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Mar/Apr 2017

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Eleutherans Saving Lives

Princess Margaret Hospital’s Eleuthera Blood Drive Yields 84 Pints Over 3 Days By the eleutheran news team

An Eleutheran Profile

The Blood Drive event hosted by the Health Association of Central Eleuthera (HACE) each March, was held this year on Thursday, March 9th and Friday, March 10th at the Governor’s Harbour Clinic in partnership with the Blood Bank staff from the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in New Providence. “There was tremendous support from Central Eleuthera High School, with 28 students volunteering to give blood. Of these students, 18 were able to donate, with low blood iron levels and recent ear piercing stopping 10 students from donating,” shared HACE Chairman, Christopher Gosling, adding, “A big thank you to Mrs. Marsha McCardy for motivating and organizing these young volunteers.” A total of 57 pints was collected over the two days in Governor’s Harbour, with another 15 people unable to donate because of low iron levels, indicating a fairly robust response to the appeal for the life-giving donations. PMH staff also made a stop in south Eleuthera this year before coming to Governor’s Harbour. They conducted a one day blood drive event at the Island School in Cape Eleuthera on Wednesday, March 8th, which resulted in 27 pints of blood being collected. Mr. Gosling, noted that the supply of blood in Nassau is often critical, so in light of this, each day’s blood supply was transported to Nassau at the end of the day for processing. This donated blood is used in the PMH to assist all patients, whether they are from Nassau or the Family Islands, and no charge is made for the blood itself. He added that, every unit is tested, and in the unlikely

Continued from pg. 13 Center ministry has also touched lives in Cat Island, as well as Eleuthera’s Haitian communities in the Bluff and on Russell Island.” TV and Radio: Pastor Perry currently ministers to television audiences three times per month (on the Bahamas Christian Network - cable channel 660) and radio audiences daily (on Splash FM), which regularly involves him preaching in front of a video camera only, in his dynamic style. The video technician at his home church, the Gospel Chapel in Spanish Wells commented on his natural God-given ability to be fully engaged with his future audience, although, at the time of taping, his message is directed at empty pews. Frank, giving God all the glory, shared that he has had episodes at his advanced age with memory challenges, but said, “When I get in the pulpit, it’s an amazing thing, something happens! There’s more than just preaching, though, there’s also counselling, and I don’t visit as much as before, but I still visit a bit, and I love it and I’ve done so much of it in the past. I work a lot with it by telephone too.” Inspiration to Continue On & A Bit of Advice: “I am thankful. I used to have ten things wrong with me - I only have nine now,” chuckled Frank. He fell off of a roof several years ago and suffered some

damage to his back, but said he still loves to go fishing, with a special day assigned to do just that. Pastor Frank smiled as he spoke about what’s kept him going in ministry all these years, saying, “There have been times, to be honest, especially health wise when I’ve felt like giving up, but then I don’t know what the word ‘retirement’ means to tell the truth, so maybe it’s an inspiration by the spirit of God, moving me and helping me. As long as my mind is clear enough, I will be doing it.” When asked about advice for the younger generation, Brother Frank thought for a moment, and commented first to those who work with young people, saying, “First of all, they must be shown by the older ones that we care. That is important. The day of evangelism should not be over. I’m a realist, nearly 88, but I would love to see the younger ones carry on the baton. People out there are still hungry and yearning for something more in life. The human heart is still the same as it was 50/60 years ago, and the needs may be even greater now. We didn’t have the number of vices and distractions when we were young, like they do today. So it makes a difference, caring. Not just preaching to, but caring for people.”

event that there is some irregularity, the donor would be informed personally. As a result of the 3 day Blood Drive event in Eleuthera, a total of 84 units were sent to Nassau. “When one considers that the Blood Bank in Nassau struggles to get 20 units in one week, I take pride in how well this island does in its endeavour to assist those less fortunate than ourselves,” stated Mr. Gosling. The HACE Chairman, made a special appeal to those who may have been sitting on the fence this time, saying, “I wish to encourage everyone to seriously consider donating in November, as there is no substitute for blood and nobody knows when they will be stuck in a hospital bed waiting and waiting for sufficient blood to be donated for their medical, and often life-saving treatment to commence. Also, please, if you promise to donate, do turn up. It only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, and you can take pride that one brief moment of discomfort is saving several lives.” The new Aliv mobile phone company also got on board this year, having become recently affiliated with a Nassau based organization called “Friends of the Blood Bank”, said Mr. Gosling, and donated water bottles and an iPhone for the Thursday/Friday event. So everyone who donated received a free water bottle and HACE donated a $5 phone card to all students who participated. Aliv personnel, Lyretta Pinder and Terrilyn Sands also assisted during the blood donation process at the Clinic.

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