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BALLENA WINE Argentina is a land like no other. Ballena wine is an experience like no other. Our special combination of soil, climate and water, plus our innovative pioneering spirit and our commitment to quality all come together to deliver a complete, pure and diverse experiences. In every glass of Ballena wine is a world of pure discovery. Argentina’s wine production area ranges from the southern province of San Juan to the southern region known as Patagonia (i.e., the provinces of Neuquen, Rio Negro, and Chubut). This 3,200 mile-long strip of irrigated desert along the Andes Range has proved to be highly suitable for growing grapes of different varieties. Even though the Malbec variety has become the signature for Argentine wine, almost all varieties thrive in Argentina. The provinces of Mendoza and San Juan cover 90 percent of the total area planted to grapes in Argentina, and are the traditional wine producing areas. Dry conditions give the vines good health in terms of cryptogamic diseases (fungi, bacteria and virus). According to local wine makers, there is no such a thing as a best region to produce wine in Argentina, but regions where the same variety tastes differently. Mendoza province offers the best combination of climate, soil and logistics, making it the most important wine territory in Argentina.

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5 , 90 7 m i l e s THE WINERY The Ballena Winery brings an extremely unique opportunity to the table; to enjoy authentic Argentinean wine in the United States. Although all of the grapes are grown and harvested in Argentina, they then make the 5,900 mile journey to the Ballena Winery in Denver, Colorado. Take a journey at the Ballena Winery. Spend a week or so sampling the wide variety of fine Argentinean wines and drink in the brilliant sunlight, the fresh mountain air and the spectacular scenery that combine to make the Ballena wine experience an experience unlike any other.

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MALBEC Say ‘Malbec’ to a wine lover and they will reply ‘Argentina’. It is the great wine of that country, consuming over 25% of Argentina’s total grape growth area. Like Zinfandel and California, or Pinotage and South Africa are linked together, so is Malbec and Argentina which grows more than 70% of the world’s Malbec. Originating from the Bordeaux region of France, this grape is among the “big six” for red wine grapes. Although the variety was first planted in Argentina as far back as 1852 it is only in the past twenty years that it has grown to be appreciated by the outside world. Pairing food with Ballena Malbec is easy. The unique blend of Malbec makes it a very versatile wine, and completely food friendly. It goes best with red meat dinners, such as steak or prime rib.


· Alcohol Content 14.1% · Grown in the valleys of Rio Negro · Serving temperature of 58°F · Intense, fruity flavor · Mild-bodied, dry wine · Most planted grape in Argentina · Can be aged for up to 5 years ballena · 7

SHIRAZ Shiraz is known for its spicy blackberry, plum, and peppery flavors. Often there are additional notes of licorice, bitter chocolate and mocha. Shiraz is even affected by growing temperature - warmer climates bring out the mellower flavors of plum, while cooler temperatures spice up the wine. Shiraz can be made in a fruity style, which many “sweet” wine drinkers enjoy. The Shiraz grape was once thought to have originated in Persia, but recent research indicates the grape is a native of the Rhone valley, in France. This variety of grape was firs planted in Argentina around the year 1868. This red table wine pairs nicely with a variety of meats, both red and white. Meats like chicken and pork tenderloin go perfectly with Shiraz.


· Alcohol Content 14.1% · Grown in the valleys of Rio Negro · Serving temperature of 64°F · Intense, rich and tannic · Full bodied, deep colored wine · Also known as Syrah in other countries · Can be drunk immediately or aged for 5 years ballena · 8

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M E R L OT Merlot wine is a rich, soft wine with the flavor of blackberries, beloved because it is seldom harsh and not as acidic as a Cabernet Sauvignon with which it is often blended. Merlot wine has the added advantage of being rich and supple but only moderately tannic and, therefore, wonderfully drinkable from early on. Merlot, along with Cabernet Sauvignon and to a lesser extent Cabernet Franc, are the principal grapes grown in the Bordeaux region of France. Merlot has origins in Argentina dating back to 1847. This grape is not necessarily linked to Argentina as much as others are, such as Malbec. It is best to pair Merlot with lighter types of meats, or even pasta. Lamb, chicken, or fish for example are perfect dishes to have with Merlot.


· Alcohol Content 12.5% · Grown under the Andes in Mendoza · Serving temperature of 64°F · Intense, fruity flavor · Soft bodied, often complex texture · 7.8% of Argentina grapes are Merlot · Can be aged for 3 to 4 years ballena · 11

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