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COMPONENT 1-EDUCATION: This stage of the process is the legwork. The student will select an “EXTRA” from an approved list provided. The student must then communicate with the service supervisor about the requirements for completing this service. Part of this component should include learning more about the service site such as how and why it exists. Once they have completed this outline they must turn it into Ms. Zeh or Ms. Pometto before September 30. We will have meetings with our service sites on October 4 during activity period. COMPONENT 2-SERVICE DO IT!!! The student will now put the plan into action! Once they have completed the service the service coordinator or site supervisor will contact the Scecina Campus Minister to let the school know they have completed component two. The student may need to remind the service coordinator that they are completing the EXTRA and the information should be communicated with Ms. Zeh or Ms. Pometto. COMPONENT 3-REFLECTION The student along with the Campus Minister, service supervisor or theology chair will complete a written piece or small group discussion including questions such as: ✟ Has this project changed you in any way? ✟ How has it helped you live one of the core values (Dignity of the Individual, Peace and Justice, Responsible Stewardship, and Reconciliation) ✟ What part of this project influenced you the most? ✟ Would you participate in this “EXTRA” again? Why or why not? ✟ Do you think you made a difference in the Indianapolis community?

As a Catholic school, urged by the Spirit, we strive to walk the road Christ Himself walked, a way of poverty and obedience, of service and self-sacrifice. (CCC, 852) We are ambassadors for Christ attempting to “give that little extra.” Every aspect of this program is centered on Scecina’s core values. The “EXTRA’s” are not about “getting service hours done.” They are service experiences that involve education, reflection and hopefully fun. There are three main components:

Education Service Reflection Every student must complete an EXTRA for each complete school year in which they are enrolled as a Scecina student. This is a graduation requirement.

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL—Students will volunteer Saturdays working in the distribution center. The eastside Parishes constitute Team 1. A map to the Distribution Center and additional information can be found on the SVDP website at Most of the volunteers will work from 8 am—noon serving clients, and hopefully a few healthy youth will volunteer to go out on the trucks. When: September 7, October 19, December 7 more dates for 2014 will follow. Contact: Larry Heil at or (317) 657-7093 HOLY FAMILY SHELTER—Students will volunteer at Holy Family Shelter. Holy Family Shelter, an emergency shelter for homeless families, addresses the increasing demand for emergency shelters in Indianapolis and central Indiana by providing residential services designed to move homeless families to self-sufficiency. One event the students can help with is the monthly birthday parties on the third Saturday of the month. When: Third Saturday about 2hours each Contact: Deacon Mike, PROGRAM FOR THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION—Students enrolled in a program to prepare and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation may use this as their EXTRA. Documentation proving the compliance of any required retreats, service, or training they have performed must be provided by the Confirmation program coordinator. Contact: Ms. Zeh SHEPHERD COMMUNITY CENTER- Activities would include tutoring, on-site service, and working with youth. Also help with Fall festival October 31. Located at 4107 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201 When: Year round; mainly after school, October 31. Contact person: Phil Edwards-317.375.0203,

IRISH FEST—Volunteers will assist with the children’s play area during the weekend long festival. When: September 13-15 Contact: Mr. Hegarty; HOMELAND MISSIONS—Students who attended the summer Homeland Missions for the Archdiocese may use this as their EXTRA. Documentation of completion and a reflection are required for the EXTRA. Contact: Gabby Bibeau JOHN H. BONER COMMUNITY CENTER—Students will aid in tutoring IPS elementary students, work with senior citizens, and special projects. This EXTRA will take place at the Community Center at 2236 East 10th Street and/or 727 North Oriental (Legacy Center). When: Varies Contact: Terri Bailey, Deputy Executive Director (317) 633-8210 YMCA—Students will volunteer at the Ransburg Y performing clerical work, aiding in hospitality, and/or helping with special events. The location is at 501 North Shortridge Road, Indianapolis. When: Mostly in evenings and on weekends, but other times can be worked out if necessary. Contact: Tina Wagner (317) 357-8441 YMCA Tutoring-Students will help to tutor in varies subject areas as requested by parents. Hours vary. When: 4-7pm Contact: Natalie Woods, MINISTERS FOR MASS—Students who serve both at Scecina and their home parish may sign up for this EXTRA. Students can serve as Eucharistic ministers, servers, lectors, and music ministers. Contact: Ms. Zeh,

