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St Mary’s High School, Newry 02830262851


• School in Northern Ireland • The school day • People and places in the school • What you need for school • School dinners • School bus • School classes • Subjects • What happens when you are 14 and 16? • Clubs and school trips • Rules • Homework

School in Northern Ireland Nursery school (age 3-4)

Primary school (age 4/5-11) Post-Primary school (age 11-16/18) Year 8: 11/12 years old Year 9: 12/13 years old Year 10: 13/14 years old Year 11: 14/15 years old Year 12: 15/16 years old Year 13: 16/17 years old Year 14: 17/18 years old

You must go to school

Year 12

College of Further Education (age 16 +) School year: September Holidays: July and August


School day

Start 8.55 Periods 1-2 9.15—10.00 Break 10.00—10.10 Periods 3-5 10.10—12.10 Lunch 12.10—12.50 Periods 7-9 12.50—3.00 Home


This is Mrs Cosgrove

Vice Principal

This is Miss Crawley

Newcomer Student Co-ordinator

This is Ms Haddad She looks after all the students from other countries.


This is Mrs Savage

Office Staff

This is Lorraine, Elaine and Marion


This is John Crimmins and John McArdle They look after the school.

Form Room

You go here in the morning


You can go here to read and take books home



What you need School uniform

Schoolbag + pencil case etc‌

PE Kit (Physical Education Uniform) Gym shoes (white soles) Maroon knee socks Maroon pleated skort Maroon gym pants Swim suit (one piece) Bath towel NB All items should be labelled with your name. Pupils will have the opportunity to purchase the school tracksuit for outdoor activities.

Where to buy the school uniform

Mc Evoy’s Monaghan Street Newry

Daisy Hill Street Newry

Saints and Scholars Mill Street Newry

Break Time Pupils bring some food for break: 10.00 fruit

not crisps and chocolate

School Dinners


OR packed lunch

School Bus

For the school bus you need ÂŁ

Classes in our school In our school we have 5 / 7 year groups: Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13 Year 14 In each year group there are __4___ classes. We use numbers (1,2,3….) for each class. Example: 0929. Based on the year group and teacher number. Each class has a form teacher. The form teacher helps the students if they have problems. If you have any questions about your child, you can write or telephone the year head. St Mary’s High School, Upper Chapel Street, Newry BT34 2DT TEL: 02830262851


In our school students can study these subjects:




Home Economics










Careers and Learning for Life and Work




Business Studies

What happens in years 8-10? We call years 8-10 Key Stage 3 (KS3). In years 8-10 (ages 11-14) students study 12-13 subjects.

X 12/13

What happens when you are 14? Year 10 is the end of Key Stage 3.


When you are 14 you choose __ subjects.

X 8 Now you will go into year 11. We call years 11 and 12 Key Stage 4 (KS4). At the end of year 12 (age 16) you will do GCSE. GCSEs are exams that you do when you are 16 (year 12).

They are very important exams.

What happens when you are 16? When you are 16 you do your GCSE exams. After that you can decide what you want to do: • Leave school

• Stay at school and do more exams

• Go to an FE college to do more exams

If you stay at school, you will choose 3-4 subjects. You will do exams in year 13 and year 14. You will need these exams to go to university (age 18).

School Clubs


School Clubs 3.00—4.00

School Trips

School Rules 8.55 1. Students must be in school at ______________

Monday to Friday 2. Students must go to school every day. 3. If your child is not at school you must telephone

or write

to the school. 4. If you want to take your child out of school.

you must collect your child at school.

School Rules 11. No ipods in class.

12. No chewing gum.

13. Students must wear full school uniform at all times.


Students must write their homework in their homework diary.

You must look at your homework diary to see what homework you have.

How much time to do homework? Years 8-10 (___2/3__ hours) Years 11 & 12 (___3/4__ hours) Years 13 & 14 (___3/4__ hours)


In years 11, 12, 13 & 14 students will have coursework to do at home. It is very important because it is part of their examination.

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Newcomer Information Booklet

Newcomer Booklet  

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