has she left except for her albums and

they really make her happy. 37

When you want to meet up with her and

And then again, I cannot stop wonder-

are more than 10 minutes late she doesn‘t

ing what if someone created a virus to shut

open the door. She barely leaves the house

it down or somebody invented something


that cool and exciting nobody would even

Now, that could never happen to me,

think about reading statuses and posting

could it? I am friends with over 300 peo-

comments. Until then, I have to face the

ple but still, I feel lonely at the weekends

facts and dare to say it out aloud:

although I get all these invitations to club

Facebook I love you even though you

nights. It makes me feel popular even though

own me!

I rarely go. Hang on, isn‘t that the best status I am thinking about you a lot these

ever? Sounds deep. I guess my aunt has to

days. At some point I will take the time and

wait. Let me type that in and it‘s not as if

write you a few lines. But then again, what

she hadn‘t got her albums to keep her hap-

could I write that you don‘t already know...

py, right?



— TH

E Pa W pertoE E KE ys N D





PL ME E A S wwwFR E D OM O W NL .marshallale OA


xander .net


Ever heard about papertoys? No, we are not talking about the creepy things your uncle used to cut out when you were 5. No more Thanksgiving Turkeys, Big Ben or even a Statue of Liberty. Please be invited to join us and spend an afternoon cutting, folding and glueing the prettiest things you can possibly imagine. Simply download the pdf of your choice from one of the provided links. Our favourites were the little lady and of course the birds.



N .com W O D SE M A E RO PL E F .3eyedbear M www



Empire of the sun We are the people

Copyright Empire of The Sun


We can remember swimming in December, Heading for the city lights, in 1975 | We share in each other Nearer than farther The scent of a lemon, drips from your eyes | We are the people that rule the world A force running in every boy and girl All rejoicing in the world | Take me now We can try | | | | | | | We lived an adventure Love in the Summer Followed the sun til night Reminiscing other times of life | For each every other The feeling was stronger The shock hit eleven Got lost in your eyes | I can’t do well when I think you’re gonna leave me, but I know I try | Are you gonna leave me now Can’t you be believing now

Can you remember and humanize, It was still where we’d energized, Lie in the sand and visualize like its 75 again | | | | | | We are the people that rule the world A force running in every boy and girl All rejoicing in the world | Take me now We can try | I can’t do well when I think you’re gonna leave me, but I know I try | Are you gonna leave me now Can’t you be believing now | I know everything about you You know everything about me Know everything about us | | | | | | | I can’t do well when I think you’re gonna leave me, but I know I try | Are you gonna leave me now Can’t you be believing now

Song Words by Artist / Band : Empire of The Sun Released : 20 September 2008


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