METTLES4MEDALS -Helping at various races with distributing packets the night before, as well as various race day functions. When: Throughout the year mostly Saturdays, must work at least one race and help with medal cutting. (November 1&2- Monumental Marathon!!) Contact: Sally CANNED FOOD DRIVE—Students will help in coordinating the schoolwide drive. This extra involves before and after school commitments! Students must join at least one sub-planning committee for canned food drive after school activities, and make it to all (soon to be determined) Canned Food drive events. Students must also be good spirited advocates for the food drive and keep all students motivated to bring in CANS! When: October-November Contact: Ms. Runner ( x1206 HOLY CROSS FOOD PANTRY-help to organize donated food for baskets during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. When- late November – early December Contact-Mr. Gomez; RECYCLING GROUP-Students will be monitoring the recycling bins in the building each week and emptying them in the bin by St. Francis Hall. When: Once a week after school. Contact: Mrs. Bennett, PANTS DRIVE—Students will help in coordinating the school-wide drive that benefits the Beggars for the Poor. The pants drive team will meet to organize in November. They must be available before and after school to count and organize donations. When: December 2-13 (limit of 25 students) Contact: Dr. Gisler

*STUDENT AMBASSADORS—Students will go above and beyond the call to “give that little extra.” They will aid with Scecina events and represent the student body to those both inside and outside of the school. Students must apply to be a Student Ambassador before they can use this as an EXTRA. Contact: Mr. Branson & Mrs. Leszcynski RIGHT TO LIFE—Students will be a member of the pro-life club at Scecina. He/She should attend meetings, be active in the pro-life ministry, raise funds, and participate in the March for Life in January. Students must participate in one fall event (dinner, LifeChain, Day of Silent Solidarity, etc.) AND Life week (they do not have to go to DC.) Contact: Mr. Maslar.

LITTLE FLOWER MINISTRIES—Students from the Little Flower parish can sign up for this EXTRA. They will work closely with Tom Costello and others to assist with many ministries including, but not limited to, after school care, youth choir, tutoring, and confirmation team. Contact: Tom Costello; MATH AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING—Students will work with children grades 5-8. They will be tutoring them specifically in math at Holy Spirit aftercare. When: One day a week; 3:30-5:00 Contact: Mrs. Leonhardt;

*A PROMISE TO KEEP—Students will be representatives of Scecina to local Deanery schools. They will speak about abstinence and chastity. Students in this ministry must set a good example inside and outside of school. Students must apply for this EXTRA. Contact: Mrs. Foor,

LOURDES Jr. High EDGE Ministry—Students will help lead Jr. High Ministry at Our Lady of Lourdes. Setup begins at 4:30 pm, followed by Mass at 5 pm, dinner, and the EDGE program. EDGE Nights include games, activities, talks on a topic of faith, small –group discussions, and prayer. When: 1st and 3rd Saturdays (some exceptions) from 4:30-8:15 pm Contact: Miss Pometto;

CYO COACHES—Students will help coach CYO sports at their parish. Documentation of their participation must be provided from the parish athletic director. When: Varies. Contact: Parish Athletic Directors

KIDS AGAINST HUNGER-gather with volunteers to pack tens of thousands of meals that will shipped around the globe. Some fundraising for the 25 cent meals maybe necessary. When: Saturday, November 16, 2013 Contact: Teresa Nosek,

LOURDES AFTER SCHOOL CLUB—Students will help spend time at Lourdes elementary school. The students are responsible for contacting Lourdes to set up, organize, and run an after-school program. When: Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s afterschool Contact: Becca Wintz,

LOURDES FALL FESTIVAL- assist in the general functions of the festival including set-up, clean-up and trash removal When: September 27-29 Contact: Keri Parker;

*Requires an application

Brochure format list of extraweb

Brochure format list of extraweb