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How Can You Get Your Child To Take Care Of Their Teeth? It seems to be natural for children to be frightened by trips to the dentist. It could be something that they have heard older siblings talking about. I could be something they have seen on television. It could just be that it frightens them because it is something new and different. No matter what the reasons are, it is normal for children to be scared. Most dentists and their staffs are aware of this fact and go out of their way to make young children feel comfortable when they visit. Parents are often encouraged to go into the examining room with young children. Many dentists have found that explaining each step of what they are going to do before they do it helps to reassure their younger patients. There are also many steps that parents can take to encourage good dental hygiene at home. Children are natural imitators, setting aside time in the morning and evening for brushing your teeth together is one good way to encourage them to brush. You can also try making a game out of brushing their teeth. Some parents use stickers that they allow children to place on a special calendar to mark days when they did a good job brushing their teeth. It also helps to have a good tasting tooth paste for them to use. This is why many children tooth pastes are fruit flavored. The problem with this is that they could try eating it instead of brushing their teeth with it. You can ask your dentist to recommend which of the children tooth pastes are the best for your child to use. Any and all of these things can make your child more willing to spend time brushing their teeth. The younger you can begin teaching them about oral hygiene the easier it will be to instill the habit in them. Children pick things up easily, but if you do not stay consistent with the lessons they also forget quickly. Try to choose methods that will fit easily into your daily routine. Brushing teeth together in the morning and evening may be the easiest option since you are going to be brushing your teeth then anyway. Make it a special time that you spend together. You can expand it to include hair brushing and face washing at the same time if that makes it easier for you.

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How Can You Get Your Child To Take Care Of Their Teeth?