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The Eleutheran | Mar/Apr 2017

gLObal warming By: Andrew L. Burrows

the Politicians have bought into the global lie that man is controlling the world’s climate. Because you repeat a lie or error does not make it true or correct, eventually the truth will resurface and the lie will fade away.

The voices that boast of ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ grow louder and louder. It is convenient to blame something that you cannot control for all the things gone wrong for what you should control. Most of

A world that refuses to acknowledge the God who made and sustains it will do just what we see being done today, the unthinking mind will swallow what is touted as facts without question, whereas the questioning mind will examine what is being proclaimed as facts and will find that what God said is true, the whole world is deceived. The very first thing we must get right in our minds is that God, our Creator, and He alone controls the Earth’s weather. First you must read

Job chapter 38 and Genesis 8:21-22 where God made it absolutely clear that Man has no input in the controlling of the climate of this Earth. He, and He alone governs the climate! The amount of ignorance I hear being boasted in the name of science is criminal. This planet Earth receives from the sun a consistent amount of heat continuously. As the earth rotates once every twenty four hours, the globe receives an even portion of solar energy. However, the planet is rotating on an axis tilt of twenty three degrees in relation to its’ orbit around the Sun. It is this rotational tilt that causes the change in seasons. Also, as a result of the tilt, the North and South poles experience in summer perpetual day, and in winter perpetual night. So we distinguish the north

from the south by calling them ‘Hemispheres’. While the Sun is continually heating the world, there are numerous factors that regulate the rate and intensity of that heat to make living on this planet possible. These include: 1) Time of day - hottest at midday. 2) Height of land - There is snow and ice on the top of mountains. At sea level or below is where atmospheric pressure is highest (Death Valley, USA, and Dead Sea, Israel) and the temperature is also very high. However, as you rise higher above sea level the atmospheric pressure drops and so does the temperature, and that is why there is snow and ice on mountains even at the Equator. So what makes weather? First, we have the heat of the Sun, and that is being affected by the height of the land, the vastness of the oceans,


lakes and rivers. Next, there are the clouds that form and move from place to place in the wind. But, there is more, the ice at the poles melt and cools the oceans in the north when it is summer there, and in the south when it is summer there. Winter storms and Cold Fronts bring cold arctic air south to make our winters cool, while summer hurricanes develop in the tropical oceans to absorb excess heat in the ocean waters and funnel it high up into the atmosphere where it is radiated away. So you see our God does agreat job of controlling the weather of this world and when any human tells you that lighting a fire in some way causes the world to be hotter, remind them of what God said to Mr. Noah, and Mr. Job. The oceans are not rising beyond what is normal, and the climate is not changing. The reason there is such a thing as climate is because the Weather is ALWAYS CHANGING.

Working Together: GHDA donates needed funds

to the Health Association of Central Eleuthera As the Health Association of Central Eleuthera (HACE) geared up for its annual fundraiser event held on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at the Sunset Inn, the Governor’s Harbour Development Association (GHDA) stepped up to the plate to make a donation of $1,000 to the Association which operates and maintains three ambulances and provides essential ‘volunteer’ emergency services in Central Eleuthera. On Tuesday morning, February 28th, 2017, HACE Chairman, Mr. Chris Gosling, accompanied by HACE Treasurer, Mrs. Carleta Culmer-Turnquest, met up with GHDA Chairman, Mr. Theodore Petty, and GHDA Treasurer, Mr. Arthur Turnquest, to formally accept the donation. “The ambulance service is such a vital one in the community of Central Eleuthera,” expressed Mr. Turnquest, adding, “We didn’t want to miss an opAbove: GHDA Chairman, Teddy Petty; GHDA Treasurer, Arthur Turnquest; HACE Treasurer, Carleta Culmer Turnquest; and HACE Chairman Christopher Gosling.

portunity to be a part of that… We all felt that this was indeed a cause that this organization should contribute to.” Highlighting the impact the donation would have on assisting with HACE activities, Mr. Gosling expounded, “We rely on donations from many sources and every donation is vital. This one donation will license and insure one vehicle, and we run three ambulances, so off the top our expenses per year for licensing is $3,000. So we really appreciate the Fish Fry (GHDA), and all these organizations, like Fish Fry, Cancer Society, the Fire Engine, HACE – we all basically work together for the community, and we are very grateful.”


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