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Standox 1K-Füllprimer 1K Primer Filler

· 1K acid primer · Chromate-free · Corrosion protection · Certificate for welding

Technical Description:


· Suitable as a primer · 1 spray coat with Standox VOC Filler after · Overcoat 10-15 min / 18-22°C flash off

Version 02



Standox 1K-Füllprimer Substrate:

Application: Primer

· Bare metal, sanded · Aluminium, sanded

50% Standox 2K Thinner 18-20 s / DIN 4 mm / 20°C 45-53 s / ISO 4 mm / 20°C

· Galvanised metal, sanded · Small through-sanded areas in old

Compliant 1.4 – 1.5 mm 2.0 - 2.5 bar inlet pressure 1 = 15 micron

paintwork and primed replacement panels

HVLP 1.5 - 1.6 mm 0.7 bar atomization pressure 1 = 15 micron

Pretreatment / Cleaning:

10-15 min / 18-22°C

For substrate preparation information see Standox Painting System S1.

Standox VOC Filler

Use air fed respirator. Refer to relevant Health and Safety Data sheets.


Version 02



Standox 1K-Füllprimer Flashpoint:

Cleaning of equipment:

· 24 °C / 75.2 °F

Clean after use with Standox Cleaning Thinner.

Specific Gravity: Important remarks:

· 1.07 - 1.12 g/cm3

· After sanding Standox 1K Primer Filler has to be covered completely with Standox VOC Filler.

Solid Content

· Do not overcoat with PE or EP products.

(without thinner added): 41.1 - 43.6 Weight % 22.1 - 22.9 Volume %

· ·

· Standox 1K Primer Filler gives steel 3 months weather resistance, if a dry film thickness of 50 micron is obtained in several spray passes.

VOC (2004/42/EC): 2004/42/IIB(c)(780)760 The EU limit value for this product (product category: IIB.c) in ready for use form is max 780 g/l of VOC. The VOC content of this product in ready for use form is max. 760 g/l.

· Do not dry sand. · IR drying possible

5 min 50% performance

Theoretical Coverage:

· 3.7-3.8 m2/l at 40 micron dry film thickness

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