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Ride For Hope 2017 Continued from pg. 4 was also joined by current President of the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, Mrs. Lovern Wildgoose. “Eleuthera is such a vibrant branch,” said Mrs. Roberts, adding, “And such a huge part of our Society. We’ve helped many Eleutherans, and it has a lot to do with the building here which was completed with funding provided by the Ride For Hope. We are very proud of what we’ve been able to do on this island, but it is because of the volunteers who work here, and people who help generally within the community. It’s made them so much more aware of cancer. We were here last week doing free pap smears and prostate screenings, and all of that makes everybody aware of their own bod(L-R) Susan Roberts, Founder of the Cancer ies, their health and the importance of it, and Society of the Bahamas in 1976 and President how vital early detection is. We have some of the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, Mrs. wonderful stories and people from Eleuthera who we meet and who are doing so well. It Lovern Wildgoose. makes us continue.” one and year nine, the amount of money that The Cancer Society of the Bahamas each participant raised was decreasing sig- also runs a Care Center in New Providence, nificantly. In fact, over that period of time it where they house people from the Family Ishad decreased by 70%. The cost of the event lands - free of charge - who travel into the was also increasing, so we had the wrong tra- capital for their treatments, also providing jectory going with expenses increasing and them with transportation to and from their funds raised individually decreasing. As the appointments, as well as general care. Mrs. popularity of the event elevated, the com- Wildgoose highlighted that the majority of mitment to serious fundraising was not also people going through the Center, come in there. So we wanted to fix that.” from Grand Bahama and Eleuthera. She continued, “We recognize that evMrs. Roberts expressed how grateful erybody has a choice of events to participate the Society was for the continued support in. When we first started the Ride For Hope from the Ride For Hope organizers, of this there were no cycling events that were rais- vital service. Future plans for the Care Cening money for cancer. Now there are quite ter in New Providence include a $3 million a few, so people who want to contribute to dollar extension, to provide hospice care as cancer causes have a variety of options now. well as daycare services to Nassau patients. So we raised the individual fundraising mini- With two hurricanes affecting the country mum this year to $500, and we focused on during the past two years, causing priorities people who have tried to meet that minimum to shift, Mrs. Roberts shared that they were goal and also raise more funds, and we want effectively treading water with regards to to celebrate the fundraising achievements of fundraising for the extension project during the cyclists. The people that are participat- those two years, however, with the start of ing, some 150 riders, are doing some serious a new year, a new thrust has also been seen. fundraising.” Mrs. Roberts, with a bright smile and unwavSusan Roberts, Founder of the Cancer ering optimism added, “It’s all good! We are Society of the Bahamas in 1976, was also going to get there. We have terrific, amazing on island in support of the Ride For Hope, faith between us all, and we know we are gowhich has contributed in major ways to the ing to do it!” ongoing work of the Society. Mrs. Roberts

Celebrating 48 years in Education Continued from pg. 6 to her awaiting seat of honour at the front of the special assembly by the school’s Principal, Mr. Herman Johnson. The school body of children and teachers were dressed in bright, cheerful green t-shirts, which also paid tribute to Mrs. Clarke and her 48 years as an educator. Each grade went on to give special performances for Mrs. Clarke, beginning with the K4 class, that brought a very special welcome message, continuing on up to grade six, which rounded out the songs, dances and poems with a skit. District Superintendent of Education for The Eleutheras, Mrs. Helen Simmons-Johnson gave remarks, ahead of the segment of the assembly where Mrs. Clarke was showered with gifts and tributes, before responding to the crowd of students, teachers and members of the local South Eleuthera community who had come to take part in

celebrating her contributions to education on the island. Principal Herman Johnson in a brief statement during the special Monday morning assembly said this of Mrs. Clarke, “She is a loving, very dedicated, and concerned individual - someone who you always wish to have around you, and as a part of your staff.” The special assembly and motorcade culminated a variety of activities held for Mrs. Merlene Clarke during the weekend, which also included a celebratory church service, held at the Wesley Methodist Church in Tarpum Bay on Sunday, February 19th, followed by a delicious Luncheon at Ingraham’s Beach Inn, where she fellowshipped with family members, invited guests and staff of the Tarpum Bay primary school.

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