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Created by Kerrie Smith


 Why do you want to blog?  What will you blog about?  Who will your audience be?

Which “you”?

The purpose of your blog ď‚— defines the content ď‚— defines your persona


 How often will you blog?  Will you do it at work or at home?

What platform?

Lots of choices  Blogger /Blogspot  Wordpress   Live Journal

What do you need?

 Blog title

 Description  Image/avatar

 Layout  Ideas for first topic


 Use plenty of white space rather than

concentrated text  Learn to insert images for interest  Your post does NOT have to be THE definitive answer  Encourage comments  Respond to comments  Visit & comment on other people’s blogs

Play around until you find a platform that suits you. Never be afraid to start again!

So you want to learn to blog...  

A presentation for a session on blogging for people who have decided theywant to learn to blog. THis will spark discussion prior to embarkin...

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