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The All Clear for Quality and Economy.

Permasolid® – Clear Coats for Your Future.

Spies Hecker – simply closer.

Three types of clear coat to meet all needs. > An optimum clear coat is distinguished by its ease of application and excellent flow and gloss. In addition to these key product requirements, increasing importance is being attached to high productivity. Higher throughput aided by fast drying and easy polishing enable the vehicle to be returned sooner to the customer. HS clear coats are distinguished by their high solids

content, thus reducing the quantity of material applied by an average of 25%. What’s more, all Permasolid® HS Clear Coats belong to the GREENTEC Line. This means that they are VOC-compliant and conform to the limits specified in the EU Solvent Directive that comes into force on 1st January 2007 at the latest.

Immaculate gloss. > Permasolid® HS Clear Coat 8030 is distinguished by its brilliant gloss and good filling power. It can be applied highly efficiently in a single spray pass without flash-off between coats.

Universal applications. > Permasolid® HS Clear Coat 8035 gives any vehicle deep gloss. Its simple application makes it user friendly. Thanks to its application in a single pass without flash-off between coats and rapid through drying, it is extremely versatile – even in less-than-ideal application and drying conditions.

Simple application – top results. > Permasolid® HS Optimum Clear Coat 8600 delivers the optimum of flow, gloss and productivity. Its ease of application, excellent flow and rapid drying are what distinguish this clear coat. It can also be quickly and easily polished. It is mixed with the new, very high solids (VHS) hardeners.

A system to depend on. > A perfectly integrated product system gives you the assurance of achieving top results every time. All Permasolid® HS Clear Coats are mixed with the new high solids (HS + VHS) hardener generation. The new hardeners boost yield and thus improve the

cost-effectiveness of your business operations. The versatile clear coat/hardener system additionally permits efficient adaptation to a wide variation in conditions such as object size or temperature.

“A true star among the clear coats from Spies Hecker – what impresses me about the new Permasolid® HS Clear Coat 8035 is its ease of application and fast drying. The results are brilliant.” > Dieter Wenzel, Lackierzentrum Lobenstein

Always the right choice. HS CLEAR COAT


Permasolid® VHS Hardener 3220 fast Permasolid® HS Optimum Clear Coat Permasolid® VHS Hardener 3230 8600 Permasolid® VHS Hardener 3240 slow (3:1 with VHS Hardeners) Permasolid® HS Clear Coat 8030 Permasolid® HS Clear Coat 8035 (2:1 with HS Hardeners)

Permasolid® HS Hardener 3307 extra fast Permasolid® HS Hardener 3309 fast Permasolid® HS Hardener 3310 Permasolid® HS Hardener 3312 slow Permasolid® HS Hardener 3315 extra slow

Part respray (small repairs)

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Complete or part respray (large area)

Low and medium temperature 15-20 °C

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Your clear coat needs – our recommendations. Paint flow


Permasolid® HS Clear Coat 8030 Permasolid® HS Clear Coat 8035 Permasolid® HS Optimum Clear Coat 8600

Spies Hecker clear coats: The key advantages at a glance.

Brilliant results. > Excellent flow and good build ensure deep gloss and guarantee top results every time.

Quick and simple application. > Permasolid® HS Clear Coats are easy to apply in a single spray pass without flash-off between coats. This speeds up vehicle throughput.

High economy. > The new Permasolid® HS Clear Coats have extra-high yield and cut the quantity of paint material used considerably. With their high-solids formula, the newly developed reactive HS/VHS Hardeners achieve high economy.

Medium temperature 20-25 °C

High temperature 25-30 °C

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Very high temperature 30-35 °C

Air drying

Oven drying

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Patented technology – clear advantages for your business. > The new patented binder technology from Spies Hecker ensures the rapid and simple application of the new Permasolid® Clear Coats. This innovative technology improves the drying properties of the clear coat particularly. In addition, paint application is improved

and an extremely smooth flow is achieved. Another benefit is that its optimized through drying enables the clear coat to be polished sooner, thus accelerating paintshop throughput.

“It was by no means an easy task for our development laboratory to reconcile efficient application with a brilliant finish. Every improvement in productivity is usually achieved at the cost of the quality of the paint finish. However, extensive research has now resulted in a totally new, patented technology that resolves the conflicts between the key clear coat properties – brilliant finish, easy application and high productivity.” > Dr Harald Paulussen, Head of Product Management at Spies Hecker

